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Oil & Gas investor event Samir Brikho, Chief Executive London, 30 October Need GR or Americas pic.

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1 Oil & Gas investor event Samir Brikho, Chief Executive London, 30 October Need GR or Americas pic

2 Oil & Gas investor event Agenda 15:00 Supporting growth to 2015 and beyond Samir Brikho Introduction to AMECs Oil & Gas position 15:25Break out sessions North SeaJohn Pearson and Alan Johnstone MENA and AzerbaijanAlan McLean and Richard Rippon-Swaine GoM and BrazilAndy Sallis, Osvaldo Capmany 17:10Summary Samir Brikho 17:30DrinksSamir Brikho, Ian McHoul, Hisham Mahmoud, John Pearson, Simon Naylor and oil & gas team 1

3 Serving four markets across three geographic regions Samir Brikho Chief Executive Americas 57% of revenue* Simon Naylor Oil & Gas Mining Clean Energy Environment & Infrastructure Europe 27% of revenue* John Pearson Growth Regions 16% of revenue* Hisham Mahmoud Supporting growth to 2015 and beyond One AMEC approach *Approximate, based on H Full comparatives on new basis to be issued with FY results 2

4 Strategic customers managed consistently across regions and markets Samir Brikho Chief Executive Growth Regions Hisham Mahmoud Americas Simon Naylor Europe John Pearson *Approximate, based on H Full comparatives on new basis to be issued with FY results Supporting growth to 2015 and beyond One AMEC approach Client sponsor Relationship manager Client team Client sponsor Relationship manager Client team Client sponsor Relationship manager Client team Market leads 3 Client sponsor Relationship manager Client team Strategic customer teams, such as

5 Focusing on Oil & Gas - AMECs fourth core market Position: Internationally recognised engineering capabilities Leading position in greenfield and brownfield (UKCS) Experience of delivering E/EPCM projects globally Growing portfolio of mega projects – predominantly upstream Presence in key markets: North Sea, GoM and Brazil, MENA, CIS, Africa, Asia Pacific, Australasia Revenues (FY 2011): £980 million Customers: 90% IOC; 10% NOC and Independents Recent key projects: Cygnus, Clair Ridge, Mad Dog, MWCC 30% 13% AMECs four markets by revenue FY 2011 Position: Internationally recognised engineering capabilities Leader in mineable oil sands extraction Growing position in in-situ Complemented with environment and power services Revenues (FY 2011): £425 million Markets: Canadian oil sands – as well as coal seam methane (CSM), shale Customers include: Imperial Oil, ExxonMobil, Shell, Syncrude, Suncor, CNRL Recent key projects: Kearl (KID and KEP); Horizon, Albian Debottleneck Oil & gas investor event Introduction Environment & Infrastructure 16% Clean Energy 26% Mining 15% Oil & Gas 43% Unconventional Oil & Gas 13% revenue 2011 Conventional Oil & Gas 30% revenue

6 Long-term rise in energy demand oil production million boe/d Global oil supply Source: IEA WEO 2011 Oil & Gas – the market Global drivers and trends Source: Douglas Westwood, Arctic and deepwater trends, Steven Kopits, June 2012, PFC Shift towards more frontier and deep water developments Resources increasingly difficult to access NOC control global reserves 5 Source: PFC Energy, BP Statistical Review 2

7 Oil & Gas – AMECs position Strong financial performance Track record of delivering growth Oil & Gas Revenue Oil & Gas timeline 2012Announced 50% stake in Kromav (Brazil), collaboration agreements with Aibel (Norway), and Samsung 2011Acquired qedi (UK), Zektingroup (Aus) Awarded major Greenfield projects in GoM and North Sea: Clair Ridge, GDF Suez, Mad Dog, MWCC 2010Acquired 50% JV of S2V Consulting (subsea) BP Global Onshore agreement 2008Awarded EPCM for Kearl (KID & KEP) oil sands project, Calgary 2008BP Global Offshore agreement 2005Acquisition of Paragon (Houston, US) 1997Entered Azerbaijan market 1990First work in Australia in JV with Clough 1974UK dash for oil and major infrastructure investment 1960Worked on the worlds first oil sands mine 6

8 Oil & Gas – AMECs position Focused on customer relationships Strengthening strategic customer relationships Existing customers New customers Customer driven approach to project delivery Technical excellence Relationship driven Consistent delivery IOCs Independents Continue to strengthen customer base NOCs 7

9 Consulting & Front End Design & Construct Hook-Up & Commission OperateDecommission Scope of activity1-2% of TICEPCM = up to 12% of TIC 3% of TICn/a Front End Consultancy Greenfield Projects Brownfield (E&C and Projects) O&M Support Duty Holder Late life management AMEC scopePrefeasibility studies Feasibility studies FEED Execution planning Technical consulting EPC / EPCM Detailed design Project management Construction management Construction Supply chain management and procurement Project controls Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) Pressure testing Safety system check Equipment checks Plant and production start-up assistance Mechanical completion System commissioning Retrofits and upgrades Duty Holder Operations optimisation Maintenance strategies Operational readiness reviews Operator training Project management Engineering Planning Technical support Structural analysis Out of AMECs direct scope FabricationInstallation of facilitiesWell Services Drilling Dismantling, cleaning, removal, well abandonment Well positioned across a mix of activities Oil & Gas – AMECs position Recognised for technical excellence 8

10 Oil & Gas – AMECs position Market leading contracts Worldwide execution from regional hubs G AS Centre of excellence Regional Office Greenfield Brownfield Asset Support Key G Ichthys, INPEX, Australia Wheatstone, Chevron, Australia Blacktip, ENI, Australia Bayu Undan, ConocoPhillips, Malaysia AS G MWCC, Exxon Consortium Mad Dog, BP G P63, QUIP G G Kizomba Satellites, Exxon Mafumeira Sul, Chevron G Chirag, BP EMCS, BP G B Cygnus, GDF Suez Clair Ridge, BP Judy and Jasmine, ConocoPhillips Armada, Everest, Lomond, BG Talisman frame agreement OneGas, Shell G B Gulf of Mexico Brazil North Sea (UKCS, SNS, NNS) Australasia CIS G B Angola B AS ADGAS, UAE ADMA OPCO, UAE PMC, KOC MENA G B G Houston Calgary Luanda Rio de Janeiro Halifax Aberdeen London Kuwait Baku Kuala Lumpur Perth Oil & Gas project portfolio B 9 OGX G G Kearl Initial Development, Imperial Oil Kearl Expansion Phase, Imperial Oil Horizon Expansion, CNRL Brownfield Engineering, Syncrude Fluid Fine Tailings, Syncrude G B Canadian Oil Sands B G

11 Continue differentiation based on technical excellence and customer focus Maintain diverse portfolio (of both work type and customers) Broaden service offering, geographic footprint, and key customer portfolio (including both IOCs and NOCs) Continue to support world-wide project execution from regional hubs Continue to offer consulting, engineering and PM services in the downstream segment to Middle East, China, Australia and SE Asia customers, but do not intend to own downstream technologies Leading global provider of engineering and asset support services to the upstream offshore market Maintain leadership position in UKCS and Unconventional Oil Grow (via organic and acquisition) in key areas (such as brownfield engineering, in-situ oil sands, hook-up & commissioning) Future position Oil & Gas - AMECs position Strategy for growth Strategy Driving growth to 2015 and beyond 10

