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Gender , Number and Articles

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1 Gender , Number and Articles
French Nouns Gender , Number and Articles

2 Objectifs At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:
Explain the unique characteristics of French nouns Say and write the (3) indefinite articles Say and write the (4) definite articles Identify the gender and number of nouns using the indefinite and the definite articles

3 French Nouns are… Gender masculine feminine Number singular plural

4 Amazing clues just for you!
To determine the gender or number of a noun: Look at the article (word before the noun) ex: un stylo le chocolat une table la rue des livres l’ orange les crayons

5 Team #1: Indefinite Articles
English equivalent: a (an) / some French version: un masculine singular une feminine des masc./fem. plural

6 Indefinite Article sing. notebook a un cahier masc. (a notebook)

7 Indefinite Article sing. turtle a une tortue fem. (a turtle)

8 Indefinite Article des tortues des cahiers turtles plural some
notebooks (some turtles) (some notebooks)

9 Activité 1 Décidez: masculin ou féminin? singulier ou pluriel?
Write out each item and the answer next to it. ex: 1. un stylo 4. une table 2. des livres 5. un crayon 3. une rue 6. des perruches

10 N’oubliez pas! French nouns: - are either masculine / feminine
- are either singular /plural - have clues in front of them called articles that tell the gender/number - Team #1 (un, une, des) Indefinite Articles = A (AN) / SOME

11 Team #2: Definite Articles
THE les le l’ la

12 Definite Article sing. sofa the le sofa masc. (the sofa)

13 Definite Article sing. table the la table fem. (the table)

14 Definite Article sing. orange the l’ orange vowel (the orange)

15 Definite Article les tables les oranges tables plural the oranges
(the oranges) (the tables)

16 N’oubliez pas! Team #2 (le, la, l’, les) Definite Articles = THE
- «l’» is used for all singular nouns that begin with a vowel or silent ‘h’ even if the noun is masculine or feminine. - Each time you meet a new noun, you must find out the gender (dictionary) and learn it at the same time as the noun itself.

17 Activité 2 Décidez: masculin ou féminin? singulier ou pluriel?
Write out each item and the answer next to it. ex: 1. l’ éléphant 3. la souris 2. les tomates 4. le football

18 Activité 3 For all of the nouns presented in this lesson, write the English meaning next to them.

19 Evaluation Give the French for: 1.
the cat b) a cat c) the cats d) some cats 2. the man b) a man c) the men d) some men 3. a) the budgie b) a budgie c) the budgies d)some budgies

20 Home work!! Review the day’s lesson.
Learn to spell and write all the nouns presented. Text: pg - Read notes 1.1 and 1.2 - Do activities (A) and (B)

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