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Training of Russian personnel to work on, and offshore in the oil and gas industry. 2005-2007 Trond Haukanes.

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1 Training of Russian personnel to work on, and offshore in the oil and gas industry. 2005-2007 Trond Haukanes


3 Facilities

4 Main Office in Kirkenes

5 Presentation of Specialist Training Program for Russian Workers. Supported by:

6 Presentation6 Background Statoil and Kimek Offshore took the initiative to this program. This initiative was taken in recognition that the increasing activity in Oil & Gas exploration in the Barents region will lead to an increasing need of skilled workers. Companies that are bidding for Oil & Gas contracts in Russia mostly have to use Russian workers to carry out this work. As a result of this training program this workers also will have the qualification needed to work at Norwegian Oil & Gas project

7 Presentation7 Organising The project was organized with a project steering group consisting of Kimek Offshore, Statoil ASA Innovasjon Norge and Barentssekretariatet. On Russian side our partners was, The State Educational Establishment Training Centre in Murmansk and the technical college,Lyceum no 6. The theoretical part was take place at the training center and the practical training at technical college,Lyceum no 6.

8 Presentation8 English Specialist training Project Steering Group Project managment Kimek offshore Norway Statoil ASAInnovasjon Norge Barents- sekretariatet Scanning of candidate Candidate Kimek Offshore Norway Other Norwegian Company Other Russian Company Kimek Offshore Russia Project schematic project description Norway Russia Subcontractors

9 Presentation9 Basic The plan was to take up to 250 candidates through the program. When the course was finished, we had managed 150. This was unfortunately due to lack of interest from other Norwegian companies to be partners in the project. The candidates should be skilled in their profession and be able to document their knowlege level by showing certificates or exam papers from relevant schools befor enetring the program. The candidates present level of English was also important to verify during the scanning process

10 Presentation10 Type of profession that was planned to train Welders (TIG) Pipe fitters Plate fitters Insulating Scaffolding Painters Electricians (due to different rules, could not be done)

11 Presentation11 Time Schedule First candidates was planed to take part in the English courses during April/May2005. It will be arranged a courses every third month. The plan is that courses will be continuing up to summer 2006.

12 Presentation12 First step After candidates have gone through the scanning procedure they are ready for the training program. First they was going through an English course that was taken. 4 week. During the English courses it was implemented HSE for Oil and Gas construction work. In the end of the courses an exam was held.

13 Presentation13 Second step After the candidates have passed their English exam, they was invited to take part in the practical training. The practical training lead to a site test or certification, making the candidates able to work on Western or Russian on-offshore projects. This training period was going over a period of 2 to 5 weeks, depending of type of profession.

14 Presentation14 Working Possibilities. The candidates that has passed first and second phase in the program, was offered a job in Kimek Offshore or a company related to Kimek offshore. Some of the candidates was also offered work at other companies. Of the first group, 6 Russian welders from Kimek Offshore was working at Hammerfest LNG for AkerKværner. This first 6 welders showed Norwegian oil and gas industry that Russian experts held very high class! Zero welding defects during 6 months! The success of the first 6 welders, opened up for that in a period more than 60 Russian experts worked at Melkøya LNG for Kimek Offshore.

15 Presentation15

16 Snøhvit – Hammerfest LNG Customer: Aker Kværner Stord Foto: Statoil

17 Customer: Aker Solutions Foto:Hydro Ormen Lange Titanium welding Pipe fitters Engineers

18 H6e Spitsbergen and Barents, «Gjøa» Welding, Pipe fitting, mechanics, engineers Customer: Aker Solutions

19 The success of this project provided us with inspiration to that start a training program with graduates Russian engineers. We implemented a training program for 6 engineers that went over 3 years. 3 of them still works for us and 2 for other Norwegian companies, and one working in a Russian company in Severodvinsk

20 Today, approximately one third of the approximately 200 employees at Kimek and Kimek Offshore are Russian

21 SEVGIPRORYBFLOT The company has Today 14 employees 10 of them are Senior engineers.

22 SEVGIPRORYBFLOT SCOPE OF ACTIVITY TODAY - Designing and documentation for vessels of different kinds: Fishing, transport vessels, tugboats, offshore vessels etc; Modernization of systems and pipelines; Development of emergency plans for oil spill removal; Development of plans for pollution prevention; Works on fulfilling requirements of all International conventions and agreements MARPOL-73/78, SOLAS-74/83, MPPSSС-72 etc., for all types of vessels. -Technical service for maintenance and ship repair: Development of documentation for maintenance, technical repair and technology for production of spare parts for gears and equipment.

23 Thanks for the attention!

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