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Wego Sales Presentation (OTAs/Aggregators/Consolidators) November 2009.

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1 Wego Sales Presentation (OTAs/Aggregators/Consolidators) November 2009

2 OTAs, Aggregators and Wego Reach shoppers in an neutral environment vs supplier direct Deliver, update and tailor promo messages and brand communication Acquire visits/leads/bookings at a highly attractive ROI Build a branded relationship with the customer Complete the booking on your site, enabling cross-sell opportunities If your objectives are different, we are happy to craft a custom approach based on your needs Wego can help you achieve the following objectives:

3 Wego: What Is A Travel Search Engine ? We dont sell travel … …We deliver great leads to merchants who sell travel.

4 Wego: Sourcing Leads Thru Incremental Traffic We add no value by competing with your existing marketing efforts. Market-specific above the line advertising Search engine marketing EDM / CRM / Loyalty Direct power shoppers (via bookmark) Portal travel channels powered by Wego, such as MSN, Yahoo,, eBay … 1 st /2 nd page natural Google search results Regional cable TV tie-ups Wego – Incremental TrafficMerchant – Core Traffic Our goal is to source and develop traffic that you dont reach on your own.

5 Wego – Ready to Buy Leads Beginning their travel search Ready to Buy Wego: Great Leads are Ready to Buy where to go? what to pay? where to buy? destination chosen price checked merchant selected

6 Live Price Real-time price & availability Shoppers late in their search Hot Deals Time-sensitive promos Shoppers seeking inspiration Recent Price Recent prices - instantly Shoppers seeking convenience Wego: 3 Paths that Make Leads Ready To Buy We reach shoppers at all stages of their travel planning!

7 Source: Wego Global User Survey Mar/Apr 09 Wego Traffic – Demographics/Behaviour Highly active Travellers with Disposable Income 34% are aged 25-34, 28% are aged 35-44 47% are male. 53% are female 30% earn over US$50k/yr. 21% earn over US$100K/yr 52% spend at least 15 hours online each week Shopping, Resorts, Family/Kids and Romance top the list of recent vacation types, with each cited by >40% of respondents Western Europe, SE Asia and Australia were the top planned destinations 48% now spend more time hunting for good deals than they did before the recession

8 Wego Traffic – Geo Sources Wego reaches >1M consumers/month

9 Listings – Search Results (all products) Listings – Deals (all products) Premium Display – Merchant Spotlight Basic Display – Can target by user IP, search terms, Wego product environment OTAs and Aggregators – Advertising Opportunities

10 Wego Deals Newsletter Premium Text Link Featured Text Link Co-Marketing Placements OTAs and Aggregators – Advertising Opportunities

11 Wego – Advertising Comparison Wego will be one of the best performing tools in your toolbox. We cant deliver the volume of SEM or big display networks, but we can outperform on ROI. Wego allows you to run display alongside your search results. This is an effective method of using price and brand attributes together. Objective DisplaySEM (Google)Wego BrandingDirect ResponseDirect Response+++ Volume/ImpressionsHighMediumLow PricingCPMCPC Click-thru Rate0.1% - 0.3%0.5 - 3.0 %17.5 – 60% Conversion0.1% - 0.3%0.25 – 2.5%1.0 – 6.0% ROI on ConversionsLowMediumHigh

12 Wego delivers value to our travel & non-travel partners Founded in 2005 by former executives from IHG, Yahoo!, Priceline and ZUJI Over 150 travel providers have signed commercial agreements with us, including: –leading airlines and low-cost-carriers, such as Emirates, KLM/Air France, Lufthansa, Qantas –Leading hotel chains such as IHG, Starwood, Marriott, Accor, Carlson and Pan Pacific –Leading OTAs and aggregators such as Expedia, Travelocity, HotelClub and Priceline Over 20 distribution agreements including: –Major portals such as Yahoo!, MSN, eBay,, –Major airport/travel hubs such as Changi Airport, ViaSingapore News Digital Media, a division of News Corp, is an investor.

13 Contact Shelley Ki +852 2961-4621 Thank You

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