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Presentation by Neil Kirkbride, Chairman of NOF Energy MD, Bel Valves.

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1 Presentation by Neil Kirkbride, Chairman of NOF Energy MD, Bel Valves

2 The Market Opportunities The Capabilities of the North East of England The Challenge for the Regional Supply Chain The Opportunities for the Regional Supply Chain Example Opportunities How NOF Energy Can Help

3 The Market Opportunities Total spend in North Sea £12.4 billion in 2007 Total employment 480,000 people Export sales Approximately 27% supply chain sales go to overseas markets £4 billion worth of activity UK Market Data In Addition to the North Sea the Export Market Provides Massive Opportunities for our Region

4 North East England Supply Chain Estimated 700 plus suppliers in the oil and gas sector Over 70% of North Sea platforms built in the region! Key strengths Subsea Engineering design Heavy fabrication and construction Project management Pipeline engineering R&D Education and training Process and refining

5 Companies 50 Employees 5000 Turnover Approximately £1billion Over 60% export related North East England is a centre of excellence for subsea with vast international experience Subsea Activity North East England

6 The Challenge for the Region The North Sea does not provide the levels of activity that it used to The North Sea activity is predominantly centred in Aberdeen with less spend occurring in our region

7 The Opportunity for the Region London, Aberdeen and some key cities in neighbouring countries, provide the North East of England supply chain with a gateway to international business Oil & Gas UK members are a significant part of this gateway

8 UK Gateway Examples Subsea 7: Global Headquarters Aberdeen Technip : North Sea and Canada projects run from Aberdeen PSN: Global Headquarters Aberdeen KBR : Procurement for selected international projects done from Leatherhead. Primarily for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Soviet Union. Petrofac (E&C): Procurement for selected international projects done from Woking plus project management

9 BEL Valves – Opportunities In the Supply Chain The BEL Valves markets have changed significantly over the past 10 -15 years We were predominantly a UK and Norway platform valve supplier With the growth of the domestic subsea market we developed our technology to become a significant player in this market too This investment in trading relationships, products and technology has provided the platform for us to grow internationally while we continue to remain fully engaged with the North Sea activity albeit at reduced levels

10 BEL Valves Recent Examples Kizomba C – ExxonMobil Angola Via Vetco Oslo

11 BEL Valves Recent Examples Dalia – Total Angola Via Aker Solutions Oslo

12 BEL Valves Recent Examples West Delta Deep – Burullus Egypt Via Technip Aberdeen

13 BEL Valves Recent Examples Tengiz – TCO Kazakhstan Via PFD Camberley

14 BEL Valves Recent Examples Kashagan – Agip Kazakhstan Via Agip KCO London

15 BEL Valves Recent Examples Shah Deniz – BP Azerbaijan Via Technip Paris

16 BEL Valves Recent Examples ACG – BP Azerbaijan Via KBR Leatherhead PSN Aberdeen

17 BEL Valves 2010 Update… OpCoFieldCountryContractorPO Source ExxonMobilKizombaAngolaGE VetcoOslo ExxonMobilKizombaAngolaAcergyParis ChevronGorgonAustraliaGE VetcoOslo BurullusWDD7EgyptTechnipOslo BurullusWDD8EgyptTechnipParis TotalUsanNigeriaSaipemParis BPShah Deniz 2AzerbaijanJPKLondon ShellKashagan 2KazakhstantbaHague KPOKarachaganakKazakhstantbaLondon

18 How NOF Energy Can Help NOF Energys main objective is to be the UKs leading business development organisation for businesses involved in the oil and gas and related energy sectors. Who are we Membership profile: 50% North East England 20% Scotland 30% Rest of UK Manufacturing companies Service providers Strategic members such as large clients UK partners such as Oil & Gas UK, One NorthEast, EEEGR, UKTI, BERR Global partners

19 NOF Energy Core activities Our role and how we assist UK companies Identifying contract opportunities and helping members win a share of these Providing members with the knowledge and skills to trade overseas Organising inbound and outbound trade visits Mapping the capabilities of NOF Energy members Gathering industry intelligence and information An Aberdeen office to assist with opportunities from this key city Assisting members with staff recruitment Marketing NOF Energy members, the region and UK capabilities in the oil and gas and energy sectors NOF Energy has helped UK companies generate over £30 million worth of business in the last few years

20 Neil Kirkbride Chairman Tel: +44 (0)191 269091 NOF Energy – Contact Us George Rafferty Chief Executive Tel: +44 (0)191 4174254 Joanne Leng Director Business Development Tel: +44 (0)191 4174254

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