12 Oil & Gas – AMECs position Growth to 2015 and beyond 11 Customer relationships and technical expertise UK & Norway Strength: Technical expertise: leading greenfield and brownfield position served from London and Aberdeen hubs Opportunity: transfer technical expertise regionally more systematically/rapidly - including Norway (John Pearson and Alan Johnstone) GoM & Brazil Strength: Long-term customer relationships, serviced from Houston globally (e.g. ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP) Opportunity: expand relationships (with customers and partners) in GoM and more globally JV: Kromav in Brazil JV: Samsung (GoM and globally) (Simon Naylor, Andy Sallis, Osvaldo Capmany) MENA Strength: Significant spend across AMECs 4 markets; AMEC differentiated by: lower risk business model, PMC role and strength of customer relationships, multi-market approach Opportunity: market, service and customer base expansion Azerbaijan Strength: Business model: global technical expertise executed locally for core customer Opportunity: expand business model in CIS region and beyond (Hisham Mahmoud, Alan McLean, Richard Rippon-Swaine) Key Focus areas for today Other AMEC O&G regions

13 UKCS and Norway John Pearson Alan Johnstone MENA & Azerbaijan Hisham Mahmoud Alan McLean Richard Rippon-Swaine GoM and Brazil Simon Naylor Andy Sallis Osvaldo Capmany Oil & Gas investor event Break out sessions (15:25 – 17:10) 12

14 Oil & Gas – North Sea John Pearson and Alan Johnstone London, 30 October

15 14 North Sea market continues to be strong *Since previous market update May 2011 May 2011 (what we said...) Changes (since May 2011) Comment North Sea to exceed historic CAPEX spend Norway also strong 30 new platforms * 16 operators * Average 7-8,000 tonnes topsides * OpEx will continue to grow at 5% p/a Volume and innovation 8-10 major brownfield modifications * Upgrades / compression / accommodation * 40 potential tie-backs * 14 FPSOs Customers increasingly diverse New entrants growing again Tax impact Tax allowances helpful Oil & Gas – North Sea Market trends update

16 15 Oil & Gas – North Sea AMEC position - update Strengthened competitive position 1Since previous market update May 2011 AMECs position 1 Changes since May 2011 Customer base continues to strengthen and diversify 5 major new customers since new long term contract awards in North Sea Upgraded our recruitment capability Hired 3,000+ people Extended geographic footprint Collaboration agreement with Aibel for Norway Returned to the floating production market

17 Oil & Gas – North Sea Market leading contracts 16 Differentiated through technical capability CustomerNew contracts Type BPClair Ridge: Engineering and project management services (EPMS) for main platform design Greenfield GDF SuezCygnus gas field: detailed design contractGreenfield EnQuestEngineering and procurement for the Alma and Galia fields Brownfield Talisman EnergyBrownfield engineering, procurement construction and commissioning frame contract Brownfield ConocoPhillipsBritannia platform upgrades – design and executionBrownfield TaqaBrownfield engineering, procurement construction and commissioning frame contract Brownfield

18 Oil & Gas – North Sea Growth to 2015 and beyond 17 CIS MENA Australia North Sea acts as one of AMECs hubs for global growth UK North Sea

19 Maintain leadership position in North Sea Step change in support to international business Use market and customer teams to target North Sea skills to best global growth markets Future position Continue differentiation based on technical excellence and customer focus Maintain diverse portfolio (of both work type and customers) Continue to support smaller operators as they grow Accelerate world-wide project execution from London and Aberdeen hubs for attractive global opportunities Strong growth expected in Norway Strategy Oil & Gas – North Sea Strategy for growth 18

20 North Sea market remains strong for the foreseeable future We now have a position in Norway via our collaboration with Aibel Our North Sea skills are exportable to global markets Market Major projects involve enormous complexity The quality of the project is vital – often a 25 year+ investment Project quality is (to a large degree) dependant on the chosen contractor The work process is a technology in itself Brownfield projects have another dimension – a live patient Technical Technical excellence = strong competitive position Oil & Gas – North Sea Greenfield and brownfield expertise 19

21 Oil & Gas – North Sea Greenfield definition Services on new upstream and downstream oil & gas projects include: Studies, front end and detailed engineering Sometimes procurement, project management and construction management Market characteristics Growing market; increasingly challenging locations Increasingly complex (on and offshore) – no easy oil Global sourcing using centres of excellence Customer drivers Safety and integrity in a complex environment Certainty of production start up, i.e. volume of liquids by certain time The uptime of the asset over its life CAPEX-OPEX trade offs; invest for lower operating costs Long term investment – 30+ year design life Increasing reliance on the supply chain Size and complexity: Clair Ridge compared to London Eye 20

22 Oil & Gas – North Sea greenfield projects GDF Suez Supporting a new entrant with ambitious growth plans * Million barrels of oil equivalent Cygnus Project overview UK North Seas largest gas discovery in the last 25 years, and the 6 th largest gas field in the Southern North Sea (SNS). Reserves of around 110 mboe First gas is expected in late 2015; will supply approx 1.5m UK homes at peak production, which is 5% of UKs production by drilling centres, 4 platforms and initially 10 development wells AMEC is involved in all platforms Customer drivers First North Sea operation for GDF Suez. Fit for purpose design. Maximise uptime AMEC scope and services AMEC has executed FEED for all jackets and is executing detailed design for all topsides FEED (£50m,150 people at peak) Detailed design (£60m, 350 people at peak) Highlights New customer – with a growing portfolio 21

23 Clair Ridge (Part of BP Global Agreement) Project overview Clair Ridge is second phase of the giant Clair oil field 75km west of Shetland Islands: deepwater (140m) harsh environment Two new bridge-linked platforms. Total capex value: £4.5bn. 55k tonnes topsides, (34k drilling/process (DP) and 18k quarters/utilities (QU)) 36 well slots; 160 beds Target for first oil Q Oil:120k bpd; gas: 120m SCFD, 40-year production life. Capacity to produce an estimated 640m barrels Customer drivers Designed for 40 yrs of production; inherently safe design Maximise recoverable reserves: deploy LoSal enhanced oil recovery technology Reduce environmental impact: platforms have dual-fuel power generators, using waste heat recovery technology; vapour recovery to capture and recycle low pressure gas for fuel or exporting to shore AMEC scope and services E & PM services for detail design, site support, procurement, supply chain, materials management and information management activities of: DP platform (3 deck modules: DPEM, DPWM & CM) QU platform (integrated deck, power generation module & long quarter); design of bridge link between QU & DP platforms & flare boom Highlights Inherently safe design; 40 yr life; designed for harsh N Atlantic environment Oil & Gas – North Sea greenfield projects BP Complex engineering – deep water, harsh environment 22

24 Oil & Gas – North Sea, brownfield Alan Johnstone London, 30 October

25 Engineering and construction (E&C) term contract Project overview The assets include: Armada, North Everest and Lomond platforms. Implementation of subsea tie backs from the Gaupe and NorthWest Seymour wells to the Armada platform hub A new subsea tie back to the North Everest platform hub A feasibility study for the continued development of the Armada platform as a processing hub New Additional Living Quarters (ALQs) on the North Everest platform Customer drivers A wide range of assets – adding further complexity to interfaces Effectively managing the resources across the portfolio Managing the production across the portfolio AMEC scope and services Provision of engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and project management for all of the BG Group facilities Highlights Significant safety performance On going brownfield project portfolio Oil & Gas – North Sea brownfield projects BG Group Balanced portfolio of E&C term contracts and projects 24

