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Classification: Internal GullfaksVillage2010 – Visit to Bergen 3/3 2010 Program.

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1 Classification: Internal GullfaksVillage2010 – Visit to Bergen 3/3 2010 Program

2 Classification: InternalClassification: Internal Status: Draft Statoil in Bergen Statoil and Hydro were both of similar size before the merger, and after Statoil is the largest employer in Bergen. Gullfaks Operations moved from Sandslihaugen to Sandsliveien. A new unit called Reserves and Plans Bergen were formed to focus on IOR

3 Classification: Internal GullfaksVillage2010 – Bergen 3/3 2010 Program 11:00 Welcome to Statoil in Bergen Petter Eltvik 11:30 Tapas lunch Outside Auditorium 12:00 Experts in Team in Statoil Gullfaks Ole Jørgen Birkenes 12:15 Some cost data and economic assumptions Petter Eltvik 12:30 Review of part A reports and part B assignments in individual groups Group 1: LU007Petter Eltvik/ Karl Sigurd Årland Group 2: LU004Johan Eck-Olsen/Petter Eltvik Groups 3&4: L1004Knut Muller/Ole Jørgen Birkenes Group 5: L1003Eli Gule/Petter Eltvik Group 6: L1001Esther Matland/Leif-Kristian Tveiterå 13:30 – 15:00 Review of Gullfaks Sør Statfjord in Cave Gunnar Halvorsen Groups 3&4 kl 13:30, Groups 5&6 kl 14:00 and Groups 1&2 kl 14:30 15:00 Review of the day/Summary Auditoriet 16:00 Departure for Dolly Dimples, Kokstad

4 Classification: Internal GullfaksVillage 2010 Overview over Statoil contacts Group 1: Environmental Challenges by adding Chemicals to the WI Contact in Statoil: Petter Eltvik; (also Karl Sigurd Årland) Group 2: Drilling through depleted Brent Gr. Contact in Statoil: Johan Eck-Olsen; Group 3: Improved oil recovery with Smart wells. Contact in Statoil: Knut Muller; Group 4: Improved oil recovery with Smart wells Contact in Statoil: Ole Jørgen Birkenes; Group 5: Improved oil recovery with WI Contact in Statoil: Eli Gule Group 6: Geological and Geophysical uncertainties Contact in Statoil: Esther Matland (also Kristian Tveiterå)

5 Classification: Internal Statoil on the NCS Statoil main operator: 70% of Norway’s oil production 90% of Norway’s gas production 34 oil and gas fields High exploration activity: 2009 – high activity level – 39 exploration wells (34 Statoil operated). Since merger, – 33 commercial discoveries – 4 dry wells

6 Classification: Internal Bergen is central in Statoil Harstad Stjørdal Bergen Stavanger Offices Fields operated by Statoil Many important fields and installations are tied to Bergen through geography, logistics and organization. In addition comes processing facilities on Sture, Kollsnes and Mongstad Refinery at shore.

7 Classification: Internal Many employees – major purchases Sandsli – 2.400 employees Mongstad - 600 employees Sture – 200 employees Kollsnes – 200 employees Ågotnes – 70 employees Offshore personnel resident in Hordaland – 800 people. 26 service stations Statoil purchased goods and services worth NOK 10 billion in Hordaland during 2004.

8 Classification: Internal Statoil in Bergen Technology and New Energy is managed from Bergen A large base for operations – Production : Gullfaks, Visund, Troll, Kvitebjørn, Huldra, Veslefrikk, Oseberg, Brage, Grane, Fram, Heimdal, Tune – Drilling and Well: Bergen is the largest of three main centers in Norway with 18 ongoing drilling operations and 3 – 6 well interventions – Operations: Catering, supply base, heliport, emergency prepardness, operations- and maintenance technology, modifications and projects – R&D – Reserves and Plans – Training 5000+ employees in the larger Bergen region

9 Classification: Internal Stavanger EARLY PHASE AND CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT Bjarne Bakken Bergen GLOBAL EXPLORATION TECHNOLOGY Bård Krokan Bergen SUB-SURFACE TECHNOLOGY Øystein Håland Stavanger MARINE TECHNOLOGY AND OPERATIONS Bjørn Kåre Viken Stavanger PROCESS AND PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY Halfdan Knudsen Trondheim RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Morten Loktu Stavanger NEW ENERGY Alexandra Bech Gjørv Bergen Finance and control Torje Saur Bergen People, organisation and HSE Heidi Drilen Bergen Communication TECHNOLOGY & NEW ENERGY Bergen Margareth Øvrum Organisation Gine Wang

10 Classification: Internal Driving technology development Subsea field development Environmental technology Gas chain technology Reservoir management Exploration technology

11 Classification: Internal Statoil Mongstad: Oil and gas refining for the future Refinery Crude oil terminal Second largest oil port in Europe – About 2000 ship calls per year. Petrol production is roughly twice Norway’s own consumption

12 Classification: Internal Sture og Kollsnes: Sture Oil terminal for oil from Oseberg and Grane. The oil is exported with tankers. Kollsnes Processes gas from Troll A, Kvitebjørn and Visund. The gas is exported via two independent pipelines to continental Europe.

13 Classification: Internal Gullfaks A, B & C: Long lived giants with still more to give On stream in 1986, 1988 and 1989 First field developed by Statoil Producing about 190 000 barrels of oil per day Major future challenge is to extend producing life Already well beyond first predicted life expectancy

14 Classification: Internal Troll: North sea gas giant Platform 80 km north-west of Bergen 472 metres high Delivers 50 per cent of Statoil’s gas production Field On stream since 1996 Will deliver gas to Europe for 60-70 years The gas comes ashore at Kollsnes

15 Classification: Internal Kvitebjørn Came on stream in Oct 2004 Delivers dry gas to continental Europe via Kollsnes Delivers NGL to Mongstad for processing into butane, propane and naphtha The reservoir is 4 000 metres down, and features high pressure and temperature

16 Classification: Internal Two of the other fields with connection to Bergen Huldra & Veslefrikk Oil and gas Huldra remotely operated from Veslefrikk “Late-life” Visund Produces both oil and gas Gas piped to Kollsnes, oil to Gullfaks Huldra Visund Veslefrikk

17 Classification: Internal Demanding supply services – managed from Sandsli More than 1 mill tonnes of supplies shipped to rigs and installations. 50 ships working for Statoil on the NCS. 115 000 passengers carried by helicopter. 850 000 offshore bed- nights.

18 Classification: Internal GullfaksVillage Statoil in Bergen Petter Eltvik Project Manager GO Project, tel: +47 91 82 09 39 Thank you

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