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Squirrel Monkeys By: Riley Parker

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2 Squirrel Monkeys By: Riley Parker

3 Where does it live Central and South America The squirrel monkeys lives in the tropical forests. Their range is from Costa Rica through central Brazil and Bolivia. Their habitat is humid, rainfall is about 250 centimeters per year. It gets a lot of rain because it is very wet and hot.

4 Physical Adaptations Fur- Squirrel Monkeys have short and close fur. It is olive at the back and yellowish orange on its limbs and belly. Tail- There tail is longer than their bodies. They use it to balance on the trees.

5 Behavioral Adaptations Groups- They live in groups with up to 500 monkeys. Vocal Calls- Squirrel Monkeys have different vocal calls that mean different things. One is a warning sound to protect themselves from danger.

6 Food Chain Flowers Insects FruitsLeavesSeeds SUN Squirrel Monkey Falcons Snakes Felids (Felines) Eagles

7 Consumer The Squirrel Monkey is an omnivore. It eats plants and insects. The Squirrel Monkey is a primary consumer and a secondary consumer it depends on what it is eating. Its niche is being an omnivore. It is a predator and prey to other living things.

8 Learned Behaviors All of the monkeys follow the dominant male and jump the exact same way and route. How to make their vocal calls Finding and killing their prey. Learning how to use their long tail to balance.

9 Inherited Behaviors Jumping far. Their color. Males have larger upper canine teeth. Having a long tail.

10 Interesting Facts Their tail is longer than their body. Their tail has a black tip at the end. Their tail often curls over their shoulders when they are resting. They have 36 teeth. They were the first primate to survive space flight.

11 Thank You!

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