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Quaid-e-Azam Said to The All Pakistan Educational Conference at Karachi on 27 th November 1947 Education does not merely mean academic education and even.

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1 Quaid-e-Azam Said to The All Pakistan Educational Conference at Karachi on 27 th November 1947 Education does not merely mean academic education and even that of a very poor type.What we have to do is to mobilize our people and build up a character of our future generation.

2 Our Project Title An Archetype Of Divine Decree

3 Formation Of MEAO(Mothers Education & Awareness Organization) MEAO

4 Objectives Of MEAO To bring into light the current statistics of female education in Pakistan To investigate how does a well educated and socially aware mother influence the personality and education of a child? To mobilize mothers folk towards the perfect bringing up of their children and shaping their lives. To organize Awareness creating Program On quarterly basis in school

5 Current Female Education Scenario in Pakistan

6 Literacy Ratio The over all literacy ratio is 46% in Pakistan

7 Female Literacy ratio Female literacy ratio in Pakistan is 26%

8 Contrast In Official Rate Of Literacy Independent sources and educational experts are skeptical.They place over all literacy rate at 26% and rate for girls and woman at 12%,contending that the higher figure include people who can handle little more than a signature.

9 Number Of Girls Schools There are 163,000 public schools in Pakistan,of which 40,000 cater to girls. Punjab 15,000 Sindh 13,000 NWFP 8,000 Balochistan 4000

10 Levels Of Girls Institutions Out of total 14,000 lower secondary schools and 10,000 higher secondary schools,5000 and 3000 are respectively for girls. There are around 250 girls colleges and two medical colleges for women in public sector of 125 districts.

11 Female Educational levels 7 million girls under 10 go to primary schools. 5.4 million between attend secondary schools. 3 million go to higher secondary 0.5 million go to universities.

12 Alarming Situation In Rural Areas One of the deplorable aspect is that in some places,particularly northern tribal areas,the education of girls is strictly prohibited.The female literacy rate there stands between3% and 8%.

13 Literacy is among one of the indicators of human development.All girls of today are mothers of tomorrow. The role played by mothers in building up a nation is beyond dispute. George Herbert says: A mother is worth a hundred school masters.

14 Our Study ABSTRACT: Effect of mothers educational level was studied on the personality factors and academics achievement of their children.The subject of the study were 30 students between the age of 12 and 15.

15 Method Step#1 The subject of the study were 30-students.In order to determine the effect of mothers education on the academic achievement of the respondents,a survey was conducted which contained their mothers education,age,family income,their priorities and interests.

16 Method Step#2 We approached the teachers of the respondents to collect information about their academic progress,response in class and behavior problems.

17 Results Mothers EducationPercentage Uneducated13.33% Primary 13.33% Middle20% Metric30% Intermediate26.6% Graduate10% Post graduate0% Masters0% Phd 0%

18 Graphic Illustration

19 Our Findings Mothers EducationImpact On Children Personality and Education Intermediate BA/Bsc The children of well-educated mothers are found to be more confident, vibrant, active self reliant, free from anxieties and other psychological problems. They apparently look tidy, pleased and contented. Less educated mothers The children of less educated mothers are found shy, lacking in confidence, lacking in interpersonal communication skills, less participation in class activities, low self esteem, less reactive.

20 Sum And Substance The result of the present study reveals that the academic performance of those students whose mothers have higher educational qualification is better than those whose mothers are less educated or uneducated.It is obvious that the students achievement goes on increasing,with increase in their mothers educational qualification.

21 Suggestions Government shall make education free for all. Government,NGOs and Social Service Organizations shall work to educate and aware mothers of today about the better bringing up of their children. Different communities shall work for female education like Kutians Memon community is working.

22 Suggestions Religious icons,scholars and theologians shall take a stand to diminish the negative notions prevailed in the society about girls education. Media shall project by its advertisement,talk shows and dramas the impotence of female education for a progressive nation.

23 How can we contribute to educate mothers?

24 Our Futuristic Plan Awareness Creating Program

25 Our Stand we vow to arrange Awareness Creating Program on quarterly basis in school premises with the help and permission of our school head and school management.

26 Our strategies Design brochure for inviting mothers. Decorate and facilitate the room where mothers are going to attend the session. Equip the room with multimedia resources Prepare multi media presentation.

27 Key Points Of Multimedia Presentation What is mother? How does a well-educated influence the personality and education of a child? How can less educated and uneducated mothers too contribute positively to produce subsequently productive and genuinely competitive individuals in society?

28 Key Points Of Multimedia Presentation Persuade mothers to review their priority list and place their childrens bright future on the top of the list. Elucidate how the communication gap between mothers and children can be narrowed. Expose time management is the key to have a balance relationship.

29 Education is not the preparation for life,it is life itself.

30 Thank You

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