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1 How To Double Your Internet Closing Ratio In 90 Days.

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1 1 How To Double Your Internet Closing Ratio In 90 Days

2 Is it Harder With Online Leads? Is it Harder With Online Leads? 90% of Automobile Shoppers Over 30%

3 The Average Dealership has over 10,000 Leads in the Internet Department CRM Tool Where do these leads come from? Manufacturers site Your own website Lead providers How Many Leads Do You Have In Your CRM?

4 Average lead cost is $20 You Are Sitting On A Pot Of GOLD 10,000 leads X $20 = $200,00010,000 leads X $20 = $200,000 5% Average Internet closing ratio5% Average Internet closing ratio Leaving 9,500 leads unsoldLeaving 9,500 leads unsold

5 What Happens to Those 9500 LEADS? 41% of Leads 33% of Leads

6 Put in place a plan to follow up with all leads for 120 days Use marketing automation to ensure it is done properly Use email and phone calls to reach out to them Offer a service special in every email What To Do With Those LEADS?

7 Reactivate Dormant Prospects Leads DO NOT get better with age Re-engage old prospects with personalized content delivered on a customized schedule monthlyRe-engage old prospects with personalized content delivered on a customized schedule monthly Quick-turn around with inbox reply automation and managementQuick-turn around with inbox reply automation and management Generate NEW service business with online coupons and special offersGenerate NEW service business with online coupons and special offers

8 Reactivation Process Clean the prospect database Remove all spam traps Bad email addresses Invalid email addresses WARNING: Do NOT attempt to send out an email blast to your old database without cleaning it

9 The Challenge 25 percent of all leads are never contacted by the dealership Use email in addition to phone calls to reach leads Monitor email to ensure delivery (Gmail and Yahoo are problematic)

10 Residual Leads Residual Leads The typical dealer has a five percent Internet closing ratio If they receive 500 leads a month, and close 25, that creates 475 residual leads Next month there are 500 NEW leads, plus the 475 residual, for a total of 975 leads Without automation it is impossible to manage this many leads

11 Dealer or Brand Logo Conversational Copy Copy New Car Search Links to Website Personalization Call Tracking Number Professional Email Templates

12 Sales Call Tracking Assign a special phone number just for the sales campaign, which rings to your phone number; to track who, when and for how long the phone calls you receive typically last.

13 Reaching & Engaging Your Old Leads Delivery Rates of 99% on Clean Lists We optimize email subject linesWe optimize email subject lines Optimize content for successful deliveryOptimize content for successful delivery We monitor your campaignsWe monitor your campaigns If delivery issues are detected, we will adjust them in real timeIf delivery issues are detected, we will adjust them in real time All hard bounces, abuse complaints and multiple DNS bounces are purgedAll hard bounces, abuse complaints and multiple DNS bounces are purged

14 Best Practices Do not SPAM Do not send out loud, obnoxious emails Do not sent out heavy-graphic emails Make sure emails are mobile-enabled Check spelling Include links to your website

15 Importance Of Mobile-Enabled Emails Make sure your emails are Mobile-Enabled 36% …of all consumers are reading marketing emails on a mobile device. This rises to 55% for ages 18-34.

16 Importance Of Mobile-Enabled Emails This is an example of a NON Mobile-Enabled email

17 Importance Of Mobile-Enabled Emails Email reformats (adapts) for smaller screens using media queries Buttons are sized for Apple interface guidelines to accommodate finger gestures Phone numbers are click-activated Text is resized to be readable without pinch and zoom 70% of consumers delete an email if it looks bad on a mobile device

18 The best time to send an email is at 1:00 PM The best days for follow up emails are Tuesday through Thursday My Suggestion is Tuesday email with a follow-up call on Wednesday morning When To Send Emails Challenge

19 Best Subject Line Practices Make sure subject is personalized if possible Short and honest Do NOT use the word FREE Never use all capital letters or multiple punctuation Explain briefly the benefit of opening your email

20 Consumers Are Holding Onto Cars Longer Email is a relationship-building tool that will: Convert service customers to new-car buyersConvert service customers to new-car buyers Convert finance turn-downs into service customersConvert finance turn-downs into service customers Keep local prospects engaged with your dealershipKeep local prospects engaged with your dealership

21 First Campaign Results: Interstate Ford For Interstate Ford we sent out 16,111 emails (Old Leads Sitting in their Internet CRM) RESULTS were: Of the 321 clicks to the dealer website, 90% searched new or used cars. *Industry standard open rates on e-saturation campaigns are 1-4%