26 Britannia Long Term Compression Project overview Britannia platform provides 10% of UK gas Live platform – production sensitive Existing facilities have no available space Economical viability Customer drivers Limited space offshore Reservoir depleting Safety Shutdowns AMEC scope and services Module and structure Concept, Detail Design and Analysis Brownfield modifications Offshore construction Project services Highlights Innovative engineering solution – industry first Cross utilisation of AMEC Nuclear engineering knowledge Innovative design – industry first project Oil & Gas – North Sea brownfield projects ConocoPhillips 25

27 FPSO modifications Project overview Existing FPSO – to be modified Fast track project conditions Vessel in dry dock Customer drivers Re use of an existing FPSO vessel Production: availability and predictability Integration of new facilities onto existing facilities AMEC scope and services Engineering design of the topside modifications Procurement activities Project management services Highlights Fast Track Parallel design, fabrication and construction Oil & Gas – North Sea brownfield projects EnQuest Producer FPSO growing market in the North Sea 26

28 Oil & Gas – North Sea Questions London, 30 October

29 Oil & Gas – GoM and Brazil Andy Sallis and Osvaldo Capmany London, 30 October

30 Houston overview Major execution hub for the global oil & gas industry Headquarters for large operators project execution organisations: ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP Centre of excellence for offshore engineering and project management resources Oil & Gas – GoM and Brazil Market overview and outlook Houston based customers – global markets Houston outlook Gulf of Mexico (GoM) Strong growth in spending on wide range of projects (brownfield and greenfield floating production) primarily driven by deepwater exploration and production (E&P) Execution centre for global projects and operations, e.g. Angola Brazil and Latin America outlook Strong outlook in floating production market and brownfield upgrade programmes 29% of global forecasted installations between will be in Latin America

31 Strong Houston position, with local engineering in Brazil and other locations Leader in complex oil and gas projects, greenfield and brownfield Differentiated by safety leadership, technical expertise, high quality and predictable delivery Market Position Size:Approx 1,000 people Houston, 200 Brazil Services:Consultancy, engineering, procurement, project management and construction management Segment:Deepwater offshore, upstream onshore, midstream and transport market segments Clients:Strong relations with major IOCs, NOCs, EPC customers, mid-tier, and US independents - operating in US GoM, Brazil, Latin America and other locations Profile Oil & Gas – GoM and Brazil AMECs position Customer focused delivery – challenging projects

32 Industry critical project Oil & Gas – GoM projects ExxonMobil Marine Well Containment System (MWCS) (Consortium led by ExxonMobil) Project overview Designed to enhance containment response capability to a well control incident in the GoM Contain and capture hydrocarbons from a subsea well blowout Design is adaptable for use on a wide range of well connection scenarios, weather conditions and deepwater in the range of 500 ft to 10,000 ft AMEC scope and services Engineering design of permanent utility ship modifications (built by others) Engineering, procurement of temporary MSFs (module support frames) Turret, offloading and hawser supply (sub-contract to Bluewater) Fabrication and integration yard (sub-contract to Dynamic Industries, managed by AMEC) Project management of the integration, testing and completion of the two MWCS capture vessels Completion and commissioning management system (AMEC qedi) Provision of deployment and operations manuals, and supporting training modules (AMEC Vancouver support)

33 Supporting BP – assured delivery and predictability Project: Mad Dog II – Big Dog Project overview Main platform will be the largest new floating production system to be installed in the Gulf of Mexico Includes a spar floating system with infield flow lines and associated subsea infrastructure to connect the subsea production and injection wells Development concept includes a total of 33 wet wells: 19 production,14 injection Culmination of 3 previous projects – largest topside spa AMEC scope and services Engineering and project management services for topsides Concept development and option selection (complete) FEED, early procurement services (RFQs) (ongoing) Detail design, procurement and PM Services (next phase) Highlights 4-year relationship supporting BPs GoM Deepwater Programme Advanced use of Inherently Safe Design philosophy High level of early definition for assured delivery and predictability Oil & Gas – GoM projects BP See appendix for further details

34 Oil & Gas – GoM projects ExxonMobil Complex project execution - business critical Kizomba projects AMECs history of working on ExxonMobils Kizomba projects New build Kizomba A Project (2001) Subsequent new build Kizomba B Project (2003) Kizomba A Marimba: subcontractor to Fluor (E&P Prime) Gas gathering: modifications for gas export line to Angola LNG Satellites Phase I*: modifications for new reservoir tie backs Satellites Phase II FEED: current scope Typical scope and services Engineering and project management services including: Concept, FEED, detail design and follow on engineering International procurement and SCM into Angola Highlights 11-year relationship supporting the Kizomba developments Re-engineered design to enable execution with no shut down interruptions to +500,000 bbd production 2,000 tonnes of new facilities on each vessel First Angola brownfield project on schedule and under budget *Phase 1 was ExxonMobils largest offshore brownfield project ever

35 5-year relationship with KROMAV Common client: QUIP (P63 FPSO) Kromav: offshore marine design engineer Ship hull design FPSO marine systems, e.g. power modules Strong reputation and relationships AMEC KROMAV Extended capability for full topsides facilities Project management of complex projects Good reputation and common relationships Oil & Gas – Brazil AMEC and Kromav

36 Oil & Gas – Brazil projects QUIP P63 FPSO: Papa Terra field development Project overview QUIP awarded EPCI/BOT contract AMEC was strategic partner with QUIP during bid AMEC concept work helped win the project $800m CAPEX lower than Petrobras benchmark Typical scope and services FPSO concept, basic design and detail design AMEC subcontract for basic engineering of all topsides AMEC subcontract for detail design of 4 process modules KROMAV subcontract for detail design of power generation modules Highlights First build operate transfer (BOT) contract by Petrobras GoM standards and specifications by AMEC Fit for purpose design to assure 93% availability for production Maintained design integrity and EPC execution budget High profile project – high quality reputation

37 Industry leading engineering and project management service provider Houston hub with local operations in select countries Balanced portfolio of challenging projects Broad spectrum of customers and partnerships Future Position Maintain pull-through on project opportunities and programmes Concept FEED EPCM Project 1, 2, 3….. Long term strategic relationships and contracts BP Global Agreement, ExxonMobil (Global Engineering Service Contract) AMEC Samsung Oil and Gas LLC for engineering services on global projects MoUs and partners on select projects Supporting our customers in growth frontier markets from Houston Local engineering including fully integrated capability in Brazil Strategy High-value business in high-volume global markets Oil & Gas – GoM and Brazil Strategy for growth

