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A presentation of Bravida Norge AS, dept. Oil & Energy

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1 A presentation of Bravida Norge AS, dept. Oil & Energy
Sept. 2012 A presentation of Bravida Norge AS, dept. Oil & Energy

2 Our history: V.Con AS V. Con (Vestfold Contracting AS) – founded by Per Ektvedt – sold to NEBB in 1981. 1975 PEC AS Process Electro Control 1986 Founded by Per Ektvedt. PEC Holding AS Founded as Holding Company, included an local installation company. 1996 PEC AS Process Electro Control PEC Installasjon AS PEC Eiendom AS 2000 Bravida Process Contr. AS PEC AS sold to Bravida. Change of name to Bravida Process Control. Bravida Oil & Energy AS 2006 Change of name to Bravida Oil & Energy. 2010 Bravida Norge AS Avd. Oil & Energy Establish as department. Market like before.

3 Our vision Bravida dept. Oil & Energy will be recognized as a natural supplier of choice for all clients within our market.

4 Our competences and our markets
Complete electro and Automation Complete automation- and alarm systems Service and maintenance of electro- and automation systems Mechanical completion and Commissioning Our markets Oil- and gas installations, on- and offshore Power generation and distribution Industrial plants Infrastructure for road-, air- and rail transport Maritime areas

5 In Bravida, we practice a zero philosophy
In Bravida, we practice a zero philosophy. This means that our overall target is to avoid all damage and harm to persons and equipment. We will work to prevent all accidents and injuries, and to create a positive company culture.

6 Some of our major clients

7 Management Bravida Norge AS
Adm. dir Eirik Frantzen Økonomi Thomas Hveberg Stab Bjørn-Erik Saga Marked Stian Søhoel Teknisk Johan Varmedal Region Øst Tore Bakke Region Oslo Ketil Thorsen Region Sør/Vest Øivind Homleid Region Midt Petter Storhaug Region Nord Torfinn Rolandsen

8 Region Nord Torfinn Rolandsen Sist oppdatert 03.01.12
Regionscontroller Inger Ann Pedersen Bodø Elektro Knut Håvard Pettersen Bravida Oil & Energy Arild Nelvik Narvik Elektro Ole Petter Olsen Tromsø Elektro Torfinn Rolandsen Tromsø Elektro Prosjekt Roger Kristiansan Tromsø Elektro Service Tom Roger Jensen Sist oppdatert

9 Daglig Leder Arild Nelvik Salgs støtte Anbud –Kalk - Salg
HMS BN HMS/Risiko Atle Grande Økonomi, inkl fakt./Lønn Heidi B Pedersen QA BN QA S. Numme Prosjektkontroller Inger A Pedersen Installatør Knut A Bjerkeli Salgs støtte Steinar Numme Anbud –Kalk - Salg Knut M Jacobsen Personal Leder Atle Grande Leder Management Steinar Numme Innkjøp - Logistikk Birger Sukke Personal /Prosjekt –utleie koordinator Tony Borgersen Management Prosjekt (egne/utleie) Børge Andersson Stig Klavenes Per Hedin Harald Guran Vidar Hogsnes Stig Ø Hovda Tommy Sukke Bjørn Langemyr Vidar Lunde Jan Bjune Tommy Hilstan Montører ca 100 p

10 Some of our references Sture terminal (Norsk Hydro)
Electro- and instrument installations for the on shore terminal to Oseberg in 1990. Totally hours Zhah Denize (BP) Built at Nymo Mek. Verksted in Grimstad, 2003 – Hook-up i Azerbadjan, 2004 – Totally hours Visund and Troll C (Norsk Hydro) Built at UMOE in Haugesund 1996 – JV with UMOE Elektro. Totally hours Tønsberg package (Statens vegvesen) All electro installations for the new tunnels in Tønsberg. Completed spring Totally hours Snøhvit (Aibel) Electro- and instrument rehabilitation and maintenance. Service agreement from 2005. Approx hours per year Ormen Lange (Norsk Hydro) Electro- and instrument installations for all Substations at the gas terminal. Completed 2007. Totally hours Kvitebjørn (Statoil) Built by Heerema in Tønsberg, 2002 – 2003 Totally hours Esso Slagentangen (ExxonMobill) Electro- and instrument maintenance Contract since 1987. Approx hours pr. year Bilder er gjengitt med tillatelse fra oljeselskapene

