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1 Email Archive & Management Solutions

2 What is Email Archiving? In its simplest form… –Retaining a copy of all inbound, outbound and internal email messages

3 What is Email Archiving? In its best form… –Providing a system to efficiently keep a copy of all inbound, outbound and internal email messages –Adding the ability for end users to quickly and easily search their own archives –Adding the ability for administrators (HR, Legal…etc.) to quickly and easily search the entire archive

4 How is Archiving Different from Backups? Backups are only a snapshot in time Difficult to retrieve emails in a timely manner Date range search often requires restoring multiple backups No guarantee all emails are contained in backups

5 Legal Discovery Information Retention Improved User Behavior Compliance Improved Productivity Reduce IT Load Why should I Archive Email?

6 70% of an average organizations intellectual property resides in email messages and attachments. ESG Research 2005 Information Retention

7 Legal Discovery FRCP (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure) –Adopted in December 2006 –Require production of all requested electronic information within 90 days Completeness and cost –Nothing deleted, lost, or changed –If all your email is in the archive, you shouldnt have to do desktop discoveries Timeliness –You can search across your entire archive and export all emails to a file in about a minute

8 Reduce IT Load Reduced storage requirements Faster backups Faster and easier to locate specific emails Mail server performs better Reduce backup time and cost Easier to find lost emails No more restoring from backups to find that lost email

9 Improved Productivity Give your users access to their own archives –How long would it take you to do a full text search, including inside attachments, using your email client? –Defender takes about one second Eliminates need for underground archives (users creating & managing desktop folders to store old email) Implement retention policies instead of mailbox size limits –No more managing exceptions –Users arent forced to stop working to clean out mailboxes

10 Improved User Behavior Users currently have the impression that they can just delete email and it will go away –They tend to send things they shouldnt Most will think twice about what they send in email if they know it is being archived! Present it as a productivity tool Stop problems before they occur

11 Compliance Sarbanes Oxley HIPAA Internal policies and procedures State regulations FRCP (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure)

12 Williams v. Taser International, Inc.(N.D. Ga. June 4, 2007) Taser implies that because it has elected to hire and train only a single technology employee, and because it has chosen to retain only a handful of attorneys to conduct document review, it is somehow relieved from its obligations to timely respond to Plaintiffs discovery requests. That is not the case. Rather, the Court expects that Taser will make all reasonable efforts to comply with its discovery orders including, if necessary, retaining additional IT professionals to search electronic databases and adding additional attorneys to perform document review.

13 Best Buy Stores v Developers Diversified Realty Corp. Developers Diversified said that they did not have the resources to find all the required materials. In response, court ordered them to produce materials from 345 backup tapes in 28 days at an estimated cost of nearly $500,000, not including attorney fees

14 Choosing an Archiving solution Give the end user better service Reduce the load on IT department Protect valuable business information Meet compliance standards

15 Software Solution Often integrated with mail client Uses existing hardware Requires integration with database, network, and storage Can significantly increase load on mail server and database server Higher Total Cost of Ownership after purchasing and integrating individual components

16 Hosted Solution Easy to get started. No up front capital costs Data sits outside the firewall Added cost for additional mailbox account or data retrieval System management handled by hosting company Monthly per-user charge results in higher cost over time

17 Appliance Solution Network configuration No software to install or integrate No impact on mail server Higher startup costs than hosted Database, network, user, and storage management handled by appliance Web browser doesnt require mail server or client to retrieve mail On board disk storage

18 How it works: The ArcMail Solution

19 Everything you need in one network appliance 500GB – 12TB of on-board disk storage Server & Operating System Database Management System Archiving Software Nothing to install on mail server or desktop Journaling configuration on mail server Web based user interface Easy to Install

20 Emails archived immediately and automatically Secure data storage RAID fault tolerance with hot swap drives Individual email cant be deleted or changed Built-in media independent backup and roll-off capability Active Directory compatibility User level security to prevent unauthorized mail view Daily status and real-time exception reporting Easy to Manage

21 Web based interface Simple to use Easy to learn Launch from Outlook or web Browser Fast search capability Indexed searches on standard email fields (to, from, subject, date, etc.) Indexed full-text search on email and attachment text Wildcard search Multiple retrieve options View mail directly in Defender Open and save attachments directly from Defender One click restore to send email to inbox or export files Easy to Use

22 Import MS Exchange, PST, and mbox files Export capability Supports multiple mail servers and multiple domains Data Compression Single Instance Storage No per-seat license requirement Additional Features

23 Free whitepapers FRCP Email Archiving ROI Why Archive? Case Studies See how our customers use ArcMail Free 30 Day Try & Buy Try a Defender for 30 days Sign up for a Try & Buy at the show and save 10% when you purchase by Nov 30 th Prices start at $2,999 for 250GB Only $34,999 for 12TB Come See Us

24 Complete Archiving and Email Management Solution in one Network Appliance

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