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DESERT APES Illustration by Nacho Garcia Jr. / El Paso Times El Paso Franklin Mountains and Desert Photo used with permission:

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1 DESERT APES Illustration by Nacho Garcia Jr. / El Paso Times El Paso Franklin Mountains and Desert Photo used with permission:

2 Las Cruces, NM Sighting November 24, 2001 Bigfoot seen at night while camping, then screams heard

3 Bigfoot Eye Shine ALLIGATORS: RED BEARS: ORANGE/RED CATS WITH GREEN/YELLOW EYES: GREEN CATS WITH BLUE EYES: RED COUGAR: GOLD/GREEN COWS: YELLOW/RED COYOTE: GREEN/GOLD DEER: WHITE/YELLOW/RED DOGS: GREEN/BLUE FOXES: BLUE/RED HORSES: WHITE OPOSSUMS: PINK OWLS: RED PRAIRIE DOG: ORANGE RABBITS: ORANGE/RED RACOON: GREEN/WHITE RATS: ORANGE/RED SHEEP: ORANGE WHITE-TAILED DEER: SILVER-WHITE Cats and many other nocturnal animals have a mirror-like layer at the back of their eyes (tapetum (tuhPEEtum) of the retina which helps them see better in the dark) that reflects background light like tiny searchlights. Humans don't have this tapetum lucidum layer, so red-eye photos are something different.The red color is a reflection of the many blood vessels that nourish our eyes. This compilation of information on eye shine was begun due to reports of red-eyed bigfoot creatures across the U.S., and specifically in Horizon City, TX; rocking the red-eyes (throwing rocks) by kids in the desert near Horizon City. Also an account of a boy and his father near the Hueco Mountains (same area as Horizon) being around the campfire and witnessing high/tall green glowing eyes pacing around them and making clicking type noises (the witnesses felt they were chupacabras). Apes, like people, do not have eye-shine but see in color… so for Bigfoot to have a tapetum would be an amazing discovery!

4 Horizon City Monster July 31, 2003 Adriana M. Ch á vez / El Paso Times Victor Calzada / El Paso Times The legend of the Horizon City monster dates back more than 30 years near Lake El Paso This article about the creature was on the front page of the El Paso Times in 1975. An 84 year old woman spoke of her mom telling her older brothers many years ago to get the cattle in before dark before the Gorilonas come out…

5 Animal Mutilation by Gorilonas? Eastlake Blvd, Horizon, Texas Bigfoot Sighting Location Mesquite Mounds where creature was seen

6 Horizon Caves Phil Goodell, a geology professor (Geochemist) at the University of Texas at El Paso, said there are no caverns underneath the town. However…. Two completely unrelated people have come forward with evidences of caves existing near the Horizon Middle School. southeast northwest

7 "Tailless Monkey" Seen in Desert July 29, 2003 Brooks Daniell, age 22, stopped to urinate about 1 hr after sunrise at the edge of the desert (scattered homes around) and noticed a tree trunk (125 ft away) which he thought to himself, What the heck is a tree trunk doing in the desert? The trunk suddenly stood up and walked away. Brooks said it looked like a very tall (approx. 8 tall) monkey, but with no tail. He freaked out while he looked at the creature whose shoulders were really broad, his color dark/blackish with some red, and his face appearing just like a monkey, according to Brooks. He also had long hair hanging from under his forearms. The bigfoot creature walked off into the desert without a care. Brooks did not think he could tell anyone about the incident (fearing theyd think he was crazy) until the Horizon City bigfoot article came out in the newspaper 2 days later.

8 Multiple vs. Single Creature Sighting Reports 253 out of 3684 documented bigfoot sightings and track reports include multiple creatures vs. single creatures. That is close to 7% Thanks to John Green (TBRC) 8/23/03

9 Bigfoot - Paranormal Connection? Cecilia Montanez in Horizon City: Bigfoot near mutilated coyote, then bigfoot disappears into the ground according to witness Rancher in West El Paso: 4 cows mutilated with bigfoot-like footprints nearby, FBI ensues and confiscates bovine carcasses Brooks Daniell in East El Paso: Bigfoot camouflages himself as a tree trunk Hector Valles & Edgar Ramos in Cloudcroft, NM: Both heard creature screaming, one witness fell back to sleep even though the alleged bigfoot was screaming within 20-25 of their tent… similar accounts happen to alleged alien abductees and their spouses/friends/family where one is put to sleep – screen memory type accounts. Bigfoot Investigators: Witnessed red UFO lights at a bigfoot hot spot Other Misc. Accounts (including Para-Apes accounts by Don Worley): Bigfoot-like creatures seen coming out of UFO crafts, Telepathy or Hypnosis events at bigfoot sightings, light orbs seen along with bigfoot creatures, appearing and vanishing at will (dimensional aspects), etc.

10 Bigfoot Sightings Plotted Map LEGEND Green = Primary Sightings at Exact Sighting Locations Blue = Primary Sightings at Approximate Locations Purple = Secondary Sightings at Exact/Approx. Locations Red = Possible Sightings in the General Area Light Blue = Physical Evidence Found Only Yellow = Sounds Heard Only Fluorescent Green = Smells Only

11 Comparison Chart

12 Bigfoot Geological Connection? Native Americans: Elder/Big brother brings or warns of change If true, what kind of change? On what level? What to look for… UNDERWORLD: Physical Evidences of the 5 Senses: Sight, Sound, Touch, Smell, Taste MIDDLE WORLD: Mental or Emotional Aspects, including the sixth sense intuition or gut feelings: Inc. portals, camouflage, hypnosis? UPPER WORLD: Spiritual Implications Fear replaced by love, Coincidences (synchronicities), Messages From otherworldly/inter-dimensional beings, Dreams/Visions The Bottom Line… SOMETHING is happening… WHY?

