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Slide 1. © 2012 Invensys. All Rights Reserved. The names, logos, and taglines identifying the products and services of Invensys are proprietary marks.

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2 © 2012 Invensys. All Rights Reserved. The names, logos, and taglines identifying the products and services of Invensys are proprietary marks of Invensys or its subsidiaries. All third party trademarks and service marks are the proprietary marks of their respective owners. WW HMI SCADA-03 Application Server 2012 R2 New Release Steven L. Weygandt Portfolio Product Manager Device Integration and Application Server

3 Slide 3 Overview Discover the new System Platform Application Server: Multiple Galaxy communication and security Highly efficient historian redundancy Faster Easier to configure. Talk about security Device Integration ASB – Its new Performance and high availability Works with redundant Historian

4 Slide 4 Top Features: AppServer 2012 R2 Operation Efficiency Engineering Efficiency IT Alignment

5 Slide 5 Security and more security Product code was recompiled using latest version of Visual Studio (2010 not 2012) which provides a higher level of cyber security. Compliance with SDL (Security Development Lifecycle – based upon Microsofts best practices) Significant investment in QA testing of security features Pro-active program for incorporating and testing fixes related to field discovered security bugs (for example SuiteLink common component)

6 Slide 6 Multi-Galaxy Security Topology for Multi-Galaxy systems will require the use of Microsoft Active Directory This requirement provides for end-to-end security for all data secured data exchange features of ArchestrA System Platform for the following based upon Security Group restriction and object setting: Read Write Secured Write Verified Write Additionally the Active Directory Security model is enforced when using the IDE and its editors to browse the namespace of other paired Galaxies

7 Slide 7 From Field Device to Enterprise ArchestrA System Platform 2012 R2 provides a comprehensive automation system infrastructure for linking live data from the field for supervisory control and monitoring tasks while simultaneously providing integration with business systems. Linking of live data from field devices is easy and straight-forward utilizing the Wonderware branded DA Servers, associated DI Objects and third party OPC-DA Servers. Following is an update about Device Integration new stuff…

8 Slide 8 Release Dates for Device Integration New Stuff DASiDirect 3.0 February 2012 DASABCIP 4.1 SP3 (end October) DASGESRTP 2.0 (end October) FactorySuite Gateway 3.0 (end October) Should we lock down at SuiteLink + DDE + OPC-DA 2.05? Where is OPC-UA?

9 Slide 9 FSGateway installed as InTouch feature Starting with InTouch 2012, FSGateway is being installed as an InTouch Feature, in order to provide out-of-the-box OPC support and to make our customers life easy. In 2012 R2 we have addressed issues with FSGateway install, uninstall and upgrades. ASP2012 R2 installs FSGateway version 3.0 Additionally, FSGateway will also be available as stand alone version in the new Device Integration DVD as well as for download from WDN. Installation of stand alone FSGateway takes ownership of the feature away from InTouch, becoming visible in Add/Remove Programs.

10 Slide 10 FSGateway 3.0 Support RequestVT Syntax for explicit coercion (OPCLink replacement) and incorporates latest security fixes

11 Slide 11 DASGESRTP 2.0 Support GE PACSystem RX3i and Symbolic Addressing and incorporates latest security fixes Now requires the new DAServer feature line

12 Slide 12 DAS RTC 3.0 SP4 For OEM/SI developers using DAS Toolkit

13 Slide 13 DASABCIP 4.1 SP3 Firmware 20 Support and rollup of security fixes included in new service pack as a single install

14 Slide 14 Device Integration Updates – planned for early to middle of calendar 2013 ModbusTCP Support Ethernet-Serial bridge TSXETG100 SIMATIC-S7 Windows 7 Support and SIDirect Delta DASABCIP 5.0 Firmware 21 Support, EN2TR and ETAP router modules support Note: all updated* DA Servers from 2012 onward require new DAServer feature line in the ArchestrA.lic license file * DASABCIP 4.1 SP3 is a service pack – still requires IOServer license feature

15 Slide 15 ASB – New Technology, Not Just For Data Acquisition Key Problems Statements: 1.Integration of products/technologies across Invensys Operation Management with ArchestrA System Platform cannot/should not be achieved by creation of automation objects. 2.For many customers the practical size of a Galaxy is smaller than the technical limits. The must be a mechanism for securely connecting multiple Galaxies together into an integrated system. 3.There must be a mechanism to enable core technologies to be developed once inside Invensys Operations Management and then leveraged across multiple products.

