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THE ROAD TO NETWORK PUBLISHING David R Worlock MarkLogic Digital Publishing Summit New York, December 2009.

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1 THE ROAD TO NETWORK PUBLISHING David R Worlock MarkLogic Digital Publishing Summit New York, December 2009

2 Network Content in the context of re-useability Customer/user is in the lead Application is semantic in some sense 2

3 What are the components of value in the content businesses? 3

4 Where are we now – in the aftermath of Web 2.0 ? Community – in full flood Workflow – proving more difficult than we thought ? Vertical Search – vital, but did we fully understand the implications ? Somewhere we forgot the drivers – productivity, improved decision-making,cheaper costs of compliance, better risk management – but our users did NOT 4

5 The Legacy of Recession Recession is when service change goes faster Competitive leapfrogging becomes commonplace Not everyone emerges at the same time and the effects linger It takes a longer time than we usually anticipate to return to the old growth rates - which is why our users want us to go faster to help them return to growth 5

6 Commoditization is the biggest enemy Our users, even if they cannot grow the topline, are under huge pressure to restore and improve margins This drives the focus on productivity, decision-making and cheaper compliance And in turn, users seek to apply the cheap, or the free, or the good enough solution We need to demonstrate how expensive this can be ! 6

7 Reactions in a Networked World Users can data share without necessarily losing competitive edge Users can buy in bulk at a central point, and re-use and add value in their own intranet environment Generalized solutions become mere products. Custom is king Data quality and uniqueness remains important, but not beyond the price point 7

8 How must we react to the Challenge? Structure our content to allow custom restructuring Create modular applets to help users to customize Federate with third party content across common structures in order to build more complete solutions 8

9 Super-Customization Hand the API to the user Invite users to recombine your content with theirs to create unique datasets, but using your tools Seek to lock in support and update to secure resubscription and reliance 9

10 But we sell products, not services ! eBooks are a whole new market Here we can price to format again, avoiding value pricing BUT, there are real risks here, unless… 10

11 … we network publish here too… Make them fully searchable, and contextually open to third party content Attach the applets that draw fresh value out of collections Generate the links that allow them to be network tools Price them to quality, not to format 11

12 Case Studies in Solutions Thomson Reuters : Pharma and Innovations McGraw Hill and Reed Business: Construction Network and BIM DMGT: Landmark and Quest Complinet Elsevier Health: Evolve 12

13 Case Studies in Applications ChemSpider Open Calais Toolkit Oxford Music Online ( MarkLogic) and iResearch ( Collexis and MarkLogic) 13

14 Lessons Learnt … Revenue streams can diversify: education and audit at Complinet are good examples Tools to improve useability and enable client data sharing in the intranet can be vital (LexisNexis) Management and marketing tools can be as important as process improvement (Westlaw) Community and client inter-action can change brand perception and realize lock-in ( Nature) Consultancy and service support are revenue components in their own right (Complinet) 14

15 Two prerequisites for change… You must give up a product mindset and take on a services and solutions view of your content … and you have to be confident that you know what your customers do for a living – on the network, but also in real life – to be able to envisage helping them in this way. 15

16 It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change Charles Darwin 16

17 Contact David Worlock at Tel +447836361873 On Twitter at dworlock Blog at 17

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