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Indicator Microorganism in Egg Reduce microorganisms in Egg.

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1 Indicator Microorganism in Egg Reduce microorganisms in Egg

2 Indicator Decontamination Reduce Contamination Objectif

3 Microbiology of Eggs Egg Contamination Egg content is generally sterile... but not the shell Endogenic contamination (ovary) Exogenic contamination Penetration

4 Egg Contamination Endogenic Contamination of Eggs Isthmus Uterus Vagina Ovary Magnum

5 Egg Contamination Exogenic Microorganisms Digestive Tract Breeding Environment Breeding and Geographical area From 10 3 to 10 6 bacteria/egg Prevalence of G+ cocci Presence of enterobacteria (G-) Presence of Bacillus Influenced Air Contamination Season System of Breeding Aviary Housing Systems Exogenic Contamination of Eggs

6 Egg Contamination Penetration Natural Barriers Cuticule Eggshell Eggshell membranes Faktor Influencing Maturity of the Cuticule Temperature Changes Condensation Selective Effect Alkaline pH Viscous Iron Deprived Many Inhibiting Proteins

7 Microbiology of Eggs Egg Decontamination Procedures Egg Accumulation Washing Drying Oiling Check-Candling Scaling

8 Microbiology of Eggs How to Reduce Contamination ? Localization and Level of Contamination Breeding Practices Anti- Salmonella Procedures Collecting, Washing and Storage Conditions

9 Microbiology of Eggs References Jan, S. and Baron, F..2009.Egg Contamination : Agrocampus Rennes France 28(2):198-205 Okamura et al.2001.Endogenic Contamination of Egg.Jurnal of veteneranier 13(1):115-127 Musgrove et al.2005.Exogenic Contamination of Egg. Scientic Journal 12(2):21-43


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