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The Spanish Alphabet “El alfabeto”.

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1 The Spanish Alphabet “El alfabeto”

2 Some notes on the Spanish alphabet…
In English, sometimes vowels take on different pronunciations Pronounce the following words: back, bake water, later roaring, pouring In Spanish, % of the time, vowels keep the same pronunciation, making it very easy to pronounce the word if you know how each letter is pronounced

3 Aa [ah] amigo, manzana

4 Bb [bey] Bolígrafo

5 *Soft C sounds like sent or cent; before the vowels “e” or “i” precio, principal
*Hard C sounds like cat or the letter k; before all other letters Cinco, poco, como Cc [se]

6 Ch [che] Chico

7 Dd [dey] Dos

8 Ee [e] elefante

9 Ff [effe] Falda

10 Gg [hay] Garage, goma, tengo
*Soft G sounds like h in hint or house; before vowels “e” or “i” gigante, gesto *Hard G sounds like go; before all other letters garage, goma Garage, goma, tengo Gg [hay]

11 Hh [ah-che] NEVER PRONOUNCED!!! Hola, ahora
*Pronounce the vowel after! [ah-che]

12 Ii [ee]

13 Pronounced like an H…yes you do make the H sound with this letter…
Jj junio, julio [hota]

14 Kk [kah]

15 Ll [elay] Lola, Lima, limón

16 ll [ay-yay] **Pronounced like a Y, as in yes or year Tortilla Ella
Ellos [ay-yay]

17 Mm [em-eh]

18 Nn [en-eh]

19 Ny sound, like in canyon or ni in onion
España año ñ [en-yay]

20 Oo [oh]

21 Pp [peh]

22 Qq [ku]

23 Rr [ere] Pero, para, rápido

24 rr [errrrrre] (roll tongue)
Many are unable to roll their r’s right away, so if you can’t, don’t worry  rr [errrrrre] (roll tongue)

25 Ss [ese]

26 Tt [te]

27 Uu [oo]

28 Pronounced like B, but slightly more soft Vv [ve] vaso

29 Ww [doblay ve]

30 Xx [eh-kees] Exam, extraño, excelente
*may be pronounced like an English “H” in some words– México, Texas

31 Yy [ee-gre-egg-ah] *Pronounced like:
1. the letter i at the end of a word (hoy) 2. like the y in yes (ya) Yy [ee-gre-egg-ah]

32 Zz [zeta] Zapatos, zorro *Pronounced like the letter s
*In Spain, pronounced like the letters th (lisp) Zz [zeta] Zapatos, zorro

33 ¡Que Bueno! You are now a master of the alfabeto…

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