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School Insurance of Florida Student Accident Insurance Visit WWW. SCHOOLINSURANCEOFFLORIDA.COM.

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1 School Insurance of Florida Student Accident Insurance Visit WWW. SCHOOLINSURANCEOFFLORIDA.COM

2 How to Enroll Visit the website to print an enrollment application or you may also obtain one from the school office. The insurance coverage may be purchased online at with a Visa or Master Card.

3 Student Accident Options School Time Plan – $10.00 will provide basic accident insurance protection in accordance with the policy provisions for school sponsored, funded, scheduled and supervised school activities(excluding tackle football practices and games) for the regular school term. The 24 Hour coverage - $48.00 will also provide protection coverage while at school and extends the coverage to vacation periods, while at home and during the summer months, 24 hours a day 7 days a week(excluding tackle football).

4 Additional Coverage Option Tackle Football – will provide coverage during the regular school term only for tackle football practices and games that are school sponsored, scheduled and supervised by a school official. The following options are available on the application: 2011 Football Season only: $58.00 Football season, 2012 Spring Football and School Time : $93.00 Football season, 2012 Spring Football and 24 Hour: $131.00 These coverage's may also be purchased online.

5 Additional Benefit Options If a School Time Plan or the 24 Hour Plan is purchased the insured may also add the following benefits to one of these plans: Increased Dental Benefits – will increase the dental benefit for an accident up to $400.00 per tooth. Cost is an additional $2.00 to be added to the School Time or 24 Hour plan. In- Hospital Sickness – if purchased with the School Time or 24 Hour plan, will add a in hospital sickness benefits. The cost is an additional $40.00. The benefit will provide up to $500.00 per day for room and board charges, not to exceed $5,000.00. This coverage does not apply to outpatient sickness charges.

6 Excess Insurance The student accident insurance coverage is secondary supplemental insurance. You must stay in your primary insurance network to be eligible for student accident insurance benefits. If no other coverage exists the student accident insurance will pay benefits as outlined on the application.

7 Why Should I purchase School Insurance? The school district is not obligated to pay for medical expenses. Parents must assume financial responsibility for their childrens medical expenses. Purchasing the low cost student accident insurance policy can help pay some of the doctor, hospital and other medical bills due to accidental injuries. The school insurance program is a low cost way for parents to supplement their existing insurance policy and help pay some of the "out-of-pocket" deductibles or other medical expenses not covered by your family or employer provided insurance plans. The school insurance plan can blend with your family insurance policy. If you purchase the school insurance plan as a supplement to your other primary insurance, you can file a claim with your other primary insurance and then be eligible for supplemental benefits from the school insurance policy. The student insurance plan is not intended to duplicate or replace your primary insurance plan. However, it could provide a low cost way to pay for some of your high deductible or some of the medical costs not covered by your primary insurance plan.

8 Disclosure The brief outline of coverage explained in this power point do not disclose complete policy benefits, provisions and exclusions. This is only intended to provide limited information regarding the coverage available. Please refer to an application and summary of insurance for a more complete summary of the policy terms, exclusions and provisions. The Master Policy will determine the policy benefits and provisions. Any difference between this outline or the application will be settled in accordance with the Master Policy. For more specific answers regarding coverage or benefits, contact the plan administrator: School Insurance of Florida. P.O. Box 784268 Winter Garden, Fl. 34778 1-800-432-6915

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