22 Results Reports Reports track from emails sent - to opened - to read.

23 Sales Summary

24 How do you Target your leads one by one? With relevant Email Marketing using ASM

25 Engage Based Upon Interest Dear Jennifer, Searching for a Service Department you can trust? Sarasota Ford is your answer offering a one stop shop for all of your maintenance and service needs. Technically Advanced Service Center Latest Diagnostic Computer & Repair Equipment Factory Trained Technicians Supplier of OEM Quality Parts At Sarasota Ford we look forward to serving you! Sincerely, Tony Cooper Service Manager 941.209.1497 As a preferred online customer PLEASE print this email and bring it with you. Create Relationships: Find out prospects interestFind out prospects interest Get and keep them engagedGet and keep them engaged If service was provided on current vehicle, prospect could turn into future buyerIf service was provided on current vehicle, prospect could turn into future buyer

26 Preset Sales Email Schedule JanFebMarApr 14 23 1 New Years Special: Free Detail Valentines : LeasingOffer

27 ASM….Tracking Responses Typical Engagement 1,000 Opens (10%)1,000 Opens (10%) 750 Reads (6%)750 Reads (6%) 400 Clicks400 Clicks 100 Click on Service Coupons100 Click on Service Coupons These 100 Hand-raisers move into a new message queueThese 100 Hand-raisers move into a new message queue SERVICE CAMPAIGN 100 Dear Mark: Wed love the opportunity to make you a lifetime customer at Graff Chevrolet. Attached you will find a link to our service department where you can sign up for a FREE oil change for your new Corvette! Please take a moment to visit us. Clicks Trigger Next Phase

28 ASM…Second Triggered Campaign Messages to 100 Service Clickers Service Letter 1 Service Letter 2 Service Letter 3 Service Letter 4 Sent – Day 1 Service Links If no service-click Sent 1 Week Later $9.95OilChange Clicking on Service link triggers Oil Change coupon email being sent automatically

29 The Benefits of Adaptive Sequence Messaging Pre-built Sequential Targeted Messages Triggered conditionally, based on user response to prior messages in sequence – entirely automated and on a timed schedule Dramatically improved cumulative response rates for marketing campaigns Build RelationshipsBuild Relationships Educate CustomersEducate Customers Qualify LeadsQualify Leads Close salesClose sales

30 Mining Gold in Service Internet leads have typically never been marketed to for service. Advantages: Cheaper & Faster Cheaper & Faster Local Prospects Local Prospects More profitable More profitable Keeps them in your family of customers Keeps them in your family of customers

31 Monthly Service Coupons Sent Automatically JunJulAugSep Oil Change Battery Test Tire Rotation 5 3 16 A Service- Cycle Offering E-mail Coupons are Cost-effective and Trackable

32 Service Coupons For All Makes and Models Dont forget to include ALL makes and models in your service coupons Bring in additional customers Bring in additional customers Reactivate dormant leads Reactivate dormant leads More profitable More profitable Keeps them in your family of customers Keeps them in your family of customers

33 The Power Of Women 78% 78% of your service customers are women 3 times Women are 3 times more likely to post a review as opposed to men


35 Feeding Your BDC The success behind a BDC is the combination of people, process and execution ultimately leading to increased traffic: Phone UpsPhone Ups Internet LeadsInternet Leads Unsold TrafficUnsold Traffic Owner RetentionOwner Retention Database MiningDatabase Mining Referral and Lead GenerationReferral and Lead Generation

36 Reports how many prospects clicked a link to your website in the campaign email. Click Through Reports

37 Targeted Follow-Up Use data from reports to follow up on prospects based upon interest Behavioral targeting If they click on a link for used cars, they are a prospect for used cars If they click on a link for service, they are a prospect for service Send them info based upon what they want

38 Detailed Reporting Detailed Reporting Includes: Emails SentEmails Sent Emails OpenedEmails Opened Emails ReadEmails Read Clicks to Dealer WebsiteClicks to Dealer Website Sales Call TrackingSales Call Tracking Service Call TrackingService Call Tracking (examples to follow)

39 Clicker Reports Reports tell you which customers clicked through from the email to your website and shows you what they looked at.

40 Keep Your Dealership On The Top Of Their Mind Building Personal Relationships Requires: Two-way business/customer interactionTwo-way business/customer interaction Time and content relevant communicationsTime and content relevant communications Email Marketing Solutions Designed to Help You: Automate email marketingAutomate email marketing Retain with relevant, timely contentRetain with relevant, timely content Target with high-response campaignsTarget with high-response campaigns Track their activities & interestsTrack their activities & interests

41 Advantages Clear and effective messaging will produce results Relevant content will engage local prospects Easy-to-read messages (bulleted) Calls-to-action are clearly designated Higher conversion rates Build relationships producing sales results Messages are not filtered out as spam

42 Best Practices Summary 1.Put in place an automated follow-up system for at least 120 days 2.Clean your old prospect database 3.Start an email campaign to the old prospect database Service beginning of the month Sales the middle of the month 4.Monitor results Test delivery Cyber-shop your own delivery and lead providers

43 Questions?

44 For More Information Contact: Peter webdoc Martin 941.756.1932 office 954.205.7716 cell

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