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Texas Retired Teachers Association Member Benefits Updated February 2012.

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1 Texas Retired Teachers Association Member Benefits Updated February 2012

2 TRTA offers many benefits to members. All benefits have been studied, recommended by the TRTA Benefits Committee, and then adopted by the TRTA Board. TRTA Member Benefits

3 TRTA Dental Plan Provider: Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. –Ameritas is rated A (Excellent) by AM Best –Find a provider or ask about benefits at 888.239.3336 Enrollment & Billing –Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA) –Request an enrollment form at 800.258.7041 or visit –Enroll online at Highlights –Freedom to use any dentist you choose! No network required! –Routine Cleanings & Exams are covered at 100% of the usual and customary rate with no deductible –High $1,500 Calendar Year Maximum –Dental Rewards – may allow the $1,500 benefit to grow to $2,750! –High Coverage Levels

4 TRTA Vision Plan Vision –Provided through Vision Service Plan (VSP) –Vast network of doctors Most members have access to a VSP doctor within 10 miles of work and home. –Exam and lenses provided every 12 months after co-pay –Frames provided every 24 months up to your allowances, or: –Contacts provided every 12 months up to your allowances

5 TRTA Vision Plan Claims –Vision Service Plan (VSP), ranked highest in member satisfaction by J.D. Power three consecutive years –Find a provider or ask about benefits at 800.877.7195 Enrollment & Billing –Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA) –Request an enrollment form at 800.258.7041 or enroll online at

6 TRTA Vision Access Plan Free Benefit: Discounts at VSP Providers just for being a TRTA Member! Locate a provider –800.877.7195 – Available Discounts –20% off eye exam –20% off lenses and frames when purchased from the same provider your eye exam was done at. –Other Discounts including Laser Vision Correction

7 How Do I Use It? Mention to the VSP provider that you are with the TRTA Vision Access Plan VSP must have a 9 digit number to locate you in their system Simply add zeroes to the front of your TRTA membership ID until it becomes a 9 digit number. –For example – member #123456 would give the VSP provider the following number 000123456 (NOTE: there were 6 digits, plus the 3 zeroes added onto the front, equals a total of 9 digits). TRTA Vision Access Plan

8 TRTA Vision Plan Facts Average costs without the TRTA VSP Plan Eye Exam - $87.81 Single Vision Glasses - $216.73 Bifocal Glasses - $253.51

9 Member Benefits Group Long-Term Care/Home Health Insurance –You select the daily benefit amount, elimination period, and benefit period which best suits your needs for care. –The policy features include no prior hospital stay and no waiting period for pre-existing conditions. Medicare Supplement Insurance –You have the freedom of choice to select the doctors, hospitals, and clinics that you want – and you will never be cancelled because of age or health. Multiple plans are available. All benefits are paid in addition to any other existing insurance you may have.

10 Member Benefits First Diagnosis Cancer Benefit Policy –The money comes directly to you in cash, all at one time in one lump sum payment. –You know exactly how much money you can count on receiving to pay for expenses – no surprises! –Guaranteed renewable for life. –Coverage available for individual, single parent, or family. –Total cash benefit paid whether or not you are hospitalized or receive treatment. –Continuous coverage even if you change jobs or retire.

11 Member Benefits Single Premium Tax Deferred Annuity –Tax-deferred accumulation of interest –Guaranteed competitive interest rate –Multiple payout options –Nursing home waiver Final Expense Life Insurance –Premiums are guaranteed to never increase –Coverage is guaranteed to never decrease –Death benefits paid to your beneficiary are tax free

12 Medical Air Services Association (MASA) –MASA is an international emergency assistance association designed to return a person home after an illness or injury, and provide additional benefits that are outside most insurance companys realms. Helicopter Transportation Ground Ambulance Transportation Mortal Remains Return Escort Transportation Minor Children/Grandchildren Return Vehicle Return Organ Retrieval Organ Recipient Transportation Member Benefits

13 John A. Barclay Agency, Inc. –Professional Liability & Private Practice Educator Professional Liability Insurance for qualified TRTA members returning to the classroom is available through this company. Acadian On Call –Acadian On Call provides medical alert systems to over 14,000 subscribers nationwide and ranks in the top 10 medical alarm companies in the U.S. Emergency assistance is available at the push of a button. Hearing Healthcare Benefit –Hearing Aid Express administers and provides benefits to TRTA members through a statewide network of hearing healthcare professionals. Member benefits include free hearing tests and a 10% discount off of everyday prices on hearing aids.

