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Accessing Online Journals and Other Sources

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2 Accessing Online Journals and Other Sources
Library & Knowledge Center

3 Purposes At the end of the session, the students are expected to:
be familiar with the BINUS Library and Knowledge Center (LKC) website; be able to find online journal articles and other resources; 4. be information literate. Bina Nusantara

4 Introducing the Library & Knowledge Center (LKC) website
AGENDA Introducing the Library & Knowledge Center (LKC) website Searching articles through online journals such as Proquest, Emerald, JSTOR, Science Direct, EBSCO, & CENGAGE LEARNING Bina Nusantara

5 Search Strategies 1. Keywords 2. Synonyms and Spelling
3. Boolean Logic (And, Or, Not) 4. Searching facility Advanced search Limit phrase with “……..” Heading limitation Language Etc. Bina Nusantara

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) Proquest Online Journal Emerald Online Journal JSTOR Online Journal Science Direct Online Journal EBSCO Online Journal CENGAGE Learning Information Searching Service Bina Nusantara

7 LKC WEBSITE Bina Nusantara

8 Login Bina Nusantara

9 Login Benefit Access to a variety of electronic collections:
Personal Cart e-Thesis S1 e-Thesis S2 e-Dissertation e-Article e-Journal e-Clipping e-Book e-Research Book Extended Booking of book Information Searching Services User Id and Password Online Journal Proquest, Emerald, EBSCO, CENGAGE LEARNING Bina Nusantara

10 My Library Cart Bina Nusantara

11 Personal Cart (Continue…)
Bina Nusantara

12 Personal Chart (Continue…)
Book Suggestion

13 Online Catalog/ OPAC Bina Nusantara

14 Jumlah buku yang tersedia
Search Result Keyword Total Records Found Lokasi Jumlah buku yang tersedia Bina Nusantara

15 Advanced Search Bina Nusantara

16 Advanced Search Result

17 Digitalized Collection Menu
Login needed Accessible by website Provide some full text on pdf. format e-Thesis S1, S2, e- Research, only for showing not for download e-local content


19 ONLINE JOURNALS Bina Nusantara

20 ONLINE JOURNALS Journal Online Major Access
PROQUEST Business and Economic Computer Social Science (Psychology, Language, Education, Art, etc.) Art Religion Biology Sociology, Agriculture Campus and Out of Campus (using User ID and Password) EMERALD INSIGHT Campus J-STORE SCIENCE DIRECT Accounting, Management, and Economic EBSCO Social Science, Business and Economic, Medical, Nursing and allied health CENGAGE-Gale Publications Education and Scientific Development Note: Don’t share your User ID and password. Bina Nusantara

Access Campus : click Banner on LKC website Out Side : Open the LKC Website, click the Banner User Id and Password, must login on LKC Website Database Subscription

22 BASIC SEARCH: for General Searching



25 PUBLICATIONS: Alphabetically Searching by subject of publication
Year and fulltext Dapat melakukan pencarian lebih spesifik Dapat browse volume jurnal

26 MY RESEARCH: to save and create a bibliography
Bina Nusantara

27 SEARCH RESULT Jenis Publikasi Bina Nusantara




31 Advance Search Multisearching using boolean logic Choose the author,
article, country, dll.

32 Advanced Search Tips & searching guidline Klik untuk melakukan
Pencarian Limit by subscribed content Choose the article type Bina Nusantara

33 Advanced Search Result
Sort the result by relevansi Result page Result clickable Bina Nusantara

34 Bina Nusantara

35 BROWSING Click for browse the publication Search by title and subject
by alphabetic Result Bina Nusantara


37 About JSTOR Subject: accounting, labor relations, marketing, management, operations research, and risk assessment. 2. Provides access to 81 Journals, including Journal of Finance and Journal of Marketing Articles from 1891-present Full text Bina Nusantara


39 BASIC SEARCH Put the keyword or author and than press the search button Choose limit dicipline and than press the search button

40 Search Result Klik Bina Nusantara

41 ADVANCED SEARCH Pilih jenis document
Masukkan tanggal untuk memilih batasan waktu terbit artikel Untuk memilih artikel sesuai dengan bahasa yang kita inginkan

42 ADVANCED SEARCH Masukkan Judul jurnal yang di cari
Pilih salah satu subjek jurnal yang di cari Tekan search untuk memulai pencarian

43 ARTICLE LOCATER Put the title Put the author
Choose the related journal Put the title of journal Put the ISSN Choose the monthly Press the search button Put the volume, issues, and start pagi Bina Nusantara

44 Browse by Discipline 1 Choose the subject 2 Klik Bina Nusantara

45 Browse by Title 1 2 Choose the title of journal by alphabetic Klik
Bina Nusantara

46 Browse by Publisher 1 2 Choose the publisher by alphabetic Klik
Bina Nusantara

47 JSTOR Facility Send article by email
Save the artikel on My Account JSTOR To know article detail Article on PDF Bina Nusantara

48 Science Direct
Subject Subscription: Business, Management and Accounting Access by website LKC: at BINUS Campus Only Menu Science Direct: Fulltext on pdf format Bina Nusantara

49 Title, Vol., Issue, Journal page
Quick Search: Keyword Author Title, Vol., Issue, Journal page Bina Nusantara

50 Advanced Search Keyword Collection Type Bina Nusantara

51 Result Total of Article was found fulltext & abstracts
Collection Type and Total the Article Title of Book/Article and Total of the article Year and total of the article Keyword on the red text Related article Bina Nusantara

