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From In Word 2007, you can spend more time writing and less time formatting. The new, results-oriented Office Fluent user interface presents.

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2 From In Word 2007, you can spend more time writing and less time formatting. The new, results-oriented Office Fluent user interface presents tools to users when they need them, in a clear, organized fashion. Live visual previews, and pre-defined galleries of styles, table formats and other content help you get more out of the powerful Word 2007 capabilities. 2

3 Contextual Tabs The new "Mini Toolbar appears with selected text or objects Up to 75% smaller file size due to compression Save to PDF!! Woohoo! 3

4 New file format, called Office OpenXML, as the default file format. It is based on XMLXML Word 2007 native file format is a.docx extension We will push out in compatibility mode Backwards compatible to Office 2003 and prior,.doc extensions Some graphic elements are not supported in Compatibility Mode (see chart) 4

5 Request an Installation ge=884 ge=884 After the installation, note the new icons on NAL The full Office 2007 suite available on your Start Menu 5

6 6 Group tools by task Tabs are designed to be task-oriented Galleries of Preformatted Elements: Building Blocks Each task is broken down to sub-tasks Quick Access toolbar Default Font: Calibri

7 Clipboard Font Paragraph Styles Hover over to preview changes (Gallery) Change styles Editing 7

8 Pages Cover Page Tables Illustrations Clipart Shapes – Flowchart SmartArt – cool stuff! Compatibility Mode limitations Go to Office Button Convert Adding shapes Chart Links Header & Footer Text – continued next slide 8

9 Text – Text Box Quick Parts Building blocks are items within a document that you save using the Quick Parts tool to be reused in other documents. For example, you might save your companys contact information or mission statement, a design for a report opening, a special list style that you use in your documents regularly, or a staff roster you include on finished publications. Drop Cap Symbols 9

10 Themes Page setup Page Background Watermark Page Color Page Borders Paragraph Arrange 10

11 Table of Contents Footnotes Citations and Bibliography Captions Index Table of Authorities 11

12 Create Mail Merge Write and Insert Fields Preview Results Finish & Merge 12

13 Proofing Research, Translate, Word Count (in Status Bar, too) Comments Tracking Changes Compare Protect WRM (need service on Windows server) Restrict Formatting & Editing (password protect) 13

14 Document Views: Print Layout, Full Screen, Web, Outline, Draft Also visible in bottom status bar Show/Hide: Ruler, Gridlines… Zoom – bottom status bar Window: Switch windows Macros: View and Record Macros 14

15 Code Controls XML – Extensible Markup Language Protect Templates 15

16 Menu Commands Custom Toolbars Create PDF, options: From Add-Ins (e.g., ABBYY PDF Transformer) From Save As from the Office Button 16

17 Microsoft Office Menu items New Templates Blank ( or use Ctrl + N, or icon from Quick Access) Recently Used Save As Hover to show formats Word 97-2003 document (.doc)* (current document only) PDF or XPS 17

18 Microsoft Office Menu items… Printer Prepare Send Publish Word Options Offers ability to change options Save – Save Files in this format: Word 97-2003 Document (permanently change ) Customize – Quick Access Toolbar Popular, Display, Advanced, Add-ins, Trust Center, Resources 18

19 PowerPoint 2007 Excel 2007 Publisher 2007 OneNote 2007 InfoPath 2007 Access 2007 19

20 Office OneNote 2007 is a digital notebook that provides people one place to gather their notes and information, powerful search to find what they are looking for quickly, and easy-to-use shared notebooks so that they can manage information overload and work together more effectively. (from Microsoft) Demonstration 20

21 With Office InfoPath 2007, you can create and deploy electronic forms solutions to gather information efficiently and reliably. (from Microsoft) Demonstration 21

22 How do I View or Edit the Document Properties? Insert Text Quick Parts Document Properties Or, Office Icon Prepare Document Properties Advanced Properties How can I Change the line spacing defaults? Home Paragraph Line Spacing options Or, Click the Home tab Change Styles in the Styles group Style Set click Word 2003 Set as Default. 22

23 How can I get rid of the Mini-toolbar? Hold Shift down to temporarily remove Office Button Popular Deselect Show Mini toolbar on selection to permanently disable Will Documents To Go Support Office 2007 files? Yes, if saved in Office 2003 format or earlier. If saved as 2007 files, users will need to upgrade to the current version of Documents To Go (v10) which supports viewing of Word 2007 and Excel 2007 files. 23

24 Will it work with PS queries that use Excel? Yes, it appears that PS will work with Office 2007. MS Word cannot convert a PDF to editable Word document ABBYY PDF will accurately convert any PDF (scanned or created) to MS Word or MS Excel. ABBYY PDF transformer software can be purchased here: 24

25 To save a document as Final: If Track Changes has been enabled, you are able to individually select changes and right click to Accept or Reject or you can broadly accept all changes. Once you are through the whole document, click on the Accept icon --> Accept all Changes in the Document. This appears to delete all traces of changes, even if you ask for Markups to be shown. In addition, you do have the option of then saving the document as a Final--Read only document from the Office Button --> Prepare --> Mark as Final. This will prevent others from changing any contents of the document. 25

26 To compress pictures and discard cropped areas of pictures: Select the picture in your document --> the Picture Toolbar Contextual Tab should appear. Under the Adjust task --> click Compress Pictures--> in the resulting box, click Options --> under Compression options you should choose to 'Automatically perform basic compression on save' and 'Delete cropped areas of pictures' (no wonder I couldn't find's buried!). Also, see this Microsoft article about other options for compressing pictures and reducing file size: us/word/HA101922001033.aspx us/word/HA101922001033.aspx 26

27 Poster size? In Word, the highest custom size I could get to was 22" square. To change size, go to the Page Layout Tab and click on Size. In PowerPoint, it seems like 56" is the limit. To change size, go to the Design Tab, click on Page Setup. In Publisher, there are many more options for sizes. Publisher seems to allow page sizes up to 240". To change sizes, go to Format --> Publication --> Change Page Size 27

28 In Word 2007, when you click on Home and New, you are given a bunch of template options similar to Publisher. It really blurs the lines between Word and Publisher. 28

29 DEMOS Word 2007 Demo us/word/HA100484691033.aspx?pid=CH101030941033 us/word/HA100484691033.aspx?pid=CH101030941033 Excel Demo us/excel/HA100484501033.aspx?pid=CH101030621033 us/excel/HA100484501033.aspx?pid=CH101030621033 PowerPoint Demo us/powerpoint/HA100484621033.aspx?pid=CH101030561033 us/powerpoint/HA100484621033.aspx?pid=CH101030561033 Access Demo us/access/HA102002991033.aspx?pid=CH100739911033 us/access/HA102002991033.aspx?pid=CH100739911033 29

30 MICROSOFT FREE ONLINE TRAINING COURSES: Office 2007 Word 2007 Excel 2007 PowerPoint 2007 OTHER SOURCES ITD has an offering for hands-on Office 2007 Workshops: 30

31 Request an installation: e=884 e=884 Questions? Comments? Contact : Denise Luken CAAT Helpdesk 515-6777 31

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