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Introduction ComColor

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1 Introduction ComColor

2 Product Lineup Model Name Print Area Print Speed (A4-LEF) Multi Tray
Positioning ComColor 9050 A3 Ledger 150ppm YES Market opener for high end markets such as the production environment. ComColor 7050 120ppm Successor of HC5500 ComColor 7010 NO Market opener for the office environments. ComColor 3050 A4 Legal 90ppm ComColor 3010

3 Product Lineup (Exterior design)
Multi-feed tray models Single feed tray models

4 Optional Accessories Scanner (HS4000) Wide stacking tray
Auto-control stacking tray Required option Face down tray Face down Offset tray Multi function finisher + Card feed kit + Envelope feed kit PS-RIP (IS900C)

5 Main Features Maximum productivity Low running cost High durability
While maintaining and enhancing our current advantages on HC, full of improvements have been made on ComColor. Maximum productivity Low running cost High durability Environment friendly Full model lineup and accessories Compact Easy operation Enriched features Improved image quality Key advantages enhanced from ComColor New from ComColor

6 1. Maximum Productivity Print speed First print time Scanning speed
Max 150ppm (A4-LEF, standard setting) Same productivity for duplex HC’s duplex speed slowed down to 80% of simplex First print time From PC: less than 8 sec. (HC: 20 sec.) From scanner:less than 11.5 sec. (HC:20 sec.) Scanning speed 40ppm (HC: 20ppm) Face down tray Can start printing from the 1st page. HC had to wait and print from the last page. Significantly increases productivity for multi-page documents. Offers excellent productivity for various users and applications.

7 2. Low Running Cost 3. High Durability
Same as the HC, the running cost for full color printing is incredibly low on ComColor. Furthermore, the ink consumption of ComColor is lower than the HC. You can get more pages from one ink cartridge. 3. High Durability Durability maintains as our key advantages. Regardless of the 30% reduction in size and weight, ComColor still has the durability of 6 million prints. In addition to the high productivity, its low running cost and high durability fulfills the requirements of high volume user.

8 4. Environment Friendly Low energy consumption Energy Star Certified
No heat process like other laser based technology. Maximum energy consumption of ComColor is 10% less than HC. HC: 1,100 W (including RIP)  ComColor: 1,000W Most laser based MFPs: more than 1,500W Energy Star Certified No Emissions VOC, Ozone, Toner particles, etc. (VOC: Volatile Organic Compounds) Compliant to, RoHS, WEEE, U.S. Mercury regulations New from ComColor Environmental friendliness is a key differentiating factor.

9 5. Full Model Lineup and Accessories
5 basic models and a wide range of optional accessories. A4 models A3 models ComColor 9050 Price ComColor 7050 ComColor 7010 ComColor 3050 : Built-in Multi Feed Tray ComColor 3010 90ppm 120ppm 150ppm Speed Flexible solutions for various customer requirements.

10 6. Compact Design ComColor HC5500 Basic unit is smaller Scanner on top
Embedded touch panel Embedded GDI RIP No connection bridge for Finisher Facedown tray HC5500

11 6. Compact Design Dimensions Width comparison Optional Configuration
ComColor vs. HC None 1,800mm 1,210mm 67% With scanner 2,240mm 54% With offset stacker 1,875mm 1,240mm 66% With finisher 2,633mm 2,295mm 87% With scanner and finisher 3,073mm 75% Can be installed in any office environment

12 7. Easy Operation Large touch screen panel (standard) Universal design
8.5 inch full color Universal design Can be easily used by any operator.

13 8. Enriched Features Auto recognition of B/W and Color
Mixed size scanning and printing Interrupt Copying Enhanced User Management Mix tray printing (PS-RIP only) And more Highly useful features that will meet the demands, and increase customer satisfaction for a wide range of customers and applications.

14 9. Improved Image Quality
Copy image (when printing from scanner) Due to the enhanced technology adopted in the new scanner, the image quality has impressively improved. Brighter, Sharper, Smoother, More accurate Print image (when printing from computer) New color profile, perfectly tuned-up. Increased scanning speed, improved usability, improved copy quality, brings high value to ComColor when used as a copier.

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