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El Alfabeto Con Vocabulario. A,a Á●gui●la B,b Bi●ci●cle●ta.

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1 El Alfabeto Con Vocabulario

2 A,a Á●gui●la

3 B,b Bi●ci●cle●ta

4 C,c Ca ●ma

5 D,d Da●mas

6 E,e Es●cue●la

7 F,f Fal●da

8 G,g Ga●to

9 H,h Ham●bur●gue●sa

10 I,i In●vier●no

11 J,j Ju●gue●te

12 K,k Koa●la

13 L,l Lá●piz

14 Ll Lla●ves

15 M,m Ma●ri●po●sa

16 N,n Na●riz

17 Ñ,ñ Ñan●du

18 O,o O●jo

19 P,p Pan

20 Q,q Que●so

21 R,r Re●ga●lo

22 rr Pe●rro

23 S,s Sa●ca●pun●tas

24 T,t Te●lé●fo●no

25 U,u U●vas

26 V,v Va●so

27 W,w Waf●le

28 X,x Xi●ló●fo●no

29 Y,y Yo●gur

30 Z,z Za●pa●to

31 Important Note Although the Real Academia in Madrid, Spain, removed the letters ch, ll, and rr as separate entries in 1994 from the Spanish alphabet, I have included ll and rr in this presentation for their unique sound qualities when pronounced. It should also be noted that in in the Americas many Hispanic countries still recognize rr as a separate letter of the alphabet.

32 El Alfabeto Los Sonidos

33 Las Vocales LetterSpanish NamePronunciation AAAh (father) EEEh (egg) IIEE (street) OOOh (open) UUOoh (you)

34 LetterSpanish NamePronunciation BBeBay (boy) CCeSay (ce and ci sounds like s) (ca, co and cu sounds like k) CHCheChay (choose) DDeDay (doubt) FEfeEffay (famous) GGeHay (ge and gi sounds like h) (ga, go and gu sounds like g) Las Consonantes

35 LetterSpanish NamePronunciation HHacheAchay (The h is silent) JJotaHota (Sounds like an h) KKaKah (kite) LEleEllay (long) LLElleA-yah (yahoo) MEmeEmmay (mother) Las Consonantes

36 LetterSpanish NamePronunciation NEneEnnay (nose) NEneEnyay (canyon) (onion) PPePay (pass) QCuKoo (Kit) REreErray (Combine d and l sounds) RRErreErray (r sound is trilled with tip of tongue. Never at the beginning of a word.) SEseEssay (soup) TTeTay (text) Las Consonantes

37 LetterSpanish NamePronunciation VVeBay (sounds like a b) WDoble VeDoblay bay (Rarely used) XEquisEh-keys (exit) YI griegaEe-gray-gah (Rarely used) ZZetaSeta (Sounds like s as in socks). Las Consonantes

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