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VR8345 Universal Electronic Ignition Gas Valve Training Module

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1 VR8345 Universal Electronic Ignition Gas Valve Training Module

2 What you will learn Gas Valve Families and Nomenclature VR8345 Features and Benefits Universal Product Installation Features Product Cross Reference – finding the correct cross reference VR8345 Gas Valve Advantage

3 Types of Honeywell Gas Valves
Standing VR VR8200 Pilot Intermittent VR VR8204 Direct VR VR8205 Burner Ign. Millivoltage VS8510,20 Universal VR8345 Honeywell VR8345 valves numbers: VR8345M4302, VR8345H4555 and VR8345Q4563.

4 Honeywell Gas Valve Nomenclature
Gas valve nomenclature is defined by a combination of numbers and letters. Valve Type Opening Characteristic Voltage Size of Valve

5 Honeywell Gas Valve Nomenclature
VR8345M4302 Opening Characteristic A, M = Standard C, P = Step Open H, K = Slow Open J = Delay & Slow R = Convertible K, M & P = rating Q = 2 stage Type of Valve V = Single seated valve VR = Dual seated valve VS = Millivoltage valve SV = SmartValve™ Voltage 4 = Line voltage 5 = Mechanical operation 8 = Low voltage Size of Valve For each family: Higher number = larger valve The VR8345 is available in three valve openings – VR8345M4302 (standard) VR8345H4555 (slow) and VR8345Q4563 (two stage).

6 Valve Opening Characteristics
VR8345M Opening type, Temperature rating Standard Slow Two Stage M H Q -40 F -40 F 0 F High Standard open valve Fast open Reaches full rate in 1 or 2 seconds depending on capacity Slow open valve Takes about 4 or 5 seconds to get fully open under max capacity may even take 9 or 10 seconds to get fully open For service replace with slow open Two stage Thermostat stage one opens the valve to about ½ pressure Thermostat stage two opens valve to full rated pressure Low Pressure Time

7 VR8345 Product Features Most of the installation considerations for this valve are well known to you.

8 VR8345 Universal Gas Valve Applications
The Universal Gas Valve for gas fired furnaces, boilers & pool heaters Works with ANY Intermittent Pilot or Direct Ignition (direct spark or hot surface) Application Always have the right valve! Universal valve part numbers: VR8345M4302 VR8345H4555 VR8345Q4563

9 VR8345 Universal Gas Valve Why choose the Honeywell VR8345?
Universal Application Replaces 30+ Honeywell models & 30+ third party valves 40M plus installed valves in the market are replaceable by the VR8345 Reduce inventory on the shelf and in the truck Save time and reduce callbacks by stocking the VR8345 universal valve Easy Installation and Adjustments Installation, set up and adjustments are simple with the available universal features

10 Why choose the Honeywell VR8345..continued
Compact Design This valve adapts to the tightest applications Proven Honeywell Brand Excellent Track Record for Quality & Reliability Complete cross reference information Multiple resources to reference makes the right choice simple

11 VR8345 Features Broad capacity range
30 to 415 cfh gas flow (natural) or 48K to 672K BTU’s (LP) Suitable for virtually all appliances Valve Opening Characteristics Available in Standard, Slow and 2-Stage Use with gas types Natural, Manufactured or LP Gas Internal inlet screen blocks contaminants in gas line from entering valve LP Conversion Kits & Adapter bushings included Simple conversion eliminates the need for another valve or purchasing a separate kit. Compact fit and multi-poise mounting Four-inch swing radius allows easy rotation inside the tightest furnace spaces – no need to adapt pipe or remove burner

12 VR8345 Features Easy installation
All adjustments and wiring connections accessible from the top of the control Includes manual valve, 2 automatic operators, pressure regulator, pilot adjustment, pilot plug and ignition adapter Clearly marked, keyed terminal block allows quick attachment of wires and IP/DSI/HSI jumper

