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Century Library Homepage

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1 Century Library Homepage

2 Century Library Resources Holdings: 112,000+ titles –The library catalog includes books, electronic books, streaming videos, videos, pamphlets, periodical titles, and other holdings Subscription Databases –Century College Library subscribes to over 70 databases, containing millions of articles on a wide variety of topics. Start from the library homepage, click on the “Articles, Databases & More” tab, and then “Databases from A-Z.” Examples include: African American Studies Center - Articles, images, primary source materialsAfrican American Studies Center ARTstor - Images of art, architecture, and archeologyARTstor CQ Researcher - Reports on current events and issuesCQ Researcher EBSCO - Academic, business, CINAHL, and MLA Bibliography, etc.EBSCO Gale Virtual Reference Library – Selected electronic reference booksGale Virtual Reference Library Gale - Expanded Academic ASAP, Discovery Collection, etc.Gale JSTOR - Humanities and social sciences full-text articlesJSTOR Lexis-Nexis - News, business and legal resourcesLexis-Nexis Literature Resource Center (Gale) - Literary criticism, reviews, biographiesLiterature Resource Center (Gale) ProQuest Newspapers - Includes the Star Tribune and the Pioneer PressProQuest Newspapers Reference USA - Business and residential databaseReference USA SocINDEX with Full Text (EBSCO) - Sociology research databaseSocINDEX with Full Text (EBSCO) Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000 Login – username is the barcode on the back of your Century ID, password is your last name

3 Your Library Card is Your Century College Photo ID Use your library card to: –Check material out of the library –Log on to subscription databases from off campus –Request interlibrary loans (ILL) –Renew materials online Logging on to library resources: –Use the 14-digit number on the back of your student ID –Your last name is your password If you do not have a Century College ID, or if the above directions don’t work, call the library at (651) 747-4004.

4 Library Search Tabs Three Search Tabs –Books & More Search for all cataloged materials: books, e-books, films, streaming video, journal titles, etc. –Articles, Databases & More Search for articles, locate journals, learn search techniques through tutorials –DVDs, Videos & Streaming Search for DVDs and videos that are part of the library collection, or watch streaming videos

5 Century Library Catalog Basic Search The default is: 1.Searching all fields of the record 2.Searching the Century College Library collection 1

6 Catalog Basic Search Options A drop down allows you to specify which part of the record you want to search

7 Catalog - Advanced Search Click on “Advanced Search” if you want to: –Set up a more complex search –Select limits

8 Catalog - Results List Results are sorted by relevance Change the sort by using the drop down menu Refine your search with the tools on the left side of the screen Click on a title to see the complete record

9 Catalog – Electronic Books Click on “Advanced Search” Select “Electronic Book” from the format menu Enter search terms into the search bars Click “Find”

10 Accessing E-books Click the “Online Access” link to view a book When you are off campus you will need to logon: –Username: 14-digit number on the back of your Century ID –Password: your last name 1 2 3

11 Loan Periods Books - 3 weeks, one renewal Periodicals & pamphlets - 1 week, one renewal Circulating DVDs – one week, with one renewal Reserves – varies, the loan period is set by the instructor who put it on reserve Reserve videos and DVDs - students may only use these in the library - can be checked out to faculty Reference Books - in library use only ILL - set by the library that owns the material

12 Renewals -1 Renew in person, or online Online Renewal 1.Start from the Library Home Page 2.Click on “My Library Account”

13 Renewals - 2 Logon –Username = the 14-digit barcode number on the back of your Century ID –Password = your last name Click “My Account”

14 Renewals - 3 Click “Renew This” for each item you want to renew –Note: ILL Items are not automatically renewed. You will be notified regarding renewal status

15 Fines It is important to return things on time Until fines are paid a hold will be placed on you record and you will not be able to register for classes, get your grades, or get a transcript $1.00 per day for items on reserve and circulating DVDs –No grace period $5.00 per item for other Century College materials after the 2nd notice is sent –This notice bills you for the cost of the item. After the item is returned the charge is removed, but a $5.00 per item fine remains Fines on interlibrary loans vary, and are determined by the lending library

16 Interlibrary Loans Books and articles not owned by Century Library can be obtained from other libraries –They usually arrive within one week –Copies of articles are yours to keep –The library that owns the book determines the loan period and renewal policies

17 Interlibrary Loans - Requesting You can request materials in person, or online using the library catalog, the “My Library Account” button, Worldcat via FirstSearch, or MnLink –When a logon is requested, use the14-digit number on the back of your student ID card (numbers only) –Your password is your last name  Be sure you get a confirmation number. Until you have a confirmation number, the ILL request has not been successfully completed!

18 Interlibrary Loans - Articles Articles are often sent electronically –If the article can be sent electronically, an e-mail message is sent to your Century College student e-mail account with access instructions Questions about ILL? Call 651-779-3260

19 Articles Select the Articles, Databases & More Tab –Click on either Databases by Subject, or Databases A-Z NOTE: Selected groupings of databases can also be found by starting from a “Subject Guide.” These are located below the Library Search box on the library home page

20 Databases are available both on and off campus Start from the “Article, Databases & More” tab, and select either: –Databases by Subject, or –Databases A-Z Click on the name of a database –You will need to logon, if you are off campus Username = the 14-digit barcode number from the back of your Century College ID (numbers only) Password = your last name

21 Database Basics All databases have unique features. For best results, spend a few minutes learning how the database works. Try to answer the following questions: What is in the database? –Brief descriptions are listed for each database How can I search it? –What is the default search method? –What are some other ways can I search it? –What parts of the record can be searched? How do I work with the results?

