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CIS 480 Systems Analysis and Design

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1 CIS 480 Systems Analysis and Design
MS Project Concepts CIS 480 Systems Analysis and Design Dr. Morgan CIS 480

2 Outline Project Configuration Creating tasks Creating dependencies
Setting the project start date Setting the calendar Creating tasks Task Summary task Milestone task Creating dependencies Type of dependency Calculation of slack time Gantt Chart Pert Network Dr. Morgan CIS 480

3 A Standard calendar has weekends off
Setting Up the Project A Standard calendar has weekends off Project->Project Information… Project Start date Dr. Morgan CIS 480

4 Creating a Task Type in the task name Adjust the task duration
The start and finish are calculated based on the project start Date and dependencies Type in the task name Adjust the task duration Dr. Morgan CIS 480

5 Creating a Summary Task
Use pointer to rearrange tasks Note summary task shown in black Use double ended arrow to subordinate tasks Dr. Morgan CIS 480

6 Milestones have zero duration
Creating a Milestone Milestones have zero duration Make milestone Dr. Morgan CIS 480

7 Task Dependencies Finish-to-Start (FS) Start-to-Start (SS)
Task B cannot start until task A finishes (most common) Start-to-Start (SS) Task B cannot start until task A starts (both start the same time) Finish-to-Finish (FF) Task B cannot finish until task A finishes (both finish at the same time) Start-to-Finish (SF) Task B cannot finish until task A starts Dr. Morgan CIS 480

8 Dependency Gantt Examples
FinishStart(FS) StartStart(SS) StartFinish(SF) FinishFinish(FF) Dr. Morgan CIS 480

9 Lead and Lag Dependencies
1 day Lag 1 day Lead Dr. Morgan CIS 480

10 Adding Dependencies Dr. Morgan CIS 480

11 Detail Dependency Information
Setting for dependency type and lag Dr. Morgan CIS 480

12 Adding Display Columns
Right click on a column heading to add a new column of data before it Select the column you want to add to the display and click OK Dr. Morgan CIS 480

13 Understanding Calculations
Take the following project with the predecessors (dependencies) listed Dr. Morgan CIS 480

14 How are Calculations Performed?
Early Start times are determined by a forward pass analyzing the predecessor. The calendar is used to skip the weekends. Late Start is determine by looking at the end finish date and making a backward pass to calculate when the latest time the task can start without effecting the project timeline. Slack Time is the difference between early start and late start Dr. Morgan CIS 480

15 Task List A difference between Early-start and late-start
Indicates slack time Slack Difference Early-Late Late Start Early Start Critical Path Dr. Morgan CIS 480

16 1,2 & 3 all start at beginning
Gantt Chart 1,2 & 3 all start at beginning 3 7 9 Note the predecessors Dr. Morgan CIS 480

17 Calculation of EarlyStart, LateStart,Slack
Task 9 has predecessor of 7 and 7 has predecessor of 3 Calculation of EarlyStart, LateStart,Slack Task Three (3 days) EarlyStart (Project Start on 6/1/06) LateStart = Task 7 LateStart – Task 3 duration: 6/2/06 Task Seven (6 days) Task 7 StartFinish predecessor of Task 3 EarlyStart =Task 3 Finish 6/5/ day: 6/6/06 LateStart = Task 9 LateStart – Task 7 duration: 6/7/06 Task Nine (3 days) Task 9 StartFinish predecessor of Task 7 EarlyStart = Task 7 Finish 6/13/ day: 6/14/06 LateStart = Task 10 Start – 3 days: 6/15/06 Forward Calculation Slack 1 day Backward Calculation Dr. Morgan CIS 480

18 Red task boxes represent the critical path
Pert Network View->Network Diagram Red task boxes represent the critical path Dr. Morgan CIS 480

19 Working Backward from a Completion Date
from Project Menu select - Project Information In dialog box pick schedule from Project Finish Date Enter the target finish date Dr. Morgan CIS 480

20 Highlighting the Critical Path
From the Format Menu select the Check the Critical Tasks Check box Dr. Morgan CIS 480

21 Creating and Assigning Resources
Select the Resources main menu choice and click on the Assign Resources Tab Double click on new resource on the dialog box that appears. Dr. Morgan CIS 480

22 Creating and Assigning Resources (Continued)
Add your resources name and any other appropriate information on the general tab, Move to the costs tab and enter at least a standard rate and look at the other options The Notes tab is used for any descriptive info needed,: about skill sets, etc. When finished click OK to save Repeat for as many resources as you will be using for the project. Dr. Morgan CIS 480

23 Creating and Assigning Resources (Continued)
With the assign resources dialog displayed Click on a task on the Gantt chart You are now ready to assign resources to the selected task. The R/D column stands for Request/Demand and those are the 2 choices The Units column allows you to specify the percentage of effort of the resource that will be allocated to the task You do not fill in the cost column that value is calculated Click on assign when you have specified the units you want. Dr. Morgan CIS 480

24 Dr. Morgan CIS 480

25 Adjusting Duration by Adding Resources
If more than 100% of person’s time is assigned to a task, an icon appears in the task mode allowing you options for adjusting the schedule Pick reduce duration if workers were added to speed up a task on the critical path. Dr. Morgan CIS 480

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