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P. 102 Poultry Breeds.

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1 p. 102 Poultry Breeds

2 Why do people raise chickens?
Eggs Meat Eggs & Meat  Dual purpose breeds Exhibition Enjoyment

3 Earlobes & Eggs??? white ear lobes = white eggs.
red ear lobes = brown eggs.

4 Meat breeds? The meat type chickens are not breeds They are hybrids
They are bred to have larger mass  thus they prove to be better meat producers

5 Broilers The Cornish x White Rock is the standard bird of the commercial poultry industry GROW FAST!! ~ 9 lbs by 11 weeks 2 weeks old  Broiler chick vs. Cochin chick

6 1. White Leghorns White Lay white eggs Most popular layers

7 2. White Plymouth Rock White
Popular broilers for meat (breeding stock) Brown Eggs

8 3. Rhode Island Reds Red-brown feathers Lay brown eggs (red earlobes)

9 What breed are these???

10 4. Barred Rock Variety of Plymouth Rock Brown Eggs (red earlobes)

11 5. Bantam “little chicken” Miniature versions of standard breeds
Bantams are used primarily for show

12 6. Silkies Their unique appearance and quiet temperament  often kept as pets Colors: black, blue, buff, white, partridge and gray Their skin and bones are black!

13 Cornish Foundation for the broiler industry Ultimate meat bird

14 Turkeys The turkey is native to North America and was domesticated by the Aztecs in Mexico 500 years ago.

15 Broad breasted Bronze Turkey
The Bronze turkey is named for its unusual color, a shimmering green-bronze which appears metallic in the sunlight

16 Broad-breasted Bronze Turkey

17 Broad-breasted Large White Turkey
Most popular breed of Turkey Cannot breed naturally due to ________

18 Broad-breasted Large White Turkey

19 Most commercial poultry producers use crosses of more than one breed or
selected strains of a breed.

20 Breeds of Swine

21 1. American Landrace

22 American Landrace Characteristics:
Solid white colored, long body, large droopy ears Large litters, excellent mothering ability Originated in Denmark

23 2. Duroc


25 Duroc Characteristics:
Red- Brown Drooping ears Excellent rate of gain/growth rate and feed efficiency-feed converters

26 3. Hampshire

27 Hampshire Characteristics:
Originated from England Black with white belt encircling front legs/shoulder Erect ears Lean

28 4. Yorkshire

29 Yorkshire Characteristics:
White, erect ears Good mothering ability, large litters Feed efficiency, growth Long body


31 5. Poland China

32 Types of Cattle Are all types of cattle alike?
What about these two? Will they be used for the same purpose?

33 Breeds of Beef Cattle

34 1. Angus

35 1. Angus Originated from Scotland Solid Black and Polled
Red Angus-same characteristics recessive gene for red color Known for marbling quality and mothering/milking ability Most registered breed

36 2. Hereford

37 Hereford

38 2. Hereford Red body & White face, switch, underline, feet
Originated in England Good temperament=docile, good foraging ability, hardy, fertile Poor milkers


40 3. Charolais

41 Originated in France White to cream-straw colored Very large framed and polled Fast growing Thick muscled


43 4. Brahman

44 Originated in India Colors range from red, gray, white, and black Heat tolerant, insect/disease resistant

45 Have large pendulous sheath, big floppy ears and a hump
Docile bulls


47 Black Baldy Hereford x Angus cross


49 Limousin Golden-Red color Most docile beef breed

50 Belted Galloway

51 Brangus 3/8 Angus, 5/8 Brahman

52 Beefmaster 25% Hereford, 25% Shorthorn and 50% Brahman
No standard color

53 Texas Longhorn Known for its characteristic horns Lean beef
Diverse range of colors Hardy!! – can thrive where other breeds cannot survive!


55 Breeds of Dairy Cattle                          

56 1. Holstein Most popular dairy breed and largest framed
Originated in Holland Colors are mix of black and white or ( red & white – not as common)

57 Holstein

58 2. Jersey Originated on the Isle of Jersey (coast of France)
Colors are light gray to fawn. Smallest of dairy breeds


60 3. Ayrshire Originated in Scotland Color - red and white spotted

61 4. Brown Swiss Hardy breed Originated in Switzerland
Light brown or gray in color

62 5. Guernsey Fawn & white in color
Originated on the Isle of Guernsey (coast of France) Milk has a rich taste & golden color Higher % of butterfat & beta carotene

63 Assignment – Coloring! Using the laptops and textbooks
Color in animals in your workbook All breeds that we covered Look at handout for list

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