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Whats New in Microsoft ® Office 2007? Whats New in Microsoft ® Office 2007?

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1 Whats New in Microsoft ® Office 2007? Whats New in Microsoft ® Office 2007?

2 Preparation for Training 1. Create a new folder on the computer desktop and name it with your last name. 2. Start up Internet Explorer 3. Go to the training site for Transition to Office 2007

3 Preparation for Training 1. Save a copy of each of the following resource files into that folder: 2. I, Freddy Book Report Document 3. Excel Practice File 4. Sample Power Point 5. Sample Image for PPT

4 Preparation for Training When you have completed the downloads your folder will have these files:

5 Course Contents 1. An overview of changes to three Microsoft Office programs: Word, Excel & PowerPoint 2. Information about new features & enhancements to these three programs 3. Hands on exercises in Word, Excel & PowerPoint

6 Overview: A new look to familiar programs A new look at the top of the window includes the Microsoft Office Button and the Ribbon. The Office Button and the Ribbon provide access to commands and have replaced menus and toolbars.

7 What happened to the File menu? The Microsoft Office Button appears in the upper-left corner of the window. Many commands previously located under the file menu are now accessible from the Microsoft Office Button. PowerPoint

8 The Microsoft Office Button also contains access to program settings and preferences. In previous versions of Office, many of these choices were set in the Options dialog box, under the Tools menu. What else is available under the Microsoft Office Button?







15 The Ribbon: Whats on it? The three parts of the Ribbon are tabs, groups, and commands. Tabs sit across the top of the Ribbon. Each one represents core tasks of a program. Some additional tabs appear in response to a user action. Groups are sets of related commands. They remain on display and are readily available. Commands are arranged in groups. A command can be a button, a menu, or a dialog box to enter information.

16 How are commands organized? Commands are organized by how they are used. Frequently used core commands are grouped together. Power Point

17 Example: The Picture Tools contextual tab becomes active when a user inserts a picture. Some tabs appear and disappear on the Ribbon as needed.

18 Quick Access Toolbar The Quick Access toolbar, next to the Microsoft Office Button, displays frequently used commands in a location for easy access. Right Click on item

19 Animation: Right-click, and click Play. Now you can see a live preview of your choice before you make a selection, which saves you time and gives you better results.

20 What about the new file formats? Word 2007, Excel 2007, and PowerPoint 2007 use new file formats which by default are: Word – filename. docx Excel – filemane.xlsx PowerPoint – filename.pptx IMPORTANT!!! If the file is being shared with others, make sure to save the file in the 97-2003 format.

21 Files created in previous versions of Office from 95 through 2003 can be opened as usual in Office 2007. As a file is saved, a Compatibility Checker alerts the user of any new features added to the file that may be disabled or matched as closely as possible. Working with files from earlier versions


23 Opening Office 2007 files in a previous version Colleagues who have Word, Excel, or PowerPoint versions 2000 through 2003 (and the latest patches and service packs) can open 2007 files. Users of previous versions of Office can install a Compatibility program to allow their workstation to open Office 2007 files. This is available NOW in Add/Remove Programs – accessed through the Control Panel.

24 What is New in Word 2007?

25 Major changes to program defaults New default font and size

26 Line spacing changed from single spacing to 1.15 lines Paragraph spacing will add an additional 10pt after pressing the Enter key Click More button to open Dialog box

27 New line spacing defaults

28 Enhanced features include: Zoom in/out Page layout options

29 Enhanced features include: Building Blocks Building blocks are pre-formatted page sections (e.g. Headers, footers, tables, cover pages and more)

30 Enhanced features include: Mailings tab replaces the Mail Merge Wizard Note: Preview Results command has been added!

31 Enhanced features include: Footnotes and endnotes are now separated References now include Citations & Bibliography allowing user to use various bibliographic styles Bibliographic sources can be saved to shared folder to be referenced within document

32 Practice #1 Formatting a Word 2007 Document Using the Mini Toolbar

33 Practice #2 Creating a Watermark



36 Function AutoComplete Rich conditional formatting Improved sorting and filtering

37 Allows the user to quickly write the proper formula syntax Detects the functions to be used Helps to complete the formula arguments

38 In Excel 2007 the user has enhanced options for applying conditional formatting to visually focus selected data Conditional formats are easier to apply

39 Excel 2007 lets the user: sort data by color sort data by as many as 64 levels filter data by color or by date display more than 1000 items in the AutoFilter drop-down list, and select multiple items to filter.


41 Using Function AutoComplete

42 Conditional formatting

43 Filtering

44 More rows and columns Office Excel 2007 supports up to 1 million rows and 16 thousand columns per worksheet. New location for the Fill feature Home tab Editing group



47 The view buttons. 1.The view buttons are the same as before. They have just shifted position in the window. View Buttons 2.Drag the zoom slider to enlarge or shrink the view of the slide. Clicking the minus (-) and plus (+) buttons does the same thing. 3.Click this button to refit the slide to the window after zooming. Sample Presentation

48 Remember: The user can also switch views by selecting the appropriate command from the View tab.

49 1.A few types of transition effects show on the Ribbon. 2.For more effects, click the More button. 3.The full gallery of transition effects is displayed. Hover the mouse over any effect to see a Live Preview; click it to apply it.

50 1.Hover the mouse over a theme thumbnail. 2. A Live Preview appears on the slide. 3.Click the More arrow for a full theme gallery and links to online themes.

51 Some Tabs become available in response to an action, such as the Picture Tools tab that contains commands that become active when a user inserts a picture.



54 Newly purchased computers will have Office 2007 Schools will be receiving Office 2007 to be installed on older computers later in the school year (after RAM upgrades) Some district offices have upgraded to Office 2007


56 Quick Reference Card – start here for quick access to all Office 2007 references Quick Reference Card Online training – utilize these free resources Online training

57 Utilize the crosswalk Answering the where is it? questions Scroll down to open the Word, Excel or PowerPoint Interactive GuideWordExcel PowerPoint

58 Obtain access to these links by going to: Technology Help in First Class Click to open the Instructional conference and locate Technology Help

59 Remember to complete your course evaluation!

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