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The Spanish Alphabet “El alfabeto”.

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1 The Spanish Alphabet “El alfabeto”

2 Some notes on the Spanish alphabet…
In English, sometimes vowels take on different pronunciations Pronounce the following words: through, threw water, later roaring, pouring In Spanish, % of the time, vowels keep the same pronunciation, making it very easy to pronounce the word if you know how each letter is pronounced

3 Los Vocales- Vowels a- e- i- o- u ¡El burro sabe más que tú!

4 Aa [ah] Árbol

5 Bb [be] Bebé

6 Cc [se] cepillo, precio, cenar camiseta, carro
Sounds like English “S” when before “e” or “i” cepillo, precio, cenar camiseta, carro

7 Ch [che] Chimichanga

8 Dd [de] Dos

9 Ee [eh] Elefante

10 Ff [efe] Flor

11 Gg [he] Gato Sounds like English “H” before “e” or “i”
- angel, gigante, gemelos

12 Hh [ache] ALWAYS silent Helado

13 Ii [ea] isla

14 Jj [hota] Sounds just like English “h” Jalapeño

15 Kk [kah] Very rarely used kilómetro

16 Ll [ele] Limón

17 ll [eye] Sounds like English “y” Llave

18 Mm [eme] Mango

19 Nn [ene] Niña

20 ñ [enye] Piñata

21 Oo [oh] Ojos

22 Pp [pe] Perro

23 Qq [coo] Queso Always followed by a “ue” or “ui”
Sounds like “k” or “c” Queso

24 Rr [ere] Rana

25 rr [erre] (roll tongue) Correr

26 Ss [ese] Silla

27 Tt [teh] Taco

28 Uu [oo] Ustedes

29 Vv [ve] Sounds like “B” Viajar

30 Ww [doble oo] Found only in foreign words George W. Bush

31 Xx [eh-kees] Most of the time sounds like English “X”
Sometimes sounds like English “H” Explicar---- Xavier

32 Yy [i-gri-e-ga] Payaso

33 Zz [seta] Sounds like English “S” Zapatos

34 ¡Que Bueno! You are now a master of the alfabeto…

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