38 Oil & Gas – GoM and Brazil Questions London, 30 October

39 Oil & Gas – MENA and Azerbaijan Alan McLean and Richard Rippon-Swaine London, 30 October

40 Oil & Gas - MENA The market Substantial investment in energy-based projects over next 5 years Growing affluence of population combined with expansion of state provided services Re-building effort in conflict affected countries Gas increasingly important to meet internal growth Oil and gas important to fund infrastructure expansion with growing investment also in alternative energy, power and water Opportunities differ by country (commodity, maturity, need for refurbishment etc) Surplus revenues being generated for sovereign wealth funds for investment purposes Areas of highest activity: upstream, refining and gas processing Kuwait and Saudi potentially the largest markets for AMEC Need for local content continues Requirements differ country-to-country Libya Saudi Arabia Yemen Oman UAE Qatar Iraq Egypt Jordan Kuwait Syria 39

41 Oil & Gas - MENA The market - regional drivers and trends 40 Libya Drive to regain pre-conflict production levels Saudi Arabia Petrochemicals drive volumes – refinery conversions and speciality chemicals projects Yemen Oman Focus on tight gas production and asset support CAPEX forecast to 2015 $8.3bn (excluding Khazzan) UAE Investment in offshore will increase O&G production CAPEX forecast to 2015 $50bn Qatar Moratorium on North field not due to lift till 2015 Limited LNG & GTL CAPEX activity CAPEX forecast to 2015 $15-$20bn Iraq Market looking to Iraq opportunity Egypt Kuwait Refining largest projects – depending on 4th refinery and clean fuel projects CAPEX forecast to 2015 $90bn ($38bn upstream; $36bn downstream) Syria Opportunities differ by country* - $300bn CAPEX in total *See appendix for opportunity by country and customer

42 Countries Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE (operating in region for 30+ years) PeopleApproximately 1,000 people ClientsKey IOCs/NOCs and others MarketsOil & gas, mining, clean energy, environmental & infrastructure ServicesTypically act as owners engineer Value-based, life of asset services Oil & Gas - MENA AMECs position Long history and track record – platform for growth 41 Profile Market position Top 3 provider in consultancy, project management consultancy and FEED services in core countries See appendix for further details on position and opportunity by country

43 Transitioning from oil & gas dominated business to multi-market Incremental growth Oil & Gas - MENA AMECs business model and core services Project management consultancy (PMC) Engineering services In-region FEED capability Out of region multi- market expertise Kuwait and UAE Integrated services Across oil & gas, mining, clean energy, environment & infrastructure markets Organic and focused acquisition Qatar Asset support Saudi and Iraq Asset development NOCs and IOCs Across region Existing foundation Incremental growth Expanding position 42

44 Oil & Gas - MENA Strategy for growth Middle East is key to Vision 2015 Grow organically and via focused acquisition Key areas: Iraq, Libya, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE Multi-market approach Full suite of integrated services Focus on project management services and engineering Specialist engineering PMC services Select lump sum engineering Geographic focus supporting multi-market growth 43

45 Oil & Gas - MENA ZADCO 1 44 Customer focused delivery – on schedule and budget 1. Part of ADNOC group Upper Zakum 750 – PMC contract Project overview Zakum 4 th largest oil field in the world - Upper Zakum covers 1,200 km 2 of Gulf (c$20bl) Increase offshore capacity from 500k to 750k bbl/day by sustain until 2025 Replacement of 60km subsea oil pipeline; reclamation of 4 artificial islands in shallow water to provide drilling pads and production facilities, asset modifications Development of the east and west areas of the field Expansion of onshore/offshore gas treatment facilities AMECs scope as PMC contractor Largest oil-related PMC contract ever awarded by ZADCO In year 5 of PMC contract (currently c. $100m worth of work) Engineering, technical consultancy, project management (PM) services Concept stage through FEED, design, construction management (CM) and commissioning on the multi-billion dollar Upper Zakum full field development programme Approx 120 AMEC employees on the project, expected to grow to 200+ people AMEC adding value Excellent HSE performance Long-term view of quality and integrity from day one Running to schedule and budget Assets will deliver to customer objective of production capacity uptime > 94% Robust resourcing strategy in place: right people/ right place Provide development opportunities for UAE nationals to build PM skills

46 45 Oil & Gas - MENA Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) Customer focused delivery – excellent HSE performance PMC Contract Project overview KOC is seeking to increase national oil production by 100% by 2020, following destruction caused during the Iraq war AMECs scope as PMC contractor Integral part of the KOC capital project organisation in Kuwait since 2004 Consultancy services in PM, FEED, contract and CM Portfolio of managed contracts includes 12 capital projects (total value $6bn) Brownfield upgrades to over 30 facilities in North and South Kuwait, as well as existing gathering centres and booster stations AMEC adding value Excellent HSE performance – project team for Gathering Centre (GC24) awarded Safety Winners Program by KOC for implementing AMEC Safety Standards 85 million managed contractor man hours without a LTI* achieved by innovative and rigorous HSE management and supervision GC24 (value $750m) in North Kuwait, project completed 6 months ahead of schedule Managing over 17,000 contractor, sub-contractor and vendor personnel Long-term view of quality and integrity from day one Running to schedule and budget Tapping into AMECs specialist capabilities: PI, qedi, S2V Work sharing: FEED done out of Kuwait and London Provide development opportunities for Kuwait Nationals to build PM skills Contract extension through to 2013

47 Oil & Gas - Azerbaijan The market Opportunity for greenfield and brownfield activities 1) source: SOCAR website as at 29 Oct 2012, 2) See appendix 3) trillion cubic feet, 4) Project Sharing Agreement 5) Joint operating company: Azerbaijan International Operating Company – source Wood MacKenzie, BP Sustainability report for 2011 AIOC 5 BP (34.15%) operator Chevron (11.3%) Inpex (11%) SOCAR (13.24%) Statoil (8.6%) Exxon (8.0%) TPAO (6.8%) Itochu (4.3%) Hess (2.7%) 46 Market size 1 Oil production: 46 million tonnes 2 (approx mbpy) Gas production: 909 TCF 3 2 major fields Azeri-Chirag-Deepwater Gunashli (ACG) oil field Shah Deniz (SD) gas and condensate field – BP-led Shah Deniz-2 field expected to be the major natural-gas supplier to the Southern Corridor Gas Pipeline project – Future opportunities: Absheron, Shafag-Asiman, Nakhichevan PSA 4 Pipelines and infrastructure Oil and gas exported to Europe – Three export pipelines: Baku-Tbilisi- Ceyhan (oil), South Caucasus Pipeline (gas) and Western Route Export Pipeline (oil) Key players Oil companies: International Oil Companies (IOCs) work through production sharing agreements (PSA) and JVs with SOCAR (National Oil Company) Engineering: KBR (greenfield engineering), McDermott (fabrication)

48 ClientsMix of IOCs and SOCAR - BP operator for ACG and Shah Deniz PSA 3 projects1) BP ECMS, 2) Chirag oil project, 3) COP 1 brownfield ServicesBrownfield engineering (onshore and offshore), procurement, project management, construction management, environmental consultancy Differentiators Delivery of multiple projects; 11 years of asset support services; fabrication of 3 major topsides Strength of relationship with customer and local partners (ATA 2 ) Strong Azerbaijani local content (430 people – half Azerbaijani nationals) 11 years without Lost Time Incident (LTI) Oil & Gas - Azerbaijan AMECs position Market Position Baku Profile Tier 1 provider of engineering and construction management for brownfield and greenfield upstream projects BPs preferred contractor in country for brownfield engineering (offshore and onshore) Working and delivering safely in Azerbaijan for 15 years 1) Chirag Oil Project, 2) Consortium between AMEC, Tekfen, Azfen 47

