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Page 1. Page 2 Xerox Portfolio 2010 DocuColor ® 5000AP DocuColor ® 7002/8002 DocuColor ® 252/260 Xerox ® 700 Xerox ® Color 800/1000 iGen4 ® 220 Xerox.

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2 Page 2 Xerox Portfolio 2010 DocuColor ® 5000AP DocuColor ® 7002/8002 DocuColor ® 252/260 Xerox ® 700 Xerox ® Color 800/1000 iGen4 ® 220 Xerox Portfolio allows us to scale to meet customer needs for volume, performance, applications and more. Start with Xerox, Grow with Xerox iGen4 ® 90/110 Application Flexibility Job Complexity, Mixed Media, Variable Data Printing, Substrate Latitude, Finishing, Color Management Volume

3 Page 3 Xerox ® Color 800/1000 Presses High Definition Image Quality. Fast. Vibrant. Flexible. January 2010 ©2010 Xerox Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Xerox® and the sphere of connectivity design and DigiPath®, DocuColor®, DocuPrint®, DocuSP®, DocuTech®, FreeFlow®, iGen3®, iGen4®, New Business of Printing®, SquareFold®, VIPP® and 6060 are trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

4 Page 4 Advanced Productivity – 100 ppm/80 ppm – All weights/all speeds auto perfecting Expanded Media – 55 – 350 gsm (15 lb. Bond to 130 lb. Cover) coated/uncoated (auto-perfecting at rated speed) Image Quality – Wide color gamut – Low Melt Dry Ink (EA-Emulsion Aggregation) Xerox ® Color 800/1000 Presses Fast, Flexible, Outstanding Image Quality

5 Page 5 Optional 5 th Clear Dry Ink Station – Flood and Spot (addressable) applications Flexible Modular Finishing (Xerox and Partner) Xerox Productivity Plus - Basic – Standard offering for maximum press time – Customer replaceable routine items – Special tool/software/training support Xerox ® Color 800/1000 Presses Expand Your Capabilities with Great New Features Page 5

6 Page 6 Precision Engineering Built for Your Applications New Belt Fuser Technology – Transfers energy more efficiently to fuse a dynamic range of stocks at higher (rated) speed from a lightweight 55 gsm to a hefty 350 gsm with maximum productivity Outstanding Sheet Flatness and Stack Quality – New single pass de-curler leverages both belt and roll technology to deliver optimal sheet flatness – Advanced in-line cooling cools prints for optimum finishing and stack quality Belt Cooling Technology New Belt Fuser Technology

7 Page 7 Xerox Low Melt EA Dry Ink – Smooth, offset-like finish – Chemically grown, small consistent particles produce outstanding quality with less dry ink – No fuser oil – Smooth transitions High Definition Image Quality Image quality so outstanding, you wont want to look away!

8 Page 8 2400 x 2400 dpi for Excellent Sharpness and Uniformity – Vibrant images with smooth sweeps that command and hold attention – Outstanding midtones – Crisp, sharp text – Pure neutrals, detailed shadows, bright highlights and excellent photo rendering Benchmark Color Consistency – Page to page, job to job color consistency Xerox ® Color 800/1000 Presses Deliver Sharp, Rich, Digitally Mastered Image Quality

9 Page 9 Image Quality Flesh Tones Smooth flesh tones; realistic color B B Image Detail Subtle detail that is visible in the images darker areas, such as her hair A A Smoothness/Uniformit y Gradual smooth transitions in both large and small areas of flesh tone; notice her face D D C Sharpness Fine detail in sweater in highlight and shadow C

10 Page 10 Expand your capabilities, capture more high-value applications Highlighted areas in blue indicate where clear dry ink has been applied or requested. Original New Clear Toner with 5 th Station Optional Xerox ® Color 800/1000 Presses let you enhance the creativity and impact of your prints with an optional fth print station that lets you apply a clear effect expanding your capabilities to capture more high-value applications. Highlight silhouetted photos Highlight areas in images for visual variety to make them pop-off the page Enhance appearance of metallics Draw attention to headline text Watermarks

11 Page 11 Xerox ® iGen4 ® EXP Press Revolution? Or evolution? Unrivaled technologyAcoustic transfer for outstanding quality on textured stocks. A range of media handling support, including intermixing paper stocks. Greater automationGreater predictability and consistency. Auto Density Control for smoother tones and virtually no streaks. Consistently superior image quality Inline spectrophotometer to assure consistent, accurate color on every sheet, every shift, every day. Both. The revolutionary power that characterizes the iGen4 EXP Press is built on a long history of excellence and success as the most productive press in the industry. The solution that can change your business, has changed throughout the years, always with the success of your business as the only goal. The most productive press in the industryjoined by a dramatic new workflow and a larger sheet size for more productivity and more profit.

12 Page 12 Automated Web-to-Finish Production Solution Touchless workflow Jobs automatically print, finish, and are prepped for delivery. With no manual intervention, the next job is already underway.

13 Page 13 Adobe PDF Print Engine Reduce cycle time and costs A single workflow. Process native PDF files without conversion to PostScript. Higher productivity. PDF files that flow through the entire production process without unnecessary intervention. Quality your customers can see. Complex designs and effects, even variable print elements with transparency, are efficiently and reliably reproduced. Accurate PDF rendering Meet the creative intent on the first pass with the gold standard in PDF processing.

14 Page 14 Adobe PDF Print Engine Reduce cycle time and costs The Adobe PDF Print Engine is available on the FreeFlow Print Server where it integrates with exclusive parallel RIP technology to multiply your productivity.

15 Page 15 The largest cut sheet in the industry14.33 by 26 inches or 364 by 660 millimeters. An end to the struggle to produce more of the same applications at increasingly commoditized prices No competitive pressno competitive print provider can provide customers with bigger opportunities. 26 inch / 660mm sheet Bigger sheets producing bigger applications yielding bigger profits. Kind of a big idea. Expanded sheet size printing More applications. More productivity.

16 Page 16 Expanded sheet size printing – Dust Jackets & Covers Opportunities come in all sizes The largest sheet. The biggest opportunity. Jobs that werent possibleYou can produce jobs that other printer providers cant. Jobs like 6 panel, 8.5 x 11 inch/A4, full-bleed brochures that customers will come calling for. More jobs on a sheetEven smaller jobs benefit from the oversized sheet. More jobs on a single sheet mean more productivity and greater profit for you. More jobs in a shift Our large sheet productivity technology means that the iGen4 EXP Press continues to run at 40 sheets per minute on sizes from 20.5 inches up to 26 inches (521 mm up to 660 mm). 26 / 660 mm

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