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Golden Lion Tamarin Adventure By Antonio. Table of Contents.

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1 Golden Lion Tamarin Adventure By Antonio

2 Table of Contents

3 Food and Water Eat: fruit Insects Spiders Snails small lizards bird eggs frogs flowers Nectar vertebrates Drink milk and water Most water from juicy leaves Move through trees to get food Have long hands and fingers to get food Stealthy hunters because of lightweight They jump from tree to tree to hunt omnivores

4 Habitat Lives in northeast Brazil, Rio De Janerio Tropical humid forest lowland forest swampy forest secondary forest tropical rain forests Areas with heavy vine and tree holes Micro habitats Atlantic coast to Sierra de Mar South eastern coast of Brazil

5 Daily Behavior In the day they eat Neighboring group meets face off, call loudly chasing each other Territorial is 100 acres 12-14 individual is called a troop 5-6 children Climb trees A male is the leader of the troop Groom each others fur Play together Pretend fight Male take care of babies Always keep in sight for foxes, coyotes, bobcats

6 Family Structure Have one baby at a time Older monkeys babysit the young Babies first months stay with the male They sleep together Male raises young The mothers feed the young

7 Interesting Facts Rarely any tamarins in the world Live in herds Some can weigh more than 100 pounds Some live for more than forty years Other monkeys live in swamps Squirrel sized monkeys Can grip well 2 babies at a time

8 Bibliography McDaniel, Melissa. Monkeys. New York; Benchmark Books, 2004.

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