16 Slide 16 ASB – New Technology, Not Just For Data Acquisition (hint A&E) IData - Richer data types, secure transport even over WAN IBrowse – Extensible namespace browsing. Who needs aliasing? (Next time) IAuthenticate – Extensible secured token exchange for authority to read/write + secured & verified Deployed services with central redundant repository and hands free discovery (Future release of ArchestrA System Platform incorporates Alarm & Events as Idata and secures access and acknowledgement of alarms using Iauthenticate)

17 Slide 17 System Platform Multi-Galaxy I/O Data Server Information Server Historian AutomationObje ct Server Visualization Node Engineering Station Galaxy Repository Visualization Server AutomationObje ct Server I/O Data Server Information Server Historian AutomationObje ct Server Visualization Node Engineering Station Galaxy Repository Visualization Server WAN, Satellite, Radio Galaxy A Galaxy B secure bi-directional data exchange

18 Slide 18 Galaxy B Galaxy A How it Works… Global Discovery Service (Pair) Service Config. (IDE) Service Repository (GR-A) Service Host (Platforms) Mx Data Provider Service Config. (IDE) Service Repository (GR-B) Data Contract (iData) Reference GalaxyB:Object.Attribute Service Lookup Browse Svc Practical Application: Common Control Room Practical Application: Common Control Room

19 Slide 19 System Platform Multi-Galaxy Config Multi-Galaxy configuration requires the establishment of Paired Galaxies There may be multiple Pairs comprising a cluster of Galaxies Each Galaxy must have Enable Remote Pairing checked to participate in the Multi-Galaxy communications and object browsing Paired Galaxies must be configured for OS Group Security under Active Directory

20 Slide 20 Key Concepts of ArchestrA Service Bus Service Oriented Architecture (SOA): A set of contracts that defines the interactions supported between software components (examples: data exchange, security, alarming, eventing, time series data storage, etc.). Service Repository: The facility for centralized storage, retrieval and deployment of ArchestrA Services and their configuration. Service Configuration: An independent configuration tool that is used to configure and deploy ArchestrA Services. Global Discovery Service: A pair of machines that serve as the global directory for the location of all services in a system.

21 Slide 21 Performance & high availability Deploy platform without redeploying hosted objects Prevents Active-Active redundant engine at restoration of failed partner RDI with DIs or DDESuiteLink or OPC proxy properly deactivates FSGateway or DAServer secondary data path Hotfixes & CRs affecting performance have incorporated in R2 Device Integration products also thoroughly tested on high availability test bench

22 Slide 22 Support for Redundant Historian Specify only primary Historian node (node name of secondary retrieved from Historian) Advanced settings drop expander Enable Late Data behavior simplified Two independent store and forward repositories

23 Slide 23 SQL Express 2008 with SSMSE Starting InTouch 2012, SQL Express has been installed with InTouch if no SQL Server nor SQL Express is present. However, the version installed does not have a management console. This has caused issues and prevented users from performing basic tasks such as tuning SQL Express performance, scheduling backups, etc. With InTouch 2012 R2, the version installed is SQL Express 2008 with SSMSE, which includes a management console.

24 Slide 24.NET 4.0 The 2012 R2 release supports.NET 4.0 ASP 2012 R2 DVD media installs.NET 4.0 if it is not present Word of caution: Certain.NET scripts may have to be validated. Same for 3 rd party.NET controls.

25 Slide 25 SP1 and Hotfix rolled up into ASP 2012 R2 SP1 is part of R2 Hotfixes as of end of August 2012 rolled up into R2

26 Slide 26 Supported Operating Systems ASP 2012 R2 does not permit mixing older products together on the same computer with some exceptions (e.g. older DA Servers)

27 Slide 27 QUESTIONS?

28 Slide 28 THANK YOU

29 Slide 29 DEMO

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