22 Default Search Method Every database has default search methods, usually one of the 5 listed below: 1.And Search Finds records that have ALL OF YOUR KEYWORDS - in any location or order - in any searchable part of the record. 2.Or Search Finds records with ANY OF YOUR KEYWORDS in any location in all searchable parts of the record. 3.Phrase Search Finds only records with YOUR KEYWORDS IN THE EXACT ORDER in which you typed them. 4.Proximity Search Finds records with YOUR KEYWORDS NEAR EACH OTHER, in any order. 5.Browse Search Finds records starting with your first term, and displays an alphabetical list of results.

23 Other Ways of Searching Phrase searching –Use “quotes around the phrase” to find words in that exact order Boolean searching – use to expand or limit –AND: Finds only records containing both terms –OR: Finds records containing either word –NOT: Finds records with first term, but not second term Limits that you can select before searching –Full-text only –Scholarly journal articles only –Etc. Expanders that you can select before searching –Search the full-text of the documents –Search for related words –Etc. Truncation and Wild Cards –Special characters to substitute for one or more letters in your keywords

24 What Parts of Record can be Searched? Full-text –This can often be selected as an option Selected parts of the record –Options vary from database to database, and may include: Title Author Abstract Subjects Etc.

25 Search Term Tips More terms = fewer results –(except for OR searches) Be creative! Think of other terms to describe what you are looking for Use the subject headings assigned by the database you are searching

26 Working with Results Display & selection of records –Databases often include features that allow: Saving E-mailing Printing Locating and obtaining materials –Call numbers tell you where to look in the library –“Journal and Newspaper Titles” link can be used to locate an article from a citation –Interlibrary loan (ILL) can be used to get an item that is not available in Century College’s print or electronic collections

27 Printing Not all articles are full-text. –Choose this as a limit before you search if you only want articles you can print immediately Full-text article formats: –HTML –PDF

28 Printing a PDF Document When printing a PDF document, click the PDF print icon

29 Examples of databases Examples of databases: Academic Search Premier, EBSCO Expanded Academic ASAP, Gale Gale Virtual Reference Library Tutorials for these and other databases are available at

30 Academic Search Premier, EBSCO What’s Included What is in the database? –The world's largest scholarly, multi-disciplinary full-text database containing: More than 8,500 Abstracted and Indexed Journals More than 4,600 Full-Text Journals More than 7,400 Peer-Reviewed, Abstracted and Indexed Journals More than 3,900 Peer-Reviewed, Full-Text Journals –This scholarly collection offers information in nearly every area of academic study including: Computer sciences Chemistry Language and linguistics Arts & literature Medical sciences, and many more

31 Academic Search Premier, EBSCO Searching The default search is: –A Boolean/Phrase Search –An advanced search –A proximity search These defaults can be changed to: Find all my search terms Find any of my search terms SmartText Searching –Combine search terms by using the drop down Boolean operators (And, Or, Not) –Select parts of the record to search by using the drop down menu –Add any limiters or expanders desired before searching

32 Academic Search Premier, EBSCO Results Results are displayed in relevance order –This can be changed to date, source, or author Narrow results further by using the facets on the left side of the screen Click on a Title to display the full record Or Click on “Full Text” to display whole article –Note: not all articles are full text, unless this limit was selected –Articles can also be requested through ILL

33 Expanded Academic ASAP, Gale What’s Included Expanded Academic ASAP contains: –Over 2,000,000 articles, updated daily –Articles published between 1980 and today Balanced coverage on a wide-range of topics including –Arts, the humanities, social sciences, and science and technology, this database meets research needs across all academic disciplines. You can access: Scholarly journals News magazines Newspapers

34 Expanded Academic ASAP, Gale Searching The default search: –Is an advanced search –Is a proximity search These defaults can be changed: –You can change the type of search to: Home Page (basic search screen) Subject Guide Search Publication Search –Change the proximity search default: Use quotes to create a phrase Put terms in separate boxes and use drop down menu to add Boolean terms (And, Or, Not) between words and phrases –Select parts of the record to search by using the drop down menu –Add any limiters or expanders desired before searching

35 Expanded Academic ASAP, Gale Results Results are sorted by type: Academic Journals, Magazines, etc. Click other links for additional results Results are displayed in relevancy order –Can be changed to date You can refine results by searching within the results, or setting limits Click on a Title to display the full record Click on “Full-text” to display whole article –Note: not all articles are full text, unless this limit has been selected –Articles can also be requested through ILL

36 Virtual Reference Library, Gale What’s Included Selected reference books on the following subjects: Biography Education Environment General Reference History Literature Medicine Multicultural Studies Nation and World Religion Science Social Science

37 Virtual Reference Library, Gale Searching Defaults to a Basic Search mode Use quotes around phrases Combine search terms with Boolean terms (And, OR, NOT) Other search options: –Click on a subject to search the books within that subject –Click on a title of a book to search only within that book –Change to “Advanced Search” for more options

38 Virtual Reference Library, Gale Results Sorted by Relevance You can change the sort to: –Document Title –Publication Date –Publication Title You can search within the results All articles are full- text

39 Contact Information Library Website: Reference questions (651) 747-4004 Email:

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