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Emphasizing TDM in Transportation Planning Asher Mercer TDM Summit November 18, 2009.

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1 Emphasizing TDM in Transportation Planning Asher Mercer TDM Summit November 18, 2009

2 Slide 2 Background – York Region Upper-tier municipality made up of 9 local municipalities Coordinates Regional services Over 1 million people 10% transit mode split 42% of work trips destined for Toronto

3 Slide 3 Establishing a new direction 2002 Transportation Master Plan led to a number of new initiatives and achievements 38% increase in York Region Transit ridership Completing first phase of BRT system Adopting TOD Guidelines and a Pedestrian and Cycling Master Plan Developing 3 TMAs in York Region through Smart Commute Ped/cycling municipal funding program created more than 40 km of bike facilities in 2 years

4 Slide 4 Transportation Master Plan Update – TDM at the forefront Implement Regional and local municipal Pedestrian and Cycling Master Plans Cap Road widenings to a maximum of 6 or 7 lanes Only when no other alternative exists Only for HOV/Transit Initiate HOV 2+ lanes for 6-lane road segments Implement Parking Authority Parking Strategies in Regional Centres & on Regional Corridors - Maximum Parking Standards -Mandate the use of Preferential Carpool Parking Pilot and implement individualized travel planning

5 Slide 5 TDM – The key element Optimize roads 53% (358,000) Cars Public transit YRT/Viva/GO & School bus 18% (121,000) Reduce need to travel 2031 Land Use & Other Policies AM peak period trips Carpooling Walking & cycling 16% (108,000) 9% (61,000) Alternative modes 65% (302,000) 10% (47,000) 14% (65,000) 6% (28,000) 2006 675,000465,000 5% (23,000) 4% (27,000)

6 Slide 6 Regional Official Plan Update – Conservation First Sample Policies Require transportation studies and development proposals to identify TDM measures to reduce SOV trips Manage the supply of parking New developments must meet or exceed Regions TOD Guidelines Integrate pedestrian, cycling and transit activities Local Municipalities must adopt land use/site design policies that promote sustainable transportation

7 Slide 7 Regional Official Plan update – contd Emphasizes reducing the demand for services Sections on Sustainability, Intensification, Regional Centres and Corridors, New Communities and others weave TDM policies throughout OP Establishes a hierarchy Will update TOD Guidelines to include TDM requirements Trip Reduction Active Transportation Transit Roads

8 Slide 8 TDM Innovations – Blocks 11, 12, 18 Proposal for 7,200 single-family homes in Vaughan Region required a TDM Master Plan with several elements Carpool parking spots in commercial locations Pedestrian and bicycle network enhancements Direct connections to transit Transit and building street front integration web-portal providing real-time information on sustainable transportation

9 Slide 9 TDM Innovations – Web-portal Real-time transit alerts Walking/cycling trip planner with impact calculator ridematching Originally a dedicated appliance, added mobile alerts Shifted to PC-based widget delivery, and added social marketing component Landowners covering costs for development and two years of operation

10 Slide 10 Web Portal Concept

11 Slide 11 Web portal Concept

12 Slide 12 TDM Innovation – Keswick Commuter Lot Low density development in northern York Region Developer required to prepare a TDM plan temporary commuter parking lot – opened in 2008 York Region Transit shuttle service to GO Train Station Advertising for carpool lot and Smart Commute Central York Newspapers, brochures, billboard

13 Slide 13 Next Steps Finalize Regional Official Plan update and work with local municipalities to harmonize their OPs Update Development Charges by-law Monitor existing pilots – Stay tuned!! Figure out: How we pay for it Who delivers TDM?

14 Slide 14 Lessons Learned Developers are still learning, but are receptive to TDM Development applications are an opportunity to implement TDM Be Proactive – Dont wait for money Be flexible, persistent, and committed Try more stuff!!!

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