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DigitalPlant Case Studies - Part 1. Oil and Gas DigitalPlant - How real is this? Some of our Previous & Current Projects Agbami TCO Gulf of Mexico (ACES)

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1 DigitalPlant Case Studies - Part 1

2 Oil and Gas

3 DigitalPlant - How real is this? Some of our Previous & Current Projects Agbami TCO Gulf of Mexico (ACES) Angola LNG Tahiti Gorgon EGTL Singapore Kashagan Shell EA Nigeria *2 more identified for 05 In Salah Gas In Amenas Project Azerbaijan Clair (North Sea) CNS Gas (ETAP) Shah Deniz Tangghu LNG PIW implementation in progress Interested in eW for CEDR replacement USM replacement Other applications possible AutoPlant environment Material Masters Synchronization DigitalPlant Base Configuration Base configuration is Phase 1 of 4 Long term vision to implement the digital plant solution PlantSpace currently in place eWarehouse pilot connecting Design environment Asset Management Document Management System

4 Clair $700M Project Oil and Gas production platform 24 th February – First Oil 60,000 barrels per day 15 million cubic feet of gas per day One of the largest remaining undeveloped reservoirs in the UKCS - 250 million barrels of oil reserve

5 ConocoPhillips – Alaskan Projects

6 Interoperability Pain Gain Bentley Plant tools

7 InSalah Gas $1.5Bn Project Gas production and pipeline supplying gas to Spain and Italy 4 installations & 1 pipieline December 2004 – First Gas 800 million cubic feet of gas per day

8 ACG $3.2Bn Project 4 Phases Chirag Azeri (Phase 1 and 2) Gunashli (Phase 3) Has the potential to achieve oil production rates in excess of 1,000,000 barrels per day Chirag – began production in 1997 Azeri – Phase 1 sanctioned August 2001 2 Bridge linked platforms – Central Azeri Azeri – Phase 2 sanctioned September 2002 2 additional platforms- East Azeri, West Azeri Gunashli - Phase 3 is targeting Sanction by September 2004 2 Bridge linked platforms

9 BTC Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) project $2.9bn project Crude oil pipeline from Azerbaijan, through Georgia, to Turkey for onward delivery to world markets First direct pipeline link between the landlocked Caspian Sea and the Mediterranean

10 TengizChevroil TCO partnership founded in 1993 as a 40 year, $40 bn joint venture Tengiz, one of the world's largest oil fields, contains some 6 to 9 billion barrels of recoverable oil Has existing facilities 2 new facilities SGP (Second Generation Production) - $800M SGI (Sour Gas Injection) - $2.2 Bn Increase production from 13 million tonnes per year to over 25 million tonnes per year Operations start end 2005 for SGI, 2007 for SGP

11 ETAP (Brownfield Project) $2.8Bn Project Oil and Gas production platform(s) 11 production installations – 3 platforms, 8 sub-sea 18 th July 1998 – First Oil 210,000 barrels per day 360 million cubic feet of gas per day

12 Instrument List Equipment List Tags are automatically captured by Knowledge Manager DigitalPlant – Knowledge Manager – Mining Digital Documents


14 Total E&P Nederland B.V. This project was the implementation of a solution in which all graphic files of the companys geosciences division were made easily searchable by spatial location. The geoscientists used to search for this type of information from various sources such as the technical archive, the drawing office, and the technical assistants of the geosciences division. Total E&P Netherlands eliminated manual searches with ProjectWise Geospatial. Now, the documents are linked to a geographical location, so they can be found and reviewed efficiently and quickly. In most cases, new projects can greatly benefit from studies that have been completed in the past. With the current implementation, old study results will always be found. Today, the users at Total E&P Netherlands can search among tens of thousands of documents with an intuitive Web application in Internet Explorer. No client software is required. Entering a few keywords and clicking on a map is enough to find and review the information of interest. Also, MicroStation files can be viewed through the integration with Bentley Publisher. With ProjectWise Geospatial, ArcGIS documents can be spatially indexed as well. Even paper maps and documents can be found more efficiently with references to their storage location in the technical archives.

15 Benefits Summary – Coopers & Lybrand 10-30% Concept development time 15-28% Engineering hours 30% Engineering productivity 10-30% Quality cost/change management time 15-20% Commissioning engineering hours 60% Hand-over/start-up costs 10-20% IT costs 10-20% Operational costs

16 Proven Benefits of DigitalPlant Proven Reduction in handover costs - $1m-$4m /project Reduction in spare parts costs – 20% Saving in total engineering hours – 15% Elimination in commissioning delays due to lack of information Estimated Reduction in TCO - 1-5% Reduced number of unscheduled shutdowns Savings of 20% maintenance labour costs Savings of 20% project material costs

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