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For Exchange Email archiving of internal and external email.

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1 for Exchange Email archiving of internal and external email

2 Presentation outline Nightmare PST files Scenario The product Testimonials Kudos Conclusion

3 Nightmare PST files There still remains a heavy reliance on PST files which unfortunately cause a number of problems such as: Corrupted PST files and a lengthy process to fix them Employees inability to manage growing PST files PST loss in the case of hardware failure on employee workstations Complex backup plans to copy PST files from every employee workstation

4 Scenario As a network administrator you are constantly bombarded with requests such as: >I need to retrieve a very important email or >I deleted an email by mistake, could you restore it?" Backing up & restoring Exchange Server is complex and costs too much time and resources!

5 Email archiving and mailbox management for all company email Easy-to-use email archiving solution Free yourself from the problems of PST file management Centralized access to past emails – allow employees to easily access all their emails from a single location using their web browser Helps you fulfill regulatory email storage requirements MSExchange Gold Award, Windows IT Pro Email Archiving Solution Readers Choice Award and more

6 Top features Archives emails for an entire organization into one or multiple MS SQL Server databases Full web based interface allowing end-users to search all past email from anywhere in the world Allows users to quickly restore emails through a OneClick Restore process – even mistakenly deleted email!

7 Whats new in v. 3? Active Directory Group Based Security - allowing viewing rights based on active directory groups Multiple database support and automatic database management support OneClick Restore allows single-email restore to a mailbox

8 Product snapshot Viewing an email thread OneClick Restore

9 Product benefits Reduce reliance on cumbersome PST files – prone to corruption, loss through hardware failure and requiring complex backup plans Provide end-users with a single, web-based location in which to search and restore past emails through a OneClick Restore process Significantly reduce storage requirements for email by up to 80% Increase Exchange performance and ease backup and restoration Helps comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC and other regulations

10 Product testimonials GFI MailArchiver allows senior management to sleep easier at night, knowing that in the case of a customer dispute or suspected misuse of corporate information or IT resources, we are in possession of the evidence necessary to make prudent business decisions. – Jay Bregman, Technology Director, eCourier, UK. GFI MailArchiver for Exchange is an excellent tool to end the.pst hell. The price is good and the installation was very, very easy. The search functions are also very easy to handle, so everyone is able to find his own mails in a very short time. And last but not least, the support staff answered our questions very competently, in a very short time. All in all we are happy that we made the decision to buy GFI MailArchiver. – Juergen Siebenhuetter, System Engineer, INTER-Clean Service GmbH, Germany. Click here for more testimonials!

11 Product kudos These are just a few companies that use GFI MailArchiver: >American International Movers, Inc >Autoflug GmbH (Germany) >eCourier (UK) >INTER-Clean Service GmbH (Germany) >I PINCO PALLINO Spa (Italy) >Johnston Press plc >And many more! Numerous product awards, here are a few:

12 GFI product complements and suites GFI EmailProtection Suite >Providing full email protection for your network whilst archiving all internal and external email with GFI MailEssentials (anti-spam), GFI MailSecurity (email security) and GFI MailArchiver (email archiving) Suite pricing applies!

13 Conclusion PST files are cumbersome to maintain, easily corruptible and difficult to backup network-wide Reduce reliance on PST files through centralized archiving of all company email with GFI MailArchiver Give users full searchable access to all their past email from anywhere in the world through their web browser Save time and money by heavily reducing administrator time required for handling PST file related problems and backing up company-wide email

14 More info and downloads Click here to learn more about the product Check out our competitive pricing Download your FREE trial of GFI MailArchiver

15 Corporate overview Founded 1992 Over 220 employees worldwide Offices in the US, UK, Malta, Australia, Hong Kong and Germany GFI products installed on over 160,000 networks worldwide Global network of 10,000+ resellers and distributors

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