52 Result Bina Nusantara

53 Browsing Alphabetically
Total judul jurnal Bina Nusantara

54 Browse by Subject Abjad yang terdapat judul jurnal bidang accounting
Total judul Abjad yang terdapat judul jurnal bidang accounting Dilanggan BINUS University Fulltext Abstrak Bina Nusantara

55 Result Bina Nusantara

56 My Setting Can modify personal registration, editing preferences and alerts Change Science Direct interface by editing favorites list, quick links and on and off features Bina Nusantara

57 Alert Alerts: We could create email alerts such as: Search alerts
Topic alerts Volume/issue alerts Citation alerts Bina Nusantara

Access In Campus Out Side : open LKC website click Banner. Using user id and password. Bina Nusantara

Search Option berfungsi untuk mempersempit pencarian. Bina Nusantara

60 ADVANCED SEARCH Keyword Bina Nusantara

61 SEARCH HISTORY: for saving searching result
VISUAL SEARCH SEARCH HISTORY: for saving searching result Membuat My Folder Membuat Alerts Bina Nusantara

62 PUBLICATIONS: search facility by publication
Disusun berdasarkan abjad, subyek dan deskripsi, match any word Dapat melakukan penelusuran judul jurnal by kata kunci Terdapat keterangan tull text, tahun dan format nya. Bina Nusantara

63 SUBJECT TERM: subject suggestion on thesaurus
Bina Nusantara

64 Search result Limit your result by full text, reference available, year Type of article resources Full text pdf Total of the article Bina Nusantara

65 User Id dan Password on LKC website
CENGAGE LEARNIG-GALE PUBLICATIONS Akses Campus & Out Side User Id dan Password on LKC website Bina Nusantara

66 Our Subscription InfoTrac Science Collection includes physics, mathematics, and nanotechnology InfoTrac Humanities & Education Collection includes educating future teachers and administrators Bina Nusantara

67 BASIC SEARCH Put the keyword Choose the database Bina Nusantara

68 ADVANCED SEARCH Keyword Limit results Bina Nusantara

69 BROWSE SUBJECTS Put the alphabetic on menu of Find Subjetc
Click the alphabetically Bina Nusantara

70 BROWSE PUBLICATIONS Browse Publications: alphabetically
Searching by subject interactive cursor Bina Nusantara

71 Searching Result Searching Result: show the article resource
Show the total of article Limit by subject, document type, dan publication Pdf format Bina Nusantara

72 Open File

73 Search Company Code. Ex. : AALI: Astra Agro Lestari Company List
Report Type; audited annual report, prospektus, interim report, dan financial highlight Year of Report Report Period 13 Industrial sector : Agricultural Sector Basic Industry and Chemical Sector Cement Ceramic Porcelain Glass Metal Chemical etc, Bank dll

74 Result

75 Free Online Journal Computer Science
Advances in Human-Computer Interaction (1/1/ ) DOAJ African Journal of Information and Communication Technology (1/ ) DOAJ Annals. Computer Science Series (1/1/ ) DOAJ Applied GIS (1/1/ ) DOAJ Association for Computing Machinery New Zealand Bulletin ( ) DOAJ BioData Mining (7/1/ ) BMC BioData Mining (7/1/ ) Pubmed Communications in Information and Systems (CIS) ( ) DOAJ Complexity International ( ) DOAJ Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience ( ) DOAJ Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience (1/1/ ) Pubmed Computer Science and Telecommunications ( ) DOAJ Computer Science Journal of Moldova (1/1/ ) DOAJ Computer Software ( ) DOAJ Computer-mediated communication magazine (5/1/ )

76 Free Online Journal Data Science Journal (1/1/2002 - ) DOAJ
Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society ( ) DOAJ Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science ( ) DOAJ ELCVIA Electronic Letters on Computer Vision and Image Analysis ( )DOAJ Electronic Journal of Information Systems Evaluation ( ) DOAJ Electronic Journal on Information Systems in Developing Countries ( )DOAJ EURASIP Journal on Information Security ( ) DOAJ EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking ( ) DOAJ Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience (1/1/ ) Pubmed Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience (1/1/ ) DOAJ Frontiers in Neuroinformatics (1/1/ ) DOAJ Human IT (1/1/ ) DOAJ Ethicomp Journal (1/1/ ) DOAJ Bina Nusantara

77 Free Online Journal IAENG International Journal of Computer Science (1/1/ ) DOAJ Image Analysis and Stereology ( ) DOAJ INFOCOMP Journal of Computer Science (1/1/ ) DOAJ Informatica ( ) DOAJ Information Technology Journal ( ) DOAJ Information, Interaction, Intelligence Journal ( ) DOAJ Informing Science International Journal of an Emerging Transdiscipline (1/1/ ) DOAJ Innovations in teaching and learning in information and computer sciences : ITALICS (1/1/ ) DOAJ Intel Technology Journal (6/1/ ) Inteligencia Artificial. Ibero-American Journal of Artificial Intelligence ( ) DOAJ International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences ( ) DOAJ International Journal of Computational Cognition (1/1/ ) DOAJ International Journal of Computational Intelligence ( ) DOAJ International Journal of Computer and Information Science and Engineering ( ) DOAJ International Journal of Computer Games Technology (1/1/ ) DOAJ International Journal of Computer Science ( ) DOAJ International Journal of Computer Science and Applications ( ) DOAJ International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering ( ) DOAJ Bina Nusantara

78 Erika
LKC JWC Librarians: Imam Budi Prasetiawan Erika Zulfachri Tribuana Said Bella Septimaulidya Subagja Budirahman Bina Nusantara

79 Bina Nusantara

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