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The incredible egg Presented to you by- Mr. Spaulding.

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1 The incredible egg Presented to you by- Mr. Spaulding

2 What is an egg? Egg- the female germ cell. The egg becomes the embryo.

3 What then are the eggs in which we see? Avian egg- bird eggs. – It includes the following: Shell Shell membranes Albumen Yolk – Together they protect and nourish.

4 What are the parts of the egg? From Outside to inside: 1. Shell- hard outer surface; calcium 1. Shell has pores to allow loss of CO2, moisture. 2. Shell membranes- there are two one next to the shell, and surrounding albumen, yolk. 1. Known as Inner and Outer Membrane 3. Air Cell- air space between two shell membranes. 4. Albumen- egg white. 5. Yolk- true egg, if fertilized become embryo.

5 Parts of An Egg

6 How long does it take a hen to lay an egg? Ovulation- release of mature yolk from the ovary. Infundibulum- recieves the yolk, about 15 minutes spent. Yolk moves into magnum 50% of albumen is added. Takes 3 hours. Spends 1.5 hours in the Isthmus. Shell membranes added.

7 How long does it take a hen to lay an egg? Continued. Spends the next 21 hours in the Uterus. Remainder of albumen is added. Shell pigment also happens here. Vagina- the fully formed egg enters cloaca and is hard. 30 minutes after egg is laid process happens again. Takes about 24 to 25 hours for chickens.

8 Female Poultry Reproduction System

9 How long does it take an egg to hatch? SpeciesDays to hatching Chicken21 Duck33-35 Pheasant23-25 Turkey28 Geese29-31

10 Development of a Chick

11 What is incubation? Hatchlings are incubated in captivity. Artificial means of keeping an egg warm until hatching. Done in an incubator- artificially heated container. Still-air incubator- air is not circulated. Force-air incubator- has a fan to circulate air.

12 What are the different methods of incubating eggs? Laying eggs in the incubator and turning them by hand every day. In vitro- incubating eggs without shell. The incubator must be kept at a certain temperature range 99 to 103 F.

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