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Training for your groups. Enrollment Hotline Info Call in at 1-866-612-4668 I am with the EAM – Employers Association of Montana Benefit Hot Line Time.

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1 Training for your groups

2 Enrollment Hotline Info Call in at I am with the EAM – Employers Association of Montana Benefit Hot Line Time : 7am – 6PM MTN MUST: Provide Basic Life Beneficiary, Learn about products.

3 How it can protect Provides guarantee issue life insurance protection into retirement Individually owned with guaranteed level premiums designed to complement term life coverage Build cash value with current interest rates, guaranteed to never be less than 4% Product options Spouse, child, and grandchild coverage available A reduced, paid-up option is available to continue coverage in post-retirement years with no additional premiums due Living benefit option is automatically included at no extra premium on all policies Interest-sensitive whole life (ISWL) 1 LIFE Foundation, Americans Willing to Risk Family's Financial Security to Save Money in Tough Times, September 18, % of Americans with dependents worry how their family would manage financially without them. 1 Whos at risk?

4 Accident insurance How it can protect Pays benefit based on type of injury sustained and treatment needed Covered injuries include broken bones, cuts, burns, eye injuries, ruptured discs Covered treatments include ER visit, doctors visit and physical therapy Includes coverage for accidental death and catastrophic accident No underwriting required Product options Off-job coverage Rider for hospital confinement for sickness Family coverage options 1 National Safety Council, Injury Facts million Americans make emergency room visit each year for unintentional injuries. 1 Whos at risk?

5 Accident benefit example * *For illustrative purposes only. The available income replacement may vary by state. The situation 40-year-old employee Fell down stairs at home Fractured toe and tore ACL Out-of-pocket expenses: $100 emergency co-pay $250 deductible $750 co-pay for surgery ($3,750 x 20%) $90 co-pay for six physical therapy visits = $1,190 The solution Accident policy from Unum $150 emergency room treatment $100 appliance (knee brace) $100 fractured toe $400 ligament tear w/surgical repair $150 for six physical therapy visits = $900 total benefit paid under policy

6 Whole Life One plan design and rates in all states. Fully portable in the event the employee changes jobs or retires. No physical exam required. A few health questions may be asked, depending on the selected plan design. Living benefit option is standard at no extra cost – insured individuals may access up to 100% of the death benefit to $150,000 if diagnosed with a terminal illness limiting life expectancy to 12 months or less. Any payout will reduce the death benefit. Guarantee issue coverage is available with 15% eligible employee participation – initial insured individuals can increase their coverage up to the GI limit at any future enrollment with no medical evidence. Family coverage options available, including children and grandchildren.

7 Accident Insurance No health questions to answer. If you apply, you automatically receive this plan. You own the policy so you can keep it even if you leave the company or retire. Unum will bill you directly for the Fixed premium amount. Premiums are conveniently deducted from your paycheck.

8 Voluntary Term Life Increments: $20,000 up to $100,000 All Guarantee Issue! Costs start at $5.40 a month Post Tax deduction Portable, Life Waiver of Premium, Accelerated Death Benefit Employee only coverage Once enrolled, can increase during annual re- enrollment without medical questions.

9 Work-Life Balance Employee Assistance Program

10 Work-life balance employee assistance program Our full suite of services can help with: Everyday issues Parenting and child care Health and worksite issues Financial and legal issues Emotional well-being Addiction and recovery On-claim support Family issues, stress and personal needs were the reason for more than 50% of unscheduled absences and may cost large companies as much as $1 million per year. 1

11 Expert help for employees and their families Up to three face-to-face counseling sessions Toll-free phone access to masters-level consultants Online resources Booklets and audio tapes Hispanic service center Completely confidential 2 Around-the-clock access to help

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