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WBS PLAGIARISM PROCEDURE Revised for 2009/10 Academic Year.

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1 WBS PLAGIARISM PROCEDURE Revised for 2009/10 Academic Year

2 2Warwick Business School Annual Notification to Students Guidance on plagiarism in student handbooks Clear explanations at induction Remind students throughout the duration of their course University regulations and PLATO (on-line course about plagiarism) available on front page of my.wbs

3 3Warwick Business School Student Declaration All programmes should ensure that each piece of work submitted contains a statement declaring the work to be the students own. In addition, the student should declare the following: No substantial part(s) of the work submitted here has also been submitted by me in other assessments for accredited courses of study, and I acknowledge that if this has been done an appropriate reduction in the mark I might otherwise have received will be made.

4 4Warwick Business School School Procedure for Investigating Plagiarism It has changed a lot! Reflects updated guidance and regulations from the University Now have a plagiarism panel First step is no longer to interview the student New procedure should quicken up the process and save some time

5 5Warwick Business School Initial Stages Once plagiarism is suspected, NIE informs Academic Services Brief details should be provided: Module code and title; percentage weighting of assessment; and student ID number Copy of Turnitin report and copy of students original submission should also be provided

6 6Warwick Business School Initial Stages Academic Services will then check to see if this is a repeat offence. The student will be contacted by Academic Services to be told that their essay is being investigated for possible plagiarism Letter will be copied to personal tutor and programme team

7 7Warwick Business School Initial Stages Academic Services allocate the case to a member of the plagiarism panel Panel member is provided with the following: Turnitin report; the original submission; information regarding the examination conventions; whether the student has been previously investigated for plagiarism

8 8Warwick Business School Initial Stages Panel member contacts NIE An initial assessment is made deciding whether the case should be treated as: A.Negligence B.Misconduct C.Severe Plagiarism

9 9Warwick Business School WBS Plagiarism Procedure NIE notifies Academic Services who ensure that prog. team and personal tutor are aware Referred to panel member who meets with NIE to determine whether the case is negligence, misconduct or a severe case Academic Services notify student by standard NIE identifies case of suspected plagiarism

10 10Warwick Business School NEGLIGENCE Work has been improperly referenced through the incompetent or careless academic practices of the student When considering the penalty, an assessment will be made of the stage the student has reached in their studies NIE will be directed to apply an appropriate penalty Student will be advised to seek further guidance on correct referencing techniques

11 11Warwick Business School Negligence Resubmit new piece of work to be marked normally Instruct student to resubmit work with correct referencing Marker instructed to deduct mark in line with degree of offence Negligence Academic Services informed of outcome and letter sent to student (copied to prog office, personal tutor and NIE)

12 12Warwick Business School Misconduct It is deemed the student has deliberately cheated and that the offence should be pursued within the School Penalties available to the School are: re-submission of another piece of work on a different topic; re-submission of a new piece of work for a capped mark; reduction of mark to a maximum of zero (with or without the opportunity to resubmit)

13 13Warwick Business School Misconduct NIE and panel member agree after initial assessment that the case is misconduct Student invited to attend an interview – may provide written statement prior to interview Student to be given at least 3 days notice of interview Interview conducted by Panel member and NIE Penalty agreed once interview completed Communicated to Acad. Services who prepare letter to student Student has 10 days to accept penalty or appeal

14 14Warwick Business School Misconduct Student appeals (within 10 days) Misconduct Student notified that case of suspected plagiarism found Panel Member and NIE interview student Panel decision letter sent by Academic Services Student invited to accept penalty Exam Board notified and case closed

15 15Warwick Business School Severe Case Severe Cases requirement a heavier penalty than the School is allowed to levy should normally be referred to a University Investigating Committee Severe cases to include: Second offences of misconduct Allegations relating to research thesis (MPhil, PhD) Stealing work from another student Purchasing essay from internet site Multiple allegations of cheating affecting more than one module Allegations of collusion

16 16Warwick Business School Severe Plagiarism Turnitin report and report of initial findings sent to the University Assoc. Dean confirms that case needs referral to Investigative Committee Severe case Student notified that case has been referred to the University University Investigative Committee process (see University Regulation 11)

17 17Warwick Business School

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