49 BP ECMS (framework contract delivered under BP global agreement) Project overview Framework contract with variety of studies and projects covering: 8 offshore platforms in ACG and SD fields 1 onshore oil & gas processing terminal 3 export pipelines New asset, Chirag Oil Project – West Chirag, where AMEC is providing project management, will be brought on production during the contract term Completion date: March 2016 (+ 2 x 4 year options) AMEC scope and services Engineering construction management services (ECMS) Project management Design and implementation of modifications Brownfield engineering support services (on and offshore) Construction management and commissioning Highlights 11 year delivery of EMS contract to BP 11 years without a single LTI AzSPU Engineering 2005 award for outstanding performance 2011 ECMS contract renewed - includes both on and offshore scope Strong and growing customer relationship Oil & Gas - Azerbaijan BP 48

50 Oil & Gas - Azerbaijan AIOC - BP Chirag Oil Project – West Chirag (COP-WC) Project overview Fabrication of a new asset (20,000te), Chirag Oil Project – West Chirag, where AMEC execute project management of the fabrication in consortium with Tekfen and Azfen Ready for sail-away date: 31 March 2013 (plus follow-on hook-up support) AMEC scope and services – in consortium (ATA) Project management of the fabrication Fabrication engineering executed in Jakarta Construction management and supervision Hook-up support to BP Brownfield integration into the PCWU facility Highlights This is the 3rd platform for AIOC executed in partnership with Tekfen and Azfen spanning a relationship of 10 years 15 million man hours without a single LTI AMEC Global HSSE award for safety performance 100% in-country fabrication – first of its kind Project on schedule at 90% complete On schedule, delivered safely 49

51 Oil & Gas - Azerbaijan Strategy for growth Future Position Strategy Deliver ongoing projects to the best standards and achieve growth Secure Shah Deniz 2 project Target selective large-scale and complex assets with UK engineering operations and MMC AMEC (local entity) in Azerbaijan Target specific IOCs and the NOC for new oil and gas fields development Work across markets and geographies to maximise delivery Deploy wider AMEC services and markets (Environment & Infrastructure, Mining) Maintain and grow local content development Tier 1 provider of FEED, detailed design, EPCM, construction management and brownfield engineering services Regional delivery, supported by global centres of excellence Expanded customer portfolios with new oil and gas fields developments and PSAs eg Nakhichevan, Absheron, Umid blocks Proven delivery positions for future growth 50

52 Oil & Gas – MENA and Azerbaijan Questions London, 30 October

53 Oil & Gas - Summary Samir Brikho, Chief Executive London, 30 October Need GR or Americas pic

54 Summary - One AMEC approach Integrated strategy and structure Enhanced capabilities Customer relationships Geographic footprint Delivery focused Integrated structure Common skills, tools and processes One AMEC Secure platform for growth Integrated services Delivery excellence Recognised for delivering complex, challenging projects 53

55 Oil & Gas investor event Questions Need GR or Americas pic

56 Oil & Gas investor event Appendix Need GR or Americas pic

57 Appendix Europe team 56 Alan Johnstone Director, Europe & West Africa Alan was appointed to this role in Having been with the company since 1990 he has worked his way through the business in delivery, management and operational roles. He is currently a member of the Industry Step Change in Safety initiative and is a serving member of the board of the Offshore Contractor association John Pearson Group President – Europe John had previously held the role of Managing Director, Natural Resources Europe and West Africa, since He joined AMEC from Chevron in 1990 and has worked in a variety of engineering and project management roles in Aberdeen, San Francisco, Baku and London. He is Contractor Vice-Chair of Oil & Gas UK and immediate past Chairman of the Offshore Contractors Association

58 Appendix Growth Regions team Alan McLean Executive VP – Middle East, Africa, CIS Alan has been with AMEC for over 18 years after spending his initial career in the mining and consultancy markets. Alan has had a variety of senior roles in Aberdeen, Baku, London and now the Middle East, leading elements of AMECs business covering Capital Projects and Asset Support. Most recently, Alan was Operations Director in London, where a number of projects for the Middle East, Africa and CIS were executed during his tenure Richard Rippon-Swaine Regional Director – CIS region Richard is a chartered mechanical engineer and has been in AMEC for 15 years. In that time he has held a number of key positions in the oil & gas sector including Azerbaijan Country Manager and BP Account Manager Dr Hisham Mahmoud Group President – Growth Regions Hisham joined AMEC in 2010 as President Environment & Infrastructure and has led the growth and expansion of this business globally and across AMECs markets. Prior to joining AMEC, Hisham worked for URS Corporation and its predecessor companies for 19 years. Hisham has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Qatar and a Masters and PhD, both in Civil Engineering, from Arizona State University in the US 57

59 Appendix Americas team 58 Osvaldo Capmany Director – Brazil and Latin America Operations Osvaldo is responsible for developing the Brazil and Latin America markets; he is also a board member of the AMEC Kromav JV in Rio de Janeiro. He has 25 years of experience in the oil & gas industry and has led global and regional activities for energy companies including Shell Oil, YPF, Maxus Energy, Repsol, and GE.. Andy Sallis President – Oil & Gas Americas Andy is responsible for Houston and Brazil operations and has extensive experience directing projects including multidiscipline project engineering and delivery, risk assessment and management, strategic planning and development for collaborative business environments, and the development and integration of best practice solutions. Simon Naylor Group President – Americas Simon had previously been President of the Natural Resources Americas business since 2007 and led the growth and successful development of positions in the core sectors for mining, oil & gas and oil sands. Since joining AMEC in 1993, he has worked across the project life cycle; from consulting to engineering and project management. His experience includes project development, asset support, strategy, customer relationship management and operations leadership.

60 Appendix O&G competitive landscape

61 Appendix – Canadian oil sands AMECs position AMECs differentiator is track record and engineering expertise Profile Market position RevenueApprox £425m (2011) SegmentExtraction: mineable and in situ ServicesStudy services, engineering and procurement, project and construction management, asset management, environmental services ClientsImperial Oil, Exxon Mobil, Shell, Syncrude, Suncor, CNRL, Connacher ProjectsKearl (KID & KEP), Horizon, Albian Debottleneck, Fluid Fine Tailings and brownfield engineering for Syncrude Strong mineable position - worked on all major projects since 1991 Primarily CAPEX services Leader in mineable oil sands extraction One of a number of companies with in situ expertise Complemented by environmental and power services 60

62 Appendix – Canadian oil sands Competitive capabilities Source: websites Strong position Capability Limited capability No involvement/capability Leadership position built on track record and technical skills Leading position in mineable In situ technology AMEC BDR Complementary services a competitive advantage Current customers include: Imperial Oil/Exxon Mobil, Syncrude, CNRL, Teck, Suncor, Connacher Independents for in situ Position across mining and in situ extraction AMEC 61

63 Appendix – Canadian oil sands Strategy for growth Develop in situ portfolio to c. 30,000 bbl/day facility offering Develop EPC capability (through strategic partnership with constructor) Reinforce PM and CM Maintain leadership position in mineable oil sands Continue to develop in situ position Future position Strategy Opportunity to transfer in-situ expertise to majors 62

