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December 9, 2011 Verbier goes electric ©Verbier eMotion

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1 December 9, 2011 Verbier goes electric ©Verbier eMotion

2 Verbier eMotion concept Promoting a green and electric mobility specific to ski resorts Infrastructure and services including smart charging stations for electric vehicles Analysis and recommendations for appropriate and specific deployment December 2011 to April 2012 Verbier eMotion

3 Actual context of Verbier Greener ski resorts Increasing pressure for reducing environmental impact for mobility and vehicles Additional opportunities for green tourism New cars in the market – full electric and plug-in Verbiers vision: being a pioneer and a leader in the sustainable development sector by supporting concrete actions Verbier eMotion

4 Elements of mobility project Key components of sucess Charging station infrastructure Parking spaces Electrical vehicles Users Verbier eMotion

5 Charging stations Largest infrastructure in a Alpin resort Verbier eMotion 3x smart charging stations7x charging station with remote control tower or wall-mounted stand alone Various plugs: CEE 16A 230V Type2 32A 230V CEE 32A 400V all RFID access control

6 Dedicated parking slots Public and private parkings Verbier eMotion 14 parking slots Public parking places: 4x Châble – SIB / SEDRE 2x Châble - La Cure 2x Verbier – Catogne 2x Verbier – Ermitage 2x Verbier – Place Centrale Private parking places: 1x Verbier – Guinnard Immobilier 1x Verbier – Agence Domus Crock no Name ©media swiss sa

7 100% electric vehicles Different types of vehicles Verbier eMotion 2x Peugeot iOn 4x Think City 1x Mitsubishi i-Miev 1x Polaris Ranger 4x4

8 Electric vehicles Additional cars (rental proposition) Verbier eMotion Nissan Leaf Smart e Opel Ampera Telsa

9 Different users profile Everyone is concerned Local actors for their own use occasional or regular trips within the ski resort different users within the structure (employees) reducing environmetal foot print Ski resorts guests (medium to long stay) electric vehicle to be used by numerous guests potential demand for internal services for hotels promotion of a cleaner and quieter vehicles Ski resorts visitors (single day stay) arrive with their own electric vehicle potential demand for charging station infrastructure Verbier eMotion

10 Whats next After April 2012 Extension to include Summer activities vehicles (bikes, motorbikes,…) Extension to other resorts in the region Similar projects in ski resorts Verbier eMotion

11 Olivier Perroud ageko Sàrl Conseil en entreprise et développement durable Chemin de lArzelier 18 – CH-1071 Chexbrevs 079 286 06 68 Verbier eMotion For sustainable development in your business management Local Support : Didier Faure Thank you for your attention !

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