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Vocabulario: el alfabeto español:

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1 Vocabulario: el alfabeto español:
Spanish Alphabet Vocabulary Words

2 avión airplane

3 bebé baby

4 cesta basket

5 dedo finger

6 elefante elephant

7 foto photograph

8 gemelos twins

9 hamaca hammock

10 iglesia church

11 jabón soap

12 kilo kilogram

13 lago lake

14 mono monkey

15 nariz nose

16 ñame yam

17 oso bear

18 pelo hair

19 queso cheese

20 rana frog

21 sala room

22 tea

23 uvas grapes

24 vaca cow

25 wafle waffle This letter is borrowed from other languages. Same sound as English “W”

26 examen exam

27 yeso cast

28 zapatos shoes

29 Ch, ll, rr These are not letters in the Spanish alphabet but
you need to know which sounds they make: lluvia guitarra Chicle gum rain guitar

30 fin

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