64 Appendix Glossary Alphabetical order Brownfield: [at AMEC] includes studies, front end and detailed engineering and sometimes including procurement and project management and construction management services packaged for existing oil and gas assets E&C: Engineering & Construction, generally onshore work EPC: Engineer, Procure, Construct: a contract type generally used onshore, often lump-sum LSTK: Lump-sum turnkey, a contract type generally used onshore, where the contractor completes the required job and the facility is ready to "turn the key and start working EPCIC: Engineer, Procure, Construct, Install, Commission: a contract type generally used offshore, often lump-sum, including full commissioning of the relevant components EPCM: Engineer, Procure, Construction Management: a contract type generally used offshore, often lump-sum for the EP and cost-plus for the CM EPIC: Engineer, Procure, Install, Construct: a contract type generally used offshore, often lump-sum Fabrication: Construction of (generally) offshore facilities, including the integration of multiple different components or modules FEED: Front-End Engineering Design, a contract for the general design of a proposed oil & gas project FPS: Floating Production System, a generic term for different types of offshore production platforms that are supported by their own buoyancy FPSO: Floating Production Storage and Off take, a ship or barge-shaped floating production system that also can store oil and load oil tankers. Often a converted oil tanker FSO: Floating Storage and Off take, generally a converted oil tanker used as storage for offshore oil production Greenfield: [at AMEC] includes studies, front end and detailed engineering and sometimes including procurement and project management and construction management services for new upstream and downstream oil and gas projects 63

65 Appendix Glossary Alphabetical order (cont) Jacket: The support structure for an offshore platform that keeps the topsides in place above the waves. Jackets are typically made from a steel framework that may be installed and piled to the seabed prior to installing the topside facilities Jackup: Lifting technology used primarily in shallow water drilling (up to 125m) but also for wind farms and other offshore construction jobs MMO: Maintenance Modifications and Operations, the segment of E&C work done on existing producing facilities both onshore and offshore Module: Part of a construction job that is built offsite and added to the finished job as a single package. Often used for offshore platforms Riser: Connects equipment on the sea bed to equipment on the surface. Drilling risers connect drilling rigs to blow-out preventers. Production risers connect trees to floating production platforms Semi: A semi-submersible platform. There are drilling semis and production semis. Generally semis have two or more pontoons which can be flooded to increase the vessel's stability and draught SPAR: Type of floating production system based on a very large vertical cylinder used as a jacket TLP: Tension Leg Platform, a type of bottom supported offshore jacket Topsides: The parts of an offshore platform built above the water line. Generally topsides sit on the jacket Turret: The part of an FPSO that connects the risers and umbilicals to the FPSO and allows the FPSO to weathervane, i.e. rotate around the turret. Generally expensive Umbilical: Component that provides power and other facilities to subsea components. Most subsea components have their own umbilical connected to surface production equipment. Also used for ROVs Wellhead: The component of a well located at the top, to which casing is attached. Generally connects to the tree 64

66 Oil & Gas – MENA and Azerbaijan Appendix London, 30 October

67 Opportunities differ by country Appendix - MENA Opportunity by country IraqLibyaKuwaitOmanQatarSaudi ArabiaUAE Attractiveness ( low, high ) AMEC opportunity By market Oil & Gas Clean Energy E&I* Oil & Gas Clean Energy E&I* Oil & Gas E&I* Oil & Gas E&I* Oil & Gas Mining E&I* Oil & Gas Clean Energy Mining E&I* Oil & Gas Clean Energy E&I* Upstream, midstream, downstream Upstream Significant onshore up / mid / downstream UpstreamSignificant midstream, upstream Significant onshore upstream Significant upstream + mid / downstream Onshore/ offshore OnshoreBoth OnshoreBothOnshoreBoth Project opportunities Upstream field developments Field rehabilitation Water & infrastructure projects Upstream field development Pipelines Brownfield remediation Re-entry Redevelopment activity Gas trains New refineries & upgrades Undeveloped northern area Production enhancement Gas developments Upstream production, Asset support Brownfield engineering Water projects Production increases Onshore upstream Infrastructure Mining Upstream development Refinery development & upgrade Nuclear Key customers IOC led consortia NOC and IOCs KOC, KNPC, KJO NOC consortia and mining NOC, IOC, mining and E&I* NOC and MiningNOC and IOC PSA clients 66 *Environment & Infrastructure

68 LibyaKuwaitQatarSaudi ArabiaUAEIraq AMECs position 30 years in Libya focus on re-entry and develop in- country engineering Strongest position In-country engineering and PMC In JV with Black Cat – focus on asset support including brownfield engineering, AMEC E&I has existing infrastructure projects Technical services to O&G market; consulting services and engineering studies for mining PMC and FEED services for O&G; consulting services for nuclear Engineering and environmental services to Oil & Gas market. One- AMEC approach: E&I and S2V NOCs ZOC, WAHA, Harouge, Agoco KOC: PMC & major upstream projects – 2013 Al-Khafji Joint operations KNPC: eng and PM services Qatar Petroleum Saudi Aramco, Sabic, Madaan ADMA-OPCO:, Adgas, Zadco, Adco SOC, NOC and others IOCs Shell, Chevron, Total, BP, Verenex, Repsol, Wintershall NOC dominated market ExxonMobil, Total, Oxy, Maersk, Shell, Qatargas NOC consortia dominated market BP Sharjah, Conoco Phillips Kogas BP Shell Examples Provision of technical services, FEED engineering, detailed design and consultancy services FEED and detailed design for gas and oil field developments Distributed engineering in AMEC London Old Street for complex FDP Contracts for offshore brownfield modifications OSBV crucial markets for Shell and Dolphin access platforms New market entry for feasibility engineering and PMC services PMC for various customers, engineering scope increasing One-AMEC approach for asset support projects (S2V, Pi, qedi) Commissioning and completion support within southern Iraq FDP planning and engineering for new field development Appendix - MENA Target customers by country Expanding beyond strong position in core markets 67

69 1970s 1991 Oilfield rehabilitation (Kuwait) MAPEL – inspection services (Libya) KWSA – engineering services (Saudi Arabia) 1978 Haradh GOSP - PMS (Saudi Arabia) Berri ethane plant - EPC (Saudi Arabia) KOC – southern oilfields PMC (Kuwait) KNPC, General Eng Services (Kuwait) 2008 ZADCO Major Projects PM Contract (UAE) 2009 Black Cat JV (Qatar) Appendix - MENA History of AMEC in MENA ADCO – Energy Efficiency Improvement – All Fields (UAE) AMEC Intl Ltd. Nasr-1 & UL-1 PMC for EPC (UAE) OXY DD Engineer Services Contract (Qatar) Harouge. FEED Engineering (Libya) Wafra Joint Operations (Saudi Chevron & Kuwait Gulf Oil Co.) – FEED- Central Gas Utilisation Project (Kuwait) KNPC- 5 th Gas Train Study & FEED at Mina Al Ahmadi (Kuwait) 68

70 Appendix – Azerbaijan History of oil & gas 1850s: Azerbaijan is one of the oldest oil producing regions in the world, starting with a flow of foreign investments in 19th century 1875: the Nobel brothers began their activities in Azerbaijan's oil industry 1920: 109 public companies in Azerbaijan, 37 British owned (worth approx £100 million) 1994: the first PSA, the contract of the century signed between SOCAR 1 and AIOC : oil production reached 46 million tonnes (approx mbpy); gas production 909 TCF *source for charts: SOCAR Annual Report

