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Accessing Online Journals and Other Sources Library & Knowledge Center

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2 Accessing Online Journals and Other Sources Library & Knowledge Center

3 Purposes Bina Nusantara At the end of the session, the students are expected to: 1. be familiar with the BINUS Library and Knowledge Center (LKC) website; 2. be able to find online journal articles and other resources; 4. be information literate.

4 Bina Nusantara AGENDA Introducing the Library & Knowledge Center (LKC) website. Searching articles through online journals such as Proquest, Emerald, JSTOR, Science Direct, EBSCO, & CENGAGE LEARNING.

5 Bina Nusantara Searching Strategy 1. Keywords 2. Synonyms and Spelling 3. Boolean Logic (And, Or, Not) 4. Searching facility – Advance searched – Limit phrase with “……..” – Heading limitation – Language – Etc.

6 SEARCH FACILITIES ON THE LKC WEBSITE Bina Nusantara Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) Proquest Online Journal Emerald Online Journal JSTOR Online Journal Science Direct Online Journal EBSCO Online Journal CENGAGE Learning Information Searching Service

7 LKC WEBSITE Bina Nusantara

8 Login Bina Nusantara

9 Login Benefit Bina Nusantara Access to a variety of electronic collections: – Personal Cart – e-Thesis S1 – e-Thesis S2 – e-Dissertation – e-Article – e-Journal – e-Clipping – e-Book – e-Research – Book Extended – Booking of book – Information Searching Services – User Id and Password Online Journal Proquest, Emerald, EBSCO, CENGAGE LEARNING

10 My Library Cart Bina Nusantara

11 Personal Cart (Continue…) Bina Nusantara

12 Personal Chart (Continue…) Book Suggestion

13 Bina Nusantara Online Catalog/ OPAC

14 Bina Nusantara Search Result LokasiJumlah buku yang tersedia Total Records Found Keyword

15 Advanced Search Bina Nusantara

16 Advanced Search Result

17 Digitalized Collection Menu Login needed Accessible by website Provide some full text on pdf. format e-Thesis S1, S2, e- Research, only for showing not for download e-local content


19 ONLINE JOURNALS Bina Nusantara

20 ONLINE JOURNALS Bina Nusantara Journal OnlineMajorAccess PROQUEST a.Business and Economic b.Computer c.Social Science (Psychology, Language, Education, Art, etc.) d.Art e.Religion f.Biology g.Sociology, h.Agriculture Campus and Out of Campus (using User ID and Password) EMERALD INSIGHT Business and EconomicCampus J-STORE Business and EconomicCampus SCIENCE DIRECT Accounting, Management, and EconomicCampus EBSCO Social Science, Business and Economic, Medical, Nursing and allied health Campus and Out of Campus (using User ID and Password) CENGAGE-Gale Publications Education and Scientific DevelopmentCampus and Out of Campus (using User ID and Password) Note: Don’t Disseminate User id and Password in any forms.

21 PROQUEST Access - Campus: click Banner on LKC website - Out Side : Open the LKC Website, click the Banner User Id and Password, must login on LKC Website Database Subscription

22 BASIC SEARCH: for General Searching



25 PUBLICATIONS: Alphabetically Searching by subject of publication Year and fulltext Dapat melakukan pencarian lebih spesifik Dapat browse volume jurnal

26 Bina Nusantara MY RESEARCH: to save and create a bibliography

27 Bina Nusantara SEARCH RESULT Jenis Publikasi




31 Advance Search Multisearching using boolean logic Choose the author, article, country, dll.

32 Bina Nusantara Advanced Search Limit by subscribed content Choose the article type Tips & searching guidline Klik untuk melakukan Pencarian

33 Bina Nusantara Advanced Search Result Sort the result by relevansi Result page Result clickable

34 Bina Nusantara

35 BROWSING Click for browse the publication Search by title and subject Browse by alphabetic Result


37 About JSTOR Bina Nusantara 1. Subject: accounting, labor relations, marketing, management, operations research, and risk assessment. 2. Provides access to 81 Journals, including Journal of Finance and Journal of Marketing 3.Articles from 1891-present 4.Full text


39 Put the keyword or author and than press the search button Choose limit dicipline and than press the search button

40 Bina Nusantara Search Result Klik

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