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Direct Response Branding Impressions Targeted Video Email Direct Response Branding Impressions.

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1 Direct Response Branding Impressions Targeted Video Email Direct Response Branding Impressions

2 Our Technology Direct Response Branding Impressions Composition Of An E-Ad

3 Direct Response Branding Impressions SPAM COMPLIANT Pay to deploy Double opt-in list Adhere to strict rules and regulations TECHNOLOGY Unique method of embedding video in HTML Professional video production IP protection TARGETED Custom list of unlimited number of qualified prospects Large wholesale data partner Help you build a prospect profile MEASURED RESULTS Instant reporting...good or bad Easy to track Immediate feedback helps to fine-tune campaigns FOLLOW-UP Data capture offers flexibility in follow-up Blended campaigns increase conversion to sales EFFECTIVE 93% delivery rate to prospects inbox Video has better impact than just print, radio or website Video helps better understand offering FLEXIBLE Shared risk pilot programs Long term relationships Business building strategy CREATIVE Absolute best at what we do Fast project turn around Customer satisfaction driven TIMING Mainstream access to broadband internet from home now available How We Are Different Direct Response Branding Impressions

4 Internet Video Statistics Direct Response Branding Impressions Statistics Show That 11 Billion Videos Are Viewed In The U.S. Each Month! 1.The average spent on online purchases for 2008 was over 25.5 billion dollars! 2.71% of the total U.S. internet population have viewed online videos. The average online viewer watched 228 minutes of video. Ages from 18 to 34 years were the heaviest viewers watching 287 minutes each. 82.1 million viewers watched 4.1 billion videos on YouTube, that’s 49.8 videos per viewer.

5 What Exactly Are You Being Offered? Direct Response Branding Impressions 1.Access to new technology which can effectively reach millions of people 2.Custom, double opt-in email lists that target your specific customer demographics Hundreds of top quality E-Video templates to choose from Full production and fast turn around of projects & campaigns Complete data capture in Excel Spreadsheets of names, phone numbers, address, email addresses, and more! What Is Included Direct Response Branding Impressions

6 1.Innovative marketing solution 2.90% cheaper than traditional marketing Better return on your investment Educated / high income demographic Get your message out in minutes Excellent results – any type of business #1 way to contact the 24-60 aged buyer Target your customers Expand your market Display your products Environment-friendly Unobtrusive Completely customizable Trackable, statistical data system Co-Op Approved Spam Compliant Value Proposition Direct Response Branding Impressions Discover The Difference

7 Deliver measured impressions about your brand or product line Communicate geo-targeted information about goods, services or special offers Generate sales leads Boost attendance and mobilize consumers Uniquely merchandise your locations Data capture prospect information and build a data-base Measure results on campaign effectiveness Generate detailed reporting of programs in real time Direct Response Branding Impressions How Can You Use It? Direct Response Branding Impressions Your Company Can Use It To…

8 How It Works Direct Response Branding Impressions Consultation / Interview Your personal Script is written Video shoot date and location are set Creative Team sets up your e-mail / web graphics with your logo and information To stay compliant, Mock-Up is sent to our legal department for review Once approved, your E-Ad is blasted to millions of targeted, potential customers! Completely Streamlined Process Video is shot, edited, and then sent to Creative Team to complete E-Ad

9 All Inclusive Pricing Direct Response Branding Impressions Complete And Total Package Video Production Professional Script Writing Graphic Design Web Integration Server Set-Up Valid, Targeted E-Mail List Statistical Analyses Distribution To List

10 Saturation Deployment Price Schedule Deployments50,000100,000250,000500,0001,000,000 Single$3000$3500$4000$5000$6000 Co-op Program $4000$4500$5000$6000$7000 Specialty/Data List Deployment Price Schedule Deployments50,000100,000250,000500,0001,000,000 Single$5000$5500$6500$7000$8500 Co-op Program $6500$7000$8000$8500$10000 Direct Response Branding Impressions Retail Price Points Direct Response Branding Impressions Save Money With Bulk Pricing* *Subject to change based upon quantities, timelines and video production

11 GROUP1 MILLION DEPLOYMENTSCOST EACHEMAILS EACH 5 $7000 $1400 200,000 10 $7000 $700 100,000 15 $7000 $467 65,000 20 $7000 $350 50,000 Direct Response Branding Impressions Co-op Option Direct Response Branding Impressions Shared Cost Program Automotive Home ImprovementHome ServicesBusiness ServicesEntertainment Oil Change RoofingPest controlOffice productsPizza Tires SunroomsSecurity systemsFurnitureNightclubs Service Pool ContractorA/C ServiceBankingRestaurants Car wash Windows & DoorsCable / InternetAccountingSporting Events Sales Closet organizersSatelliteJanitorialFairs Insurance Kitchen & BathCarpet cleaningPayroll companiesConcerts

12 Direct Response Branding Impressions Industry Heading Professional Video Company Logo Hot Link Category Heading How Co-op Works Direct Response Branding Impressions

13 Cost Effective Marketing Direct Response Branding Impressions Being able to walk into 1 million doorways… in a single day, and deliver a personal message about your business, product, or service… all for less than 1 penny per stop? Just Imagine… You can with E-Video Advertising!

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