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by Polish and Italian students October 2008

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1 by Polish and Italian students October 2008
Domenico Classe II Animal stories by Polish and Italian students October 2008

2 A small cat A small cat lives in a big house. The cat is white and black and looks like a ball. He is called Feather and he is sad because he is alone in the house. He hasn’t got any friends. Feather decides to go to the wood and find a friend. In front of his house he meets a small dog which looks like a small bear. The dog is called Smile. She looks for a friend too. They go to the wood where they run and play. After some time they get hungry. They find some nuts and drink some water. It gets dark. They decide to come back home and live together. The dog and the cat become friends and they aren’t sad any more. by Asia , age12


4 On the farm There was a small dog called Bobik on a big farm. There were other animals like: geese, cows, sheep, chick, some pigs and an old horse. A farmer Mr Kowalski was a good man and he loved his animals very much. They were very happy together. But one day, a terrible thing happened. Mr Kowalski married a bad woman. She was called Joanna Nieznośna. Joanna hated the animals because she wanted to live in a city. She asked her husband to sell the farm and move to the city. The farmer didn’t want to do it but he loved his wife. First, he sold the horse and sheep. Then he wanted to sell Bobik. But something happened in the evening. Mrs Kowalska was at her sister in the city, Mr Kowalski was watching TV when his barn started to burn. The farmer didn’t notice anything because he fell asleep. Fortunately, Bobik noticed the fire, he asked all animals to leave the farm and then he woke up the farmer. Mr Kowalski called the fire brigade. The farm was safe. Mr Kowalski didn’t want to sell the farm and animals any more. He got divorced with his wife and stayed on the farm. by Ania, age 12

5 Federico Classe II

6 By the pond One day a small bear was sitting under the tree on the hill. He was dreaming about swimming like a fish or a frog. He thought ‘’Why not to try!!’’. And he did it. Unfortunately, it turned out that bears couldn’t swim like fish. The bear was in troubles. He was going to drawn. He was terrified, he was screaming and shouting. Suddenly, he felt he is flying. The two big green frogs saved him. From that time, the bear never tried to swim again. by Eliza, age 11

7 The pond and the frog Giorgia T. classe II Sara classe II

8 Forest friends A long time ago, behind seven mountains, there was a bear. His name was Jim. He liked going to the forest to eat some sweet honey. Jim lived in the cave in the green forest. He liked his home and meeting his friends. He had a lot of friends from the green forest. His best friend was a hedgehog Tommy. They spent a lot of time by the river. They swam, ran and played hide and seek. One day Jim met a little bird on the bank. The bird had a broken wing. Jim decided to take him home and help. The little bird was grateful and wanted to be Jim’s friend. Jim was very happy because he had a new friend. All friends lived happily ever after. by Cyprian, age 13

9 Davide A Classe II Federico classe II

10 The hedgehog

11 Stephanie classe II In the park Christian classe II One Monday morning I walked with my dog in our park. The weather was fine. It was warm and the sun was shining. Suddenly, I noticed a squirrel in a tree. She was red with a long beautiful tail. My dog- Dino barked loudly and she started to run away. I followed her. I ran and ran. After a few minutes I noticed I got lost. The weather changed and it started to rain. It was going to be a storm.I was really scared. Fortunately, my dog knew the way home. I was saved and very proud of my dog. by Natalia, age 12 Giorgia F classe II

12 The squirrel The sun

13 The end

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