11 Selection of Customers and Projects
Customers: Projects and hire: Aibel Visund Offshore Hydro Oseberg LQ Aker Kværner Troll A Offshore Grenland Group Snøhvit STX Norway El. Brevik KEP2010 Kårstø Rambøl Aibel Bergen Reinertsen Statfjord B Offshore Statens Vegvesen Bjørvikatunnellen Statoil Statoilhydro MC ESSO Slagentangen Nymo Sevan Voyager Master Marine Haven Offshore BIS Esso Slagentangen Siemens LKAB Narvik Bravida Trondheim Ekornseter Trafostasjon Bravida Oslo Gardemoen Bravida Sandefjord Jotun Aker advantage Ormen lange NLI Larvik Goliat

12 Our competencies are based on:
Skilled staff with long experience from electro- and instrument installations and services. Well proven data based systems and routines for project management and quality assurance. Contractor experience for large E & I, on- and offshore projects. Long experience in MC / Commissioning of complex plants on- and offshore

13 Quality Our Quality policy is at all times, to deliver products and services in line with the expectations of our client, compliant to relevant laws and regulations, and the requirements of the Contract.

14 Authorisations and approvals
Authorised electro installation gr. L Authorised It installation TIA Central approval for fire alarm and protection. Responsible engineering and -control, as well as execution and -control for buildings and installations in class 3. Certified in Achilles as supplier to the O&G industry Certified in Start Bank as supplier to land based buildings and plants Certified in Trans Q as supplier to Scandinavian transport companies Certified in Sellihca as supplier to Nordic Utility Prequalification System

15 Recourses and qualifications
We are proud of the experience and skills of our more than 100 employees. They are among the best qualified people in the business. We develop our company and employees through a continuous program for improvement and education.

16 Quality assurance We have implemented a ”Total Quality System”
TQS covers not only the product, but also the required documentation. Our quality system is certified on ISO 9001:2008. Environment, we follow ISO 14001:2004. We comply with all public requirements according to local laws and regulations

17 Data based project management system (DPMS)
Our well proven data based project management system provides updated reports on material status, installation progress, cost development, as well as tools for procurement, work planning and documentation scope and progress. The system fulfils ISO 9001. Plans Economy Material Personnel Data Drawing Link to customer, F.Ex.: Cab Sys Artimes Reception control Progress reports Manning Time sheets Total plans Status per unit Mile stones MC status Purchasing status Document register Invoice status Sub suppliers Etc.

18 What we are offering We offering:
Engineering (in collaboration with Rambøl Oil & Gas) Project (P. Leader, Field eng, Chairmen, storage logistic own project) Installation Management (Chairmen warehouse logistics) Mechanical completion - MC (personnel hired out for this service) Commissioning - commissioning (personnel hired out for this service) Preventive and corrective maintenance (systems and personnel with experience in organizing customer requirements for the management, operation and maintenance (O & M) Professionals, technicians in the Electrical, Instrumentation and telecommunications (Certified personnel with extensive industry experience. Many of the installers are multi-disciplinary, for example, both the electrical and automation technician) Experts in ventilation and cooling (gets from Bravida system Experts in Pipes (pulling from Bravida system)

19 Contacts in Bravida Oil & Energy AS
Function / Funksjon Name / Navn Telephone / General Manager Arild Nelvik Sales Knut M Jacobsen Sales - Management Steinar Numme HR Manager Atle Grande HR Assistant-Project Tony M. Borgersen Controller Inger Ann Pedersen Economy-Salary Heidi B Pedersen Purchase –logistic Birger Sukke

20 Therefore we are preferred
We are competent We are reliable We are service- minded

21 Kompetanse / Competences in Bravida- dept. Oil & Energy
Kompetanse / Competences in Bravida- dept. Oil & Energy Funksjon Function No / Antall Prosjektleder Project Manager 2 Prosjektingeniør Project Engineer 5 MC / Commissioning Ingeniør MC / Commissioning Engineer 3 Automatiker Automation Engineer 4 Instrument teknikker Instrument Specialist Elektriker Gr. A Electrican Gr. A (High Voltage) 1 Elektriker Gr. L Electrican Gr. L 73 Elektriker Gr. L / A Electrican Gr. L / A Elektriker Gr. L / S Electrican Gr. L / S Telemontør I&T Technican Hjelpearbeidere / lærlinger Helpers / Apprentice Arbeidsledere Work leaders / Foreman Adminstrasjon Administration 6 Totalt Total 109

22 Visit us on for more information about our business and services

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