71 Appendix - Azerbaijan AMEC in Azerbaijan 1997: AMEC was the first British-owned E&C contractor to establish permanent presence in Azerbaijan 1997: AMEC provided specialist support to BP Exploration (Shah Deniz) Limited for upgrade of Shelf 5 semi-submersible drilling rig 2002: AMEC entered first consortium agreement with local partners Tekfen and Azfen for fabrication of compression, water injection project (C&WP) topside 2010: BP awarded AMEC-Tekfen-AZFEN (ATA) consortium 5-year Master Services Agreement (MSA) for fabrication work 2011: BP renewed the offshore brownfield engineering contract (EMS) for next 13 years – including onshore scope AMEC Baku office, 1997 AMEC Baku office,

72 Appendix - Azerbaijan AMEC projects history Shelf 5 / Istiglal BTC Project BP Shah Deniz AIOC Azeri-Chirag- Gunashli fields phase 3 AIOC Chirag Water Injection Production Compression Water Injection and Utilities - PCWU Project Compression Water Injection Platform - C&WP Project Chirag Oil Project-West Chirag for ACG phase 4 PCWU COP Brownfield – ongoing BP EMS Project; extended and then renewed to ECMS

73 ATA consortium made up of AMEC, Tekfen (a Turkish contracting and construction company) and Azfen JV (joint venture between Tekfen and SOCAR) Azfen: fabrication facility and local Azeri trades personnel TEKFEN: supervision and local labour AMEC: yard design and development, project management, engineering, training and HSE, systems and procedures 2010: ATA consortium awarded 5-year MSA for fabrication work for BP – AIOC Current COP-WC-PDQ topside will be the largest offshore structure ever built in Baku, load- out weight in excess of 20,000mt Appendix - Azerbaijan AMEC-Tekfen-Azfen consortium (ATA) CWP - 14, 250 tonnes PCWU- 14,500 tonnes COP-WC – excess of 20,000 tonnes Working in partnership with local companies 72

74 Appendix - Azerbaijan ATA construction facility The ATA construction facility is located on Janub Kyorpyusu (South Bridge) on the coast of the Caspian Sea, south west of Baku 2002: the yard (which includes facilities to fabricate, construct and commission topsides) constructed by ATA consortium 2010: yard upgraded to enable fabrication of topsides up to 25,500 tonnes Two large topsides built at yard; currently building third platform for AIOC : Compression and water injection platform (C&WP) : Process, compression, water injection and utilities platform (PCWU) ongoing: Chirag Oil Project-West Chirag (COP-WC) topsides project After development World class fabrication facility 1) PSA between BP, Chevron, SOCAR (state), Inpex, Statoil, TPAO, Itochu, Hess 73

75 Appendix - Azerbaijan ATA fabrication yard (2002) 74

76 Appendix - Azerbaijan ATA fabrication yard (2003) 75

77 Appendix - Azerbaijan ATA fabrication yard (2011) 76

78 Appendix - Azerbaijan ATA fabrication yard (2012) 77

79 Appendix - Azerbaijan Major oil and gas fields and distribution pipelines Azerbaijan oil and gas fieldsMajor distribution pipelines Azerbaijans oil & gas fields 78

80 Oil & Gas – GOM and Brazil Appendix London, 30 October

81 Appendix – GOM and Brazil Project history Mardi Gras 2000 Kizomba A & B Akçakoca Golden Pass Kizomba Satellites Tubular Bells TGPP P63 Mad Dog/Big Dog MWCS ongoing ongoing2009

82 Mad Dog Phase 2 Appendix – GOM and Brazil Project overview: Mad Dog Phase II Deepwater greenfield development - additional reserves (south and west) within the existing Mad Dog field Located in Green Canyon region ~200 miles south of New Orleans Partnership: BP %, BHP Billiton %, Chevron % West field was discovered in 2008, South field was discovered in 2009 Ultra deep reservoirs – depth ranges > 21,000 feet Water depth (ft) - 4,500 to 5,200 for host facility to >7,000 for flowlines Fields are approximately 6 to 10 miles from BPs existing Mad Dog facility Close to existing export infrastructure 5 teams working the development Hull and mooring, drilling, subsea, Topsides and well systems Current scope is for advancement of a single concept case

83 Appendix – GOM and Brazil Project overview: Mad Dog Phase II (cont) Topsides weight ~ 25,000 ST (dry), 34,000 ST (operating) Hull – 142 diameter, ~ 630 – 650 long (closed CW) 130,000 BOPD 75,000 BWPD PW 280,000 8,000 PSI 19 Production & 14 WI wells Modular – all electric design Topsides OOM TIC > $1 billion GoM fabrication High % domestic purchase items SCM equip and material $400 MM US tagged SCM responsibility Extends to site materials mgmt

84 Two VLCC-based FPSOs: Kizomba A and B Production capacities: 250,000 BPD oil Storage capacities: 2.2 million barrels Scopes executed by AMEC/Fluor Daniel JV: Project management and interface management FEED for Kizomba B to optimize design, incorporating lessons learned from Kizomba A Detailed topsides design Procurement support Completion and commissioning documentation and procedures Commissioning management for Kizomba A Operations and maintenance documentation and training Appendix - GOM and Brazil Project overview: New-build Kizomba - FPSO

85 Kizomba Satellites: phase 2 pre-FEED and FEED Kizomba Satellites: phase 1 pre-FEED, FEED, detailed design and procurement services for Kizomba A and B topsides modifications to handle subsea tiebacks from additional fields Angola Block 15 Gas Gathering: pre-FEED, FEED, detailed engineering and procurement for Kizomba A and B topsides modifications to enable gas gathering and export to an LNG plant Marimba North subsea tieback (AMEC/Fluor Daniel): pre-FEED, FEED, detailed design and procurement support for topsides modifications to Kizomba A Appendix - GOM and Brazil Project: Kizomba A & B modifications - FPSO

86 AMEC responsible for all topsides engineering design and procurement Cost reimbursable basis with multiplier as agreed in our continuing engineering services agreement with ExxonMobil DC Task force approach: personnel rolled from basic engineering to detailed design assuring continuity of knowledge base Additional follow on engineering and procurement works are still ongoing Project specific plans and procedures were developed in accordance with Exxon coordination procedures and AMEC corporate guidelines. i.e. GA similar Appendix - GOM and Brazil Project: Kizomba Satellites – project execution

87 30 years of experience in Houston as a leading engineering and project management services company Strong values base; flexible and customer-focused execution process An industry leader in upstream offshore and onshore projects, greenfield and brownfield Global portfolio of projects Integrated project management and engineering delivery systems, accessible globally via the internet – the AMEC Way The AMEC window for Houston-based oil and gas customers Appendix – GOM and Brazil Houston overview

88 Oil & Gas – North Sea Appendix London, 30 October

89 AMEC is a pioneer in the project management, engineering, construction, integration, hook-up and commissioning and asset support of large complex topsides, with a track record spanning over 30 years Shell: Shearwater (EPIC Alliance) INPEX: Ichthys Pre-FEED & FEED SEIC: Sakhalin II (FEED & DD) Saudi Aramco: Berri Gas Plant (EPC) Shell: Bonga (EPIC alliance) Appendix – North Sea Timeline: major greenfield projects BP: Clair Ridge Pre-FEED & FEED, DD Pioneer in engineering, PM and asset support of large, complex topsides 2012 GDF Suez: Cygnus Pre-FEED & FEED

