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Introduction Frans De Bie - President of the board of Max Havelaar.

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2 Introduction Frans De Bie - President of the board of Max Havelaar

3 International Organisation Development 1.Producers in equal power balance 2.Structural changings for a faster decision making General Assembly LI’s Labelling initiatives 21 PN’s Producer Networks 3 Board Fairtrade Int. General Assembly LI’s 50% FLO PN’s 50% Board GOT PASTTODAY

4 Max Havelaar Belgium Highlights 2011 Lily Deforce - Director

5 Agenda

6 Demand •Campaigns •Communication Offer •Market management •Control and Certification Support •Marketing & Communication •HR, Finance, IT •Producers support •Stakeholdermanagement

7 Access to the Belgian Market For Fairtrade Producers Pierre Laviolette Coordinateur CDCE Marieke Colpaert Coordinatrice régionale FairTradeGemeente Lynn Geerinck Coördinatrice FairTradeGemeente Koen Vanmeerbeek Regionaal begeleider Vlaams Brabant en Limburg Heleen De Wulf Coordinator Fairtrade@Work Matilde Defraeije Control & Certification officer Christine Englebert Market Manager Barbara Goffin Market Manager Nele Gulinck Office Manager Ingrid Bottelberghs Marketing & Communication Manager Els De Mol Finance & HR Daniel Vindevogel Online & IT Coordinator Lily Deforce Director Demand Offer Support Karlien Wouters Stakeholder and policy manager Stef Van Linthoudt Senior Retail Market Manager Michael Van overtstraeten Control, auditing, product certification, labeling & licensing. Special thanks to our volunteers and Interns

8 Estimated Retail Turnover 2011 = 77 mio € (e.r.p) Growth of 10 % in 2011 versus 2010 ! +10%

9 Estimated Retail Turnover emerging categories Emerging categories good for a growth of 10 % +10%

10 Market results 2011  Spontaneous awareness of Max Havelaar increased from 56 to 63%  Aided awareness stays at 78%  The recognition of the logo has increased from 60 to 70%  Penetration of Fairtrade has increased from 24 to 44 % in 5 years  Fairtrade has managed to grow fiercely in a difficult economical environment with 10%  Fairtrade chocolate and bananas have grown spectacular with more than 25 % in volume. Also sugar and coffee are growing  1/3 consumers buy Fairtrade on a regular basis  53% of the consumers want a larger offer of Fairtrade products

11 New products 2001

12 Les Havelaars

13 Goals 2012  Support for participating towns  1 FairTradeProvince: Antwerp  New campaign model for coming years in development  Good collaboration with partner organisations and other stakeholders !!! Ici qualité de l’image bofbof… je m’en occupe !!!

14 Goals 2012  70 towns engaged and 15 with title  More visibility and networking  Specifics actions to connect suppliers and towns (Speed-dating, Your choice,…)  Raising awareness (tools, events, websites, newsletters,…) !!! Ici qualité de l’image bofbof… je m’en occupe !!!

15 FairTrade week 2011

16 945 press articles in 2011

17 UK FRNL TV Spots

18 Impact In The South Karlien Wouters - Stakeholder and Policy Manager

19 The scope & benefits of Fairtrade  Based on monitoring and evaluation data from auditing reports FLO-Cert (869)  96% of certified producer organisations  Last report: 2008


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