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Doctor of Chiropractic Paleo Physician Network Member

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1 Doctor of Chiropractic Paleo Physician Network Member
Why Paleo? Dr. Julia J. Carlson, bs, DC Doctor of Chiropractic Nutrition Certified Paleo Physician Network Member

2 What is Paleo? Compared to the sad: the Paleo diet is somewhat higher in fat and protein, and lower in carbohydrate In Short: Avoiding processed carbohydrates including grains and conventionally processed sugars Avoiding conventionally produced and processed dairy Avoiding all legumes including soy, processed and boxed foods Eating like a “caveman” – hunter & gatherer

3 What Paleo is NOT: Paleo is not: A low carb diet
An excuse to eat “healthy” junk food Going to turn you into an actual Caveman The only way of life… New

4 Junk Science vs. Real Science
My Plate Paleo Food Pyramid

5 Boring Science-y Stuff
Mitochondrial dna studies Show that our genes have only evolved 1.6% over the course of life on earth Eating closer to our primate cousins (or before the advent of agriculture and cultivation of food, ie hunting & gathering) can re-set our genetic potential we were designed to burn our excess fat, not crave carbs all day long

6 WHY: Paleo for CrossFit
braNCHED-CHAIN AMINO ACIDS Valine, Leucine & Isoleucine Potent stimulant AA’s for building and repairing muscle Paleo’s high animal protein content provides BCAA’s Along with adequate carbohydrate intake, the rapid reverse of natural muscle tissue breakdown allows faster recovery between workouts

7 WHY: Paleo for CrossFit
Blood acidity vs. alkalinity SAD is acid – Paleo is alkaline By-products of exercise increase acidity in the body as well, adding to the problem Paleo is rich in fruits and vegetables, alkalizing the blood

8 WHY: Paleo for CrossFit
Trace nutrients Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of anti-oxidant vitamins, minerals, and phyto-chemicals and with fresh meat, promote optimal immune function

9 WHY: Paleo for CrossFit
Glycogen stores (Carbs stored in muscle tissue) People who do CrossFit and other endurance types of activities NEED carbs in their diet – the trick is timing Consumption of starches and simple sugars is necessary and useful only during exercise and in the immediate post-exercise period Best for glycogen storage is bananas, sweet potatoes and yams.

10 Supplements for the Transition
First: Check for GMP certification – the Gold Standard for supplements Priority: Digestive enzymes – Betaine hydrochloride Magnesium Malate or Glycinate Cod Liver Oil/Omega 3 supplement Vitamin D3 (5,000-10,000 IU/day) Secondary: Whey Protein Supplement

11 Freaking Amazing Recipes
The paleo mom Perfect paleo pancakes (& Waffles!) Paleo Biscuits Paleo spice cake with maple cashew frosting Honey garlic chicken wings

12 Freaking Amazing Recipes Cookbook: OMG, that’s paleo? Simple blueberry muffins Crockpot ropa vieja w/ cuban rice Enchilada chicken stew Banana bread french toast Magic brownie bars

13 Freaking Amazing Recipes
Against all grain (Primal) Publishing cookbook soon Grain free sandwich bread Grain free tortillas Paleo pad thai

14 Other Amazing Websites (aka – The food lovers kitchen-home of the bacon chocolate chip cookie)

Practical paleo – diane sanfilippo Everyday paleo – sarah fragoso Paleo comfort foods – mayfield Make it paleo – bill staley Primal blueprint cookbook – mark sisson Paleo slow cooker: GF recipes – chrissy gower -Other books- The paleo diet – Loren Cordain, phd The paleo solution – robb wolf 21 day primal blueprint transformation – mark sisson

16 Loren cordain, phd Robb wolf Mark sisson (primal) Chris kresser,
Paleo Pioneers Loren cordain, phd Robb wolf Mark sisson (primal) Chris kresser,

17 Q & A

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