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Golden Lion Tamarins By: Daniel. Table of Contents.

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1 Golden Lion Tamarins By: Daniel

2 Table of Contents

3 Habitat Tropical humid forest of Brazil, South America Trees Prefer mature primary forest Some habitats have been cut down heavy vine growth dense lowland forest

4 Food and Water Eat plants, sweet pulpy fruit, insects, small lizards, nuts, flowers, birds, juicy leaves Drink water by juicy leaves, rivers, swamps, mothers milk Eat nectarine

5 Daily behavior Eat during day pack is called a troop 12-14 individuals 5-6 children 100 acres of there territory A male is the leader Groom each others fur fathers carry babys Always watching for predators mostly climb trees

6 Family Structures Have one baby at a time older monkeys babysit young first month stay with the male monkeys nest together male raises young mother feeds milk to young

7 Interesting facts rarest monkey in the world 2 babies at a time live in heard some weigh more than 100 pounds live more than 40 years have claws have long fingers have rare reproductive patterns

8 Bibliography Melissa, McDaniel, Monkeys,New York, Benchmark books, c 2004

9 Thanks for Watching

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