14 Member Benefits 1-800-Flowers –TRTA members save 15% at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM! Life's everyday celebrations are easy at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM ®. Stroke Scan, Inc. –Conducts vascular and bone denisty screening for $135 per person for the 3 vascular and $25 for the bone density. Members receive discounted price of $100 for al 3 vascular screenings. Will conduct tests at TRTA local unit meetings within the state for $100 per person. Call toll free at 866.935.7226 or visit

15 Member Benefits Government Employee Travel Opportunities (GETO) –Space available rental program that has access to privately owned resorts around the world. Off season rentals are available at reduced rates. AMBA TravelPERX –The best values for cruises, resorts, and escorted tour vacations to the Caribbean, Mexico, Panama Canal, Europe, Alaska, South America, and Asia. Visit: or call 800-480-4080. La Quinta Inns Discount –Receive up to 35% off room rates in Texas and 15% off in other states. Drury Inn & Suites –TRTA members receive 5% discount off Drurys corporate rates at the more than 100 Drury Inn & Suites in nineteen states.

16 Member Benefits Rental Car Discounts –Enterprise: Members save 10% on car rentals. –AVIS: Members save up to 25% on car rentals. –Budget: Members save up to 25% on car rentals. CSIdentity Protector –Identity theft protection is available to TRTA members through CSIdentity Corporation. For $9.00 a month you can start protecting your identity from one of the fastest growing crimes in America. Most identity theft solutions only provide credit monitoring. CSIdentity ProtectorSM not only provides credit reports and monitoring, it also provides non-credit loan activity, public records monitoring, criminal record monitoring, Internet monitoring, restoration services, and $25,000 of identity theft insurance. Visit to learn more or enroll.

17 Member Benefits Dell Computer Discount –Computer discounts for TRTA members Apple Products Discount –Members qualify for preferred pricing on some of the latest Apple products and accessories. Benefits include special member discounts on Apple products, quarterly promotions, free standard shipping on orders over $50, free engraving on iPod, online custom product configuration, and simplified checkout using any combination of credit card, or Apple gift card.

18 Member Benefits – New for 2011 Reverse Mortgage | What is it: –A reverse mortgage is a government insured loan program that allows you to access the equity in your home without making a monthly mortgage payment 1. Unlike traditional forward mortgages, the interest on the loan accrues and is paid back when you are deceased or sell your house. If you currently have a mortgage and you have enough equity in your home, it could be paid off from the funds you receive from a reverse mortgage, eliminating your monthly mortgage payment obligation 2. 1 You will still be responsible for making all property tax and insurance payments associated with your home. 2 Consult your tax advisor to determine if a reverse mortgage will affect your tax status. Generally, the proceeds are tax free and do not affect Medicare or Social Security benefits.

19 Member Benefits Benefits of a reverse mortgage: –Convert your home equity into tax-free cash –Pay off other existing debts –Fund home improvements or repairs –Supplement your monthly expenses –Take the trip you have always wanted –Financially assist family members –Allows you to stay in your home and retain ownership Reverse Mortgage Solutions (RMS) is one of the top lenders and servicers of reverse mortgages in the country and has the highest possible rating with the Better Business Bureau. TRTA members can learn more by calling 800- 809-0528

20 Membership Building Using the TRTA Dental & Vision Plans

21 Why Join TRTA? Fellowship –Interact with a group that shares your values & interests Legislative Representation –Let the interests & needs of retired educators be heard by local, state, and national lawmakers *Benefits* –Receive insurance and discount benefits that exceed what a person gets in the open market.

22 Why Join TRTA? – Benefits! TRTA Membership - Whats in it for me? –Any recruiter is required to answer this question –There are a flood of teachers preparing to retire – and they will be asking! –What will you say? *Benefits* –TRTA dues are $25 per year – the benefits & discounts available to TRTA members more than compensate for this $25.

23 Why Join TRTA? – Benefits! What Benefits? –*Dental & Eye Care Insurance* –Long Term Care –Air Ambulance (MASA) –Life Insurance & Annuity –Cancer Insurance –Medicare Supplement

24 TRTA Dental & Eye Care Simple –Many benefits are difficult to explain, Dental & Eye Care coverage is straightforward –A new retiree can easily see the value of the TRTA plan Necessary –Maintaining vision and dental health is a concern for most retirees Popular! –Over 15,000 TRTA Members participate in the TRTA Dental & Vision program.

25 Grow that Membership! Carry information concerning dental & vision with you! –at Pre-Retirement Meetings –when meeting with School District Leaders –At TRTA local chapter meetings Use the dental, vision, and vision access plan to show potential members the value of TRTA membership Where can you get more information? –Visit Enrollment forms on the website – print as many as you need! –Contact AMBA at 800.258.7041 Carry TRTA membership applications & TRS593 dues deduction forms

26 Grow that Membership!

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