13 Universal Installation Features
Most of the installation considerations for this valve are well known to you.

14 Compact Fit and Multi-Poise Mounting
Adapter available for tight places Adapter flange Thread on manifold Bolt to valve Eliminates the need to remove the manifold in many cases Works on any Honeywell valve If there isn’t room to swing the valve on the manifold in the normal manner, use the adapter flange. Put it on the manifold Bolt the valve to the flange

15 Installing VR8345 (DSI, HSI or IP)
Works with ANY Intermittent Pilot or Direct Ignition (direct spark or hot surface) Application. OR Intermittent Pilot Ignition (IP) 1. Remove plug from pilot outlet 2. Connect pilot gas tube 3. Use three terminals on valve for connections to module Direct Burner Ignition (DSI or HSI) 1. Leave plug in pilot outlet 2. Plug electrical adapter into terminal block

16 Wiring of the VR8345 Easy access to wiring connections and adjustments
Follow installation instructions including wiring to thermostat and other controls as required.

17 Intermittent Pilot Ignition System
Wiring of the VR8345 Example #1 - Intermittent Pilot S8610U Intermittent Pilot Ignition System

18 Hot Surface Ignition System
Wiring of the VR8345 Example #2 – Hot Surface Ignition S8910U Hot Surface Ignition System

19 S87 Direct Spark Ignition system (single rod application)
Wiring of the VR8345 Example #3 – Direct Spark Ignition S87 Direct Spark Ignition system (single rod application)

20 Product Cross Reference

21 Product Cross Reference
Where do I find Honeywell gas valve cross reference and selection information? Honeywell Application Selection and Cross Reference Guide – Form Honeywell Laminated Truck Visor – Form Honeywell Gas Valve Counter Mat – Form Honeywell Residential Technical Support:

22 Product Cross Reference Guide
Forms and – information also found in product installation sheets.

23 See Cross Reference Search box in right column.

24 VR8345 Universal Gas Valve Advantage
When promoting the VR8345 Universal Gas Valve keep these advantages in mind: It’s truly universal and works with ANY Intermittent Pilot or Direct Ignition (direct spark or hot surface) Application and replaces many Honeywell and competitors valves. Inventory on the shelf and in the truck is reduced – always have the right part and save money with less inventory. Easy installation and adjustments saves time and minimizes callbacks. The compact design makes this valve the right choice to adapt to the tightest spaces. Proven Honeywell brand for quality and reliability results in satisfied customers, improving your bottom line.

25 VR8345 Universal Electronic Ignition Gas Valve Knowledge Test
(Session opened up by trainer- INSERT NAME HERE :>) ) Welcome everyone and thank you for taking the time to join us….. Nancy Ramm is joining us to today to help us understand the new Brand Strategy and Visual Identity Standards. Just so you know, another training module specifically for graphic designers is available. I you know someone who should receive that training, please send an to Nancy Ramm and she can add their name to the invitee list.

26 VR8345 Gas Valve Knowledge Test
Now that you completed this training module, take the short quiz to test your knowledge.

27 Test The VR8345 replaces Intermittent Pilot and Direct Burner Ignition Applications? T or F The first number in the gas valve nomenclature VR8 identifies the voltage? T or F The VR8345M is a dual seated, low voltage, slow opening valve? T or F The VR8345 is available in 3 valve opening types: standard, slow and two stage? T or F The VR8345 is suitable for natural or LP gas? T or F In order to convert from natural to LP gas, a separate converter kit must be purchased? T or F

28 Test 7. The VR8345 includes an adapter for tight fit applications and this adapter can be used on ANY Honeywell valve? T or F In a Direct Burner Ignition application you REMOVE the pilot plug? T or F The Honeywell VR8345 replaces over 30 Honeywell valves, as well as numerous White Rodgers and Robertshaw valves? T or F 10. A universal gas valve is intended to reduce inventory, minimize customer callbacks, save time and money on installation and improve your bottom line? T or F

29 Answer Key T F

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