90 Oil & Gas – greenfield projects SEIC FEED, EP work + Arctic environment Sakhalin II Project overview Sakhalin II project comprises two fields Piltun-Astokhskoye and Lunskoye, that contain in place reserves of approximately 140 million tonnes (1 billion barrels) oil and 550 billion cubic meters (20 trillion cubic feet) natural gas. The oil reserves equate to more than one year of crude oil exports from Russia at the current level of around 2.5 million barrels per day. The gas reserves represent nearly five years of Russian gas exports to Europe, or enough to supply current global LNG demand for four years Customer drivers At $10 billion, the largest single foreign investment project in Russia. Sakhalin is also the first oil and gas project in Russia to be developed under a Production Sharing Agreement (PSA), the first offshore development in Russia and the first LNG project in Russia. AMEC scope and services AMECs scope, following on from FEED, comprised of Detailed Design, Procurement and Construction/HUC Support for topsides of Lunskoye A & Piltun B offshore Sakhalin Island Highlights Harsh climate experience (remote areas, extreme temperatures, ecologically sensitive areas) Technical challenges included extreme climatic conditions in an area prone to earthquakes, high wave conditions, pack ice, temperatures down to –36ºC and fog 89

91 Oil & Gas – greenfield projects Shell A total of 16 topsides facilities weighing 23,000t + Nigeria Bonga FPSO Project overview Shells Bonga Field development, offshore Nigeria, is a floating production, storage and off loading (FPSO) system Customer drivers The facilities also have the capacity to produce 170 million standard cubic feet (4.5 million cubic metres) of gas per day At 300,000 DWT and with a storage capacity of 2 million barrels of crude oil, it is one of the largest in the world AMEC scope and services AMECs scope of work for the CAPEX phase covered project management, engineering, procurement, hull tow, fabrication installation/integration, pre- commissioning and commissioning assistance offshore Nigeria. AMEC also had the contract for the first two years of Asset Support for the OPEX phase AMEC ran three design offices, five fabrication yards, three marine centres and over 120 vendor locations. The design offices were in London, Lagos and Wallsend, while fabrication took place at Wallsend, Warri, Hartlepool, Zwijndrecht and Dubai Highlights Design risk associated with the extent of hull flexing for this size FPSO Lifting and logistics challenges with a vessel of this size 90

92 Oil & Gas – greenfield projects INPEX Post Pre-FEED, FEED + Australia Ichthys Project overview The Ichthys Gas Field is approximately 40km by 20km and consists of two reservoirs called the Brewster Member and the Plover Formation.The main reservoir is the Brewster Member and can be broadly divided into two sections, the upper and lower sandstone. The Brewster Member reservoir has a carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) content of 8.45mol% and the Plover Formation reservoir has a CO 2 content of 17.0mol% Customer drivers INPEX Browse's CO2 management strategy is to vent this CO2 onshore and offset the impact on the environment by bio-sequestration AMEC scope and services AMEC executed the Post pre FEED contract to assess pre FEED work completed by third parties and continued into FEED execution for the Ichthys gas field development project AMEC has provided overall project management services for the FEED scope of work including managing all interfaces with subcontractors Aker Solutions and JP Kenny and other 3rd party suppliers Highlights INPEX Browse was a new customer to AMEC 91

93 Oil & Gas – North Sea greenfield projects Shell/Esso Shearwater Project overview Shearwater is a gas/condensate development located in the central North Sea and is characterised by its HP/HT reservoir conditions. The field has been developed on a two platform basis consisting of a large PUQ (process, utilities quarters) platform with an integrated deck weighing 11,700 tonnes (max dry weight) supported by a conventional four legged steel jacket bridge linked to an unmanned 2,500 tonnes wellhead platform. The wellhead facilities were designed for full fluid transfer with all processing being performed on the PUQ platform Customer drivers All minimum conditions of satisfaction met and exceeded All schedule targets met and associated incentives paid AMEC scope and services Shearwater was developed on an alliance basis by the Shearwater Development Alliance of Shell Expro / AMEC / Heerema (SDA) with an integrated management team and aligned goals. SDA was responsible for the pre conceptual field development, design, engineering, procurement, fabrication, load out, transportation, installation, hook-up and commissioning followed by of initial operation of the total scope of work. Shell also awarded AMEC the ISC (integrated services contract) for the first two years of field life Highlights World record offshore crane single lift of 11,686 tonne for the PUQ integrated deck 92

94 93 Appendix – North Sea Brownfield definition Same services as greenfield – but packaged for existing assets Studies, front end and detailed engineering Sometimes procurement, project management and construction management Market characteristics Growing business – applicable to all maturing locations Used to be linked to O&M – now treated separately Regional Centres of excellence Value based and KPI driven Customer drivers Minimum impact upon existing assets / existing production Good cash conversion (new fields / changing reservoir characteristics) Hub approach to an asset (rather than reservoir) Regulatory involvement and aging assets

95 94 Jasmine facility Project overview Jasmine development, located approx 5.5 miles west of existing Judy production facility, will comprise: Jasmine wellhead platform (WHP), accommodation, utility platform bridge-linked to WHP Judy riser and separation platform (JRP) with additional Judy well slots bridge-linked to the existing Judy platform Jasmine will use existing processing capacity on Judy platform – extending the life of the asset Jasmine is complex - with a high pressure, high temperature (HP/HT) gas-condensate reservoir Customer drivers COPs biggest development globally; minimum impact to existing production; integration of new facility to mature asset (control systems, process etc) Judy production is 11m bbls liquids and 74m cubic feet gas AMEC scope and services Contract includes brownfield detailed engineering and procurement for existing Judy platform and the hook-up and commissioning of the new Jasmine facilities Highlights Brownfield project modifications on schedule Complex large brownfield modifications - integration Appendix – North Sea brownfield ConocoPhillips

96 Alder Module Project overview Sub sea tie back to Britannia Platform Limited space offshore for the module and offshore accommodation Customer drivers Develop existing facility as a hub platform Minimum impact to existing production Integrating new facility to mature asset (control systems, process etc) Safety AMEC scope and services Engineering of new 1,000 tonne module Offshore construction works including Hook Up while facilities produce 100+ engineers and construction staff Procurement and project management Highlights Deployment of intelligent engineering systems – industry first on brownfield Technically innovative solution to attach the new module Differentiated by fully integrated greenfield and brownfield capability Oil & Gas – North Sea brownfield projects ConocoPhillips 95

97 Appendix – North Sea Norway market overview Market Recent Norwegian discoveries have driven growth in North Sea reserves Johan Sverdrup ( bn boe) Skeugard/Havis ( mmboe) Opening of frontier areas for exploration Key Players Statoil is the largest operator A number of large IOCs are also present (Exxon, ConocoPhillips, Shell, BP, Total) Aker Solutions and Aibel are the market leaders for O&G services Opportunity AMEC Aibel collaboration agreement Greenfield and brownfield projects AMEC engineering knowledge Aibel access to market, fabrication and hookup 96

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