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VER 9/25/08Portal Guide1 AIS Website Supplier Portal Login.

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1 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide1 AIS Website Supplier Portal Login

2 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide2 Portal Controls View Status of Every Purchase Order Add Users and Change Password Link to View Ts & Cs, Quality Clauses, AIS Forms and Documents

3 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide3 Supplier Admin Controls Access Supplier Administrator will Enter Site Users

4 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide4 E-Mail Generated by New Order

5 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide5 Acknowledging Purchase Orders Allows Choice of Search by Parameters

6 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide6 Acknowledging Purchase Orders Click to Acknowledge

7 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide7 Acknowledging Purchase Orders Accept or Decline

8 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide8 E-Mail Generated by Supplier Accepting

9 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide9 E-Mail Generated to Remind Material Due

10 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide10 Processing a Shipment Click to Process Shipment

11 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide11 Processing a Shipment Enter Qty & Revision Then Click Submit

12 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide12 Processing a Shipment Verifies Qty & Revision

13 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide13 Processing a Shipment Choose Carrier, Enter Tracking Number & Comments

14 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide14 Processing a Shipment Shipping Label to Be Printed and Attached to the Shipment

15 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide15 E-Mail Generated by a Completed Shipment

16 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide16 View Purchase Order Details Click to View Details, Change Expected Date

17 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide17 View & Print Purchase Order from this Screen Click to View & Print Purchase Order

18 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide18 Print for Your Records

19 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide19 Request for Extension Enter New Date for Delivery

20 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide20 Request for Extension New Date 6/27/2008 Entered, Yes to Confirm

21 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide21 Request for Extension Click Submit to Enter New Date into the System

22 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide22 Request for Extension Change Info Displayed When Mouse is Held Over Icon

23 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide23 Request for Extension Click Cancel to Finish

24 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide24 E-Mail Generated for Delivery Date Change

25 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide25 E-Mail Generated to Request a Early Delivery Request Requires Supply Chain Approval

26 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide26 Revise Lead -Times Request to Revise Lead-Time with Explanation

27 VER 9/25/08Portal Guide27 E-Mail Generated to Request Lead-Time Change Request Requires Supply Chain Approval

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