13 Common Aspects of Bigfoot Sightings VISUAL EVIDENCE: Spotted in wooded areas (much of the world has trees), On or near mountains, Near cave systems (underworld entrances), Near water sources (for drinking... or other???), More rare: Desert or Snowy areas AUDITORY EVIDENCE: A calling out of some kind is heard - happy/sad/crying/moaning/yelling/warning (of danger or a warning for you or another nearby creature) OLFACTORY EVIDENCE: Droppings on ground, stinky smells (typically a horrible stench) often occur like skunk/wet dog/rotten meat or garbage KINESTHETIC EVIDENCE: Touching the creature or something he/she left behind. TASTED EVIDENCE: Not many choose to taste: sand, dirt, bark, hair, a taste in the air

14 More Evidence LABORATORY EVIDENCE: Samples of any physical evidence (hair, etc.) should be taken to a laboratory for testing, area checked for fluorescence (UV), FIELD EVIDENCE: Magnetic readings should be taken, Infrared cameras can be used, Footprint casts, etc. Footprints show geological changes! The symbolic aspect of leaving behind a track or tracks that are photographical, measurable, that indicates an impression and change in the earth itself, causes our eyes to look downward toward this earth to look for clues, etc... well it all shows signs in and of the physical world and that perhaps more clues will be found there in that realm. All of these aspects of bigfoot sightings (footprints, water, caves, roaming on the earth, smells, screams, etc.) all point to the lower realms of earth, the underworld, but with highly significant middle earth overtones and spiritual implications which show more meaning behind it all than previously recognized.

15 Finding the Geological Evidence Don Blackmon: Fault lines! Mountains, tectonics, earthquakes, subsidence areas (FL & MI), Caves/caverns, groundwater areas, Bolsons/Aquifers, etc.

16 My Dream of Subsidence & Earthquakes HISTORY OF EL PASO EARTHQUAKES: The Franklin Mountains continue to rise while the Hueco Bolson sinks. On average, an earthquake in the 3.0 to 4.0 magnitude occurs in El Paso every 10 years. The last such quake occurred on December 8, 1972 (magnitude of 3.0) near the Texas-New Mexico border in Northeast El Paso. Geological evidence seems to show that a major quake occurs along the Franklin Mountains every 5000 years or so.

17 Earthquakes in West Texas Basement Faults

18 Bolson/Basin

19 Karst Areas DESCRIPTION OF KARST: Karst refers to the pitted surface over limestone formations containing networks of underground caverns and tunnels carved out by water. The pits are due to sinkholes that formed when near surface cavern roofs got too thin and collapsed. Thus, karst topography occurs in areas where there is underground rivers and caverns. Thanks to Dr. Bruce Cornet

20 Geological Connection Found? Pearl Prihodas (OSAReal) Granitic Discovery - rock stacking, granite-laden areas, mineral deposits, potassium, rock crushing/eating, mineral/vitamin supplementation, etc. CA Bigfoot Sightings 272 Source: BFRO website

21 Washington Granite/Bigfoot Areas WA Bigfoot Sightings 289 Source: BFRO Website Geologic Map of Washington Granite areas coincide with Bigfoot sightings

22 Oregon Granite/Bigfoot Areas OR Bigfoot Sightings 147 Source: BFRO Website

23 Texas Granite/Bigfoot Areas TX Soil Map (light pink areas) TX Bigfoot Sightings 95 Source: BFRO Website

24 Whats The Big Deal About Granite? Not granite(?), but whats found within granite… Quartz, feldspar, magnetite, etc. BLT Research on magnetite sphere concentrations (10-500x higher than normal) found around cattle mutilations & crop circle formations. Dr. Bruce Cornet did a geomagnetic reading series on the UFO hot spot of Pine Bush, NY and confirmed that granite was the common rock in the area. In that particular case there were UFO's/AOP's appearing to fly straight into the ground, indicating that something more was going on.

25 Geomagnetic Anomalies Source: Dr. Bruce Cornet (used with permission): If the geomagnetic anomalies are caused by magnetic iron deposits within granitic intrusions, then an association between most AOP activity on the map and granitic intrusions is implied. Why would there be such an association? There are several possible reasons: 1) AOP lights are really Earth lights, and there is some unusual and as yet unexplained phenomenon occurring between the atmosphere and iron-rich deposits in the ground. 2) If the AOP represent intelligently controlled craft using an unknown or poorly understood source of energy, the use of iron-bearing (mildly magnetic) granitic intrusions for underground dwellings might be due to structurally- and electromagnetically- desired qualities of that rock as wall material for underground chambers. One could argue that surrounding fissile black shales of the Ordovician Snake Hill Formation make notoriously poor wall material due to their poor tensile strength in planes of cleavage. Therefore, the preferred type of rock in the valley for excavation would be the granitic masses. 3) Entrances to underground dwellings are intentionally located where geomagnetic anomalies occur at the surface as a means of camouflage. If the brightening of a plasma envelope around an AOP has something to do with opening a portal to an underground chamber, there may be residual effects that can be detected magnetically. The association of entrances with natural geomagnetic patterns could be for both physical and psychological camouflage, given the propensity of humans to accept "rational" or acceptable explanations over an explanation which would challenge dogma and beliefs.

26 Conclusions Evidence for a bigfoot/paranormal/geological connection appears to exist, however all findings are preliminary, pointing to new directions in which to research. The search is just beginning… Thank You! Sharon Ebys Website:

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