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Education You Can Build On White-Rodgers Gas Furnace Valves.

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1 Education You Can Build On White-Rodgers Gas Furnace Valves

2 When To Replace A Gas Valve? The valve should be replaced if any of the following occur: –The outlet pressure remains above the set point or fluctuates NOTE: The manifold regulation should stabilize after about 20 seconds and stay within +/- 10% of the set pressure setting –The regulation setting cannot be adjusted –The valve will not open to allow main gas flow –The gas valve has been subjected to water flooding NOTE: When servicing a gas furnace it is important that the inlet and the outlet pressures be checked with an accurate pressure gauge –You cannot visually look at a main burner flame to determine if the pressures are within the manufacturers specifications –Always check the gas valve with a water and soap bubble solution after servicing to ensure there are no leaks

3 QuestionsOptions What is the Ignition Source? Direct Burner Ignition Direct Spark Ignition Hot Surface Ignition Proven Pilot / Intermittent Pilot Standing Pilot What is the Furnace Input / Valve Rating? Look at the rating plate on the furnace NOTE: All White-Rodgers Universal Gas Valves come with Nat. to L.P regulator spring conversion kit and reducing bushings for adapting to pipe size What are the opening characteristics? Opening Curve Fast/Standard Open or Slow Stages Single Stage or 2 Stage Selection Criteria

4 Application by Ignition Source Direct Burner Ignition Proven / Intermittent Pilot Standing / Continuous Pilot Hot Surface Ignition (HSI) Direct Spark Ignition (DSI) W-R Valve36H or 36J 36H36C Ignition Source Resistive element that heats up to light the gas with direct or indirect flame sensor Ground electrode, with spark electrode flame sensor Pilot burner to ground, with a spark electrode and flame sensor A traditional pilot burner with a thermocouple - no spark electrode or flame sensor Usage Majority of current furnaces Selected applications Mostly rooftop applications No longer used in OEM production

5 Rated Valve Capacity W-R Valve Pipe Size Range of Regulation KBTU/HR (Min to Max) N.G.L.P. 36J ½ x ½40 to 21060 to 340 36H ½ x ¾30 to 29081 to 648 ¾ x ¾50 to 40081 to 648 36C ½ x ¾30 to 29030 to 469 ¾ x ¾50 to 40050 to 648 Pressure Drop : Pressure differential is the agency rated amount of gas (BTUs) that can pass through the gas valve based on inlet and outlet pipe size. Range of Regulation : Is the minimum and maximum BTU/Hr capacity of the valve to maintain regulation pressure settings.

6 Fast OpenSlow Open2-Stg Fast Open2-Stg Slow Open 36J22 36H32 36C03 36J24 36H33 36J54 36H64 36J55 36H65 Fast Open Fast rise to full outlet pressure upon energizing the valve Slow Open Slow increase of gas to full outlet pressure for smoother ignition Two-Stage Open Low pressure 1 st fire stage and then full outlet pressure on a call for 2 nd Stage Heat Can be fast or slow open on both stages Application By Opening Characteristics Note: These are Typical Family Model Numbers. Verify Specific Type Numbers Before Replacing A Control.

7 Universal Valves You Should Not Be Without Model Number Ignition Source N.G. Capacity L.P. Capacity Pipe SizeOpening Curve Stages 36J22-214 Direct Burner Ignition (HSI / DSI) 140,000226,800½ x ½ Fast1 36J24-214*Slow1 36J54-214Fast2 36J55-214*Slow2 * 36J valve is offered in a -614 Version that gives you a 90° Bottom OutletPrimarily used in Carrier Furnaces 36H32-304 Direct Burner Ignition Or Proven Pilot 260,000421,000½ x ¾Fast1 36H32-423 300,000486,000¾ x ¾ Fast1 36H33-412Slow1 36H64-463Fast2 36H65-401Slow2 36C03-300 Standing Pilot 230,000372,600½ x ¾Fast1 36C03-433280,000453,600¾ x ¾Fast1 98% of Furnaces manufactured in the last 10 years can be repaired using the J valves listed above!

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