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El Alfabeto ..

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1 El Alfabeto .

2 A,a Águila

3 B,b Bicicleta

4 C,c Cama

5 D,d Damas

6 E,e Escuela

7 F,f Falda

8 G,g Gato

9 H,h Hamburguesa

10 I,i Invierno

11 J,j Juguete

12 K,k Koala

13 L,l Lápiz

14 Ll Llaves

15 M,m Mariposa

16 N,n Sr. Rose’s Nariz

17 Ñ,ñ Ñandu

18 O,o Ojo

19 P,p Pan

20 Q,q Queso

21 R,r Regalo

22 rr Perro

23 S,s Sacapuntas

24 T,t Teléfono

25 U,u Uvas

26 V,v Vaso

27 W,w Wafle

28 X,x Xilófono

29 Y,y Yogur

30 Z,z Zapato

31 Educator’s Note Although the Real Academia in Madrid, Spain, removed the letters ch, ll, and rr as separate entries in 1994 from the Spanish alphabet, I have included ll and rr in this presentation for their unique sound qualities when pronounced. It should also be noted that in in the Americas many Hispanic countries still recognize rr as a separate letter of the alphabet.

32 El Alfabeto

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