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2 Three types of schools in UK State schools Private schools Church schools National Curriculum is followed. Each teacher has to take five periods in a day, each for one hour. At least 10% time of teaching is devoted by the teachers in school itself for planning and preparation for next day.

3 The teachers are having their fix subject rooms in which all facilities are available. The students moves from one class to another when periods are changed. Only 15-20 students are in class. Each teacher is provided one teaching assistant who assist the teacher. A copy of institution plan having all details of each and every aspects of school system is provided to each teacher before the commencement of the session.

4 Each class is having white interactive Board (Approx. Size 6 x 4, cost 2000 pond). No chalk, no duster even in nursery/primary classes. Touch screen on Interactive White Board having internet facility. The teaching is activity based. No lecture, no speech but learning is through interaction and participation in the class. The students are admitted on the basis of age.

5 In each class, all students will be of same age. The schools are run by board of Governors who are prominent Local Personnel from community. The board of governors appoints head of the institution as per need and requirement of the school. The head of the institution has liberty to appoint the teachers. The teachers are appointed on contract basis, generally for five years. The task/target for each year is fixed for the teachers which is assessed on regular basis.

6 The existence of the teacher is based on the performance. Religious Education is given in the school. The pupils called their teacher by name. No corporal punishment but a system for improving the behaviour is adopted. The first public exam is GCSE at the age of 16 having nine subjects.

7 After GCSE, two year A level course having specific subjects, before going to college. Each school is having well furnished staff room managed by teachers themselves. The teacher generally prepare their tea. No gossips in staff room. Instruction book, order book, arrangement book are kept in staff room. It is mandatory for teachers to sign above books wherever required. Total focus of teaching is learning.


9 AIMS OF EDUCATION IN U.K. The main aim of teaching is to facilitate learning – the core purpose of the school. Provide a curriculum that is broad, balanced and appropriate for students of all abilities and aptitudes. Raise levels of attainment for all students enabling them to achieve their personal best. Develop confident, disciplined and enquiring learners, able to make informed choices.

10 Foster a sense of life long learning for everyone. Promote self-esteem and personal responsibility, linked to respect for the needs and feelings of others. Facilitate considerate and positive relationships between all members of the school community. Ensure equal opportunities for all. Value and respect all cultures. Provide a safe and happy workplace. Promote a thoughtful attitude towards the immediate and wider environment.

11 Creating and sustaining a learning culture Providing a calm, effective working environment at all times. Providing a welcoming environment, in which courtesy and respect are fostered. Valuing and celebrating students success and achievements. Providing positive role models.

12 Providing a fair and disciplined environment in line with the schools behaviour policy. Maintaining purposeful and informative planning, record keeping and assessment documents in line with the schools policy. Carrying out all professional tasks inline with their teaching contract.

13 Whole School classroom management routines. The key tasks essential in creating a learning culture [The Big Five]

14 START OF LESSON 1. Meet and greet at the door, welcome students with respect. 2. Have and use a seating plan, keep it current 3. Ensure students are prepared for learning, equipment out, planners on desk 4. Always have a shirt focused starter activity 5. Write learning aims/objectives on the board

15 END OF LESSON 1. Learning based Plenary 2. Ensure homework is written in planners as well as set. 3. Equipment collected 4. Stand behind chairs, make sure room is tidy 5. Praise and quite controlled dismissal.

16 CORRIDOR CODE 1. Walk on the left 2. Be courteous to others. 3. Only eat food in designated areas 4. No running inside the building 5. Be on time to lessons

17 Behaviour Management Policy and Rewards The school in U.K. have a Promoting Positive Behaviour policy. 4 point intervention strategy used to modify inappropriate behaviour. 1. Verbal warning 2. Second formal warning and student name is written on the white board 3. Time out – student is asked to leave the classroom 4. Out – the student is removed from the classroom for the duration of the lesson.


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