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EMPOWERING AGILITY EMPOWERING AGILITY. CONCEPT EVOLUTION Integrated automation of business processes benchmarked to international best practices Lack.

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2 CONCEPT EVOLUTION Integrated automation of business processes benchmarked to international best practices Lack of operating data for critical decision making Prohibitive cost of implementing quality ERP solutions Elongated implementation cycle increasing TCO and reducing ROI

3 MARKET OPPORTUNITY As per an ICAI report there are around 7 million SME units that need enterprise management solutions. Fragmented Market Global Opportunities / Scalability Regulatory Compliance

4 ABOUT US iWeb Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an innovative web- based platform technology (PaaS) company empowering the underserved Small & Medium Sized Enterprise segment (SMEs) to re-engineer business processes for global scalability and regulatory compliance through cost effective enterprise class business applications with a shorter deployment cycle enabled by Agilewiz.

5 Agilewiz2.0 Snapshot On-Premise SaaS/Hosted AgileWiz 2.0 ERP & Other Business Applications E-Governance Solutions Large Project Applications FRAMEWORK: APPLICATIONS DELIVERY METHOD Agile Analytics BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE

6 MARKET RISK Customer Inertia – Cost, Complexity, Go-Live Cycle Creating a brand identity – Established competitors Risk Mitigation: Shorten Deployment Cycle – Promote Agilewiz Targeted Direct Sales Processes Develop Channel partner network Emphasize Cost / Feature Superiority

7 COMPETITOR ANALYSIS (S-W-O-T) SAP (Business One ): brand identity – cost – focus shift – local competition Ramco: established name – cost – SME acceptance - technology Orion: industry veteran – cost – SME acceptance – new competition customer list – cost – SME acceptance – flexibility Microsoft: brand name – cost / rigidity – focus shift - flexibility

8 Agilewiz 2.0 iWeb Knowledge Base Structured Enhanced Agilewiz 1.0 + iWeb Enterprise Suite Various Modules Application Generation Menus Metadata Scripts/Templates Community Partner Facilities & Services Provided / Managed Knowledge Partner Facilities & Services Provided / Managed Knowledge Public Private Collaborate with professionals like CAs, System Integrators etc. SAP ORACLE (Branded ERPs) Frozen In Technology + Difficult to Expand + Ever changing needs Expensive + Difficult + Time Consuming + Require Specialist Skills.

9 PRODUCT iWEB ENTERPRISE SUITE iWEB Module (CRM, PRM, SRM, MRM, FM) Developed over the past 4 years along with involvement of our customers Customer Verticals Served: Financial ServicesAuto AncillaryTextiles TrainingMedical DevicesTelecomNGO

10 Agilewiz2.0-Device Capability

11 CORPORATE MILESTONES Incorporated on April 21, 2005 Started Full-Fledged development on Agilewiz -1.0 framework in 2006 Signed the first Channel Partnership deal in year 2007 Development on Agilewiz-2.0 started in year 2008 Successfully hosted iWeb application on a hosted datacenter for global usage in 2009 Positioning & launch on the SaaS model was successful in the year 2010 for 350 users

12 CONTINUED… Launched the iWeb PDA / Handheld Version in 2010 Wipro Infotech initiated discussions on SaaS and GTM is planned Mr. Naresh Kriplani joined the iWeb board, handling channel sales & partner development A Mumbai based Angel investor has committed to co- invest upto 50% on the mutually agreed valuations. iWeb is in the process of forming a US subsidiary (60-40 in our favour) with a SandHill Angel(California) investor who will be funding the US operations.

13 PRODUCT USERS Partial List iWEB ENTERPRISE SUITE Maxtech Sintered Product Pvt. Ltd. – Auto Ancillary Product Manufacturer RBA Textiles Pvt. Ltd. – Textiles and Garment Manufacturer World Health Partners NGO – Affordable Healthcare for Rural India (Funded by Warren Buffet Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) Ace Technologies – Industrial Machinery – F&B, Pharmaceuticals, Packaging MODULAR India Infoline Ltd. – Publicly traded Full Service Brokerage Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training – Vocational Training Dawnay Day AV (India) Advisors Pvt. Ltd. – Investment Banking Synthes Medical Pvt. Ltd. (MNC) – Medical Device/Equipment Manufacturing LICHFL Financial Services Ltd. – Financial Products Distribution Bharti Airtel India Ltd. – Telecom

14 BENEFITS TO CUSTOMERS - 2 man days to process 100+ employees payroll - Zero pilferage in data and achieved 25% increase in prospect conversion - 20% increase in renewals - 100% leads tracking and follow-up - expects 15% increase in customer loyalty - PDA enabled inventory management for rural healthcare delivery

15 BUSINESS PARTNERS Partial List- License Module & Implementation Partners Systronet Technologies – IT Consulting Firm Malvika Mitra – Practicing Chartered Accountant Credit Information Bangladesh Limited- Software Company Shah Vallabh & Company - Practicing Chartered Accountant & Tax consultant offering various Financial Services SaaS/Cloud & Hosting Product Partners Wipro Infotech Ltd. - IT Services i2k2 Networks (P) Ltd. - Datacenter Provider

16 PIPELINE CUSTOMERS – Readymix concrete (Onida Group) – Service and Distribution - (Lohia Group) – Hospitality & Services – Service & Distribution CHANNEL PARTNERS – Data Centre & Infrastructure Provider – Braodband/Data centre Provider – Infrastructure provider







23 WHY iWeb? Agilewiz - a unique Platform Technology on which applications are generated. Agilewiz integrates a Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) with a Knowledge Base to create multi-vertical & horizontal applications on the fly. The 7 layered architecture of Agilewiz is designed ground- up and is independent of technology related limitations. In summation - Agilewiz is an innovative technology that works seamlessly across databases, which can on-demand, operate under various delivery models including SaaS, PaaS (Web 2.5), Cloud Computing platforms to address the distinctive and disparate needs of the SME segment

24 ACCOLADES & ACHIEVEMENTS iWeb is a nominee of NASSCOM EMERGE 50 Awards for 2010 for-2010/ for-2010/ iWeb is a finalist of TechSparks 2010 program. TechSparks is being supported by Microsoft BizSpark, YourStory, Guidewire Group & the Innovate! 2010 program along with CNBC TV18. Visit - http://www.techsparks.in iWeb is selected as "The Most Promising Startup from INDIA" and exhibited in Singapore @ Echelon 2010, Asia's Leading Web Technology Event. STAR ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARD" is conferred to iWeb promoter Mr. Akshay Shah by the 3rd International India Innovation Summit 2010. More details available at iWeb founder Director Akshay Shah topped the Most Popular Entrepreneur Challenge 2009 and was voted The Top Rated Entrepreneur in the same campaign. Please refer OR iWeb has been named as a Key Emerging Indian SaaS Player by Zinnov Consulting in their recent report – SaaS Landscape in India. http://www.zinnov.com

25 Proudly from iWeb Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Team INVESTMENT RATIONALE

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