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Literacy Through Photography Project Clyde L. Rice, Jr. RE 5130-375 July 29, 2010.

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1 Literacy Through Photography Project Clyde L. Rice, Jr. RE 5130-375 July 29, 2010

2 Unit: All About Me Grade Level: Pre-kindergarten Language Arts Objectives Use books that communicate information to learn about the world by looking at pictures, asking questions, and talking about the information. Be aware of print and understand that it carries a message by recognizing and creating it in different forms and for a variety of functions. Learn to identify their name and the names of friends. Use a variety of writing in their play and for a variety of purposes.

3 (Objectives continued) Social Studies Objectives Identify, value, and respect similarities and differences between themselves and others. Make sense of their physical, biological, and social worlds by asking questions and/or engaging in pretend play. Explain, think about, inquire, and learn about the people in their classroom and community.

4 How will I make sure each student has access to a camera? Parents will be surveyed to see if they have access to a camera at home. Two kid-proof film cameras that can be checked out are currently available in the classroom. Two old film cameras are available to be checked out from the teacher.

5 What will we do through this project? We will learn about elements of taking and reading photographs. We will develop questions that we can answer with words and photos. We will make individual books that answer the questions we have developed about each student. We will make a book about each individual color, showing different things that are that color and which students choose that as their favorite color. We will bind these books and add them to our library center for us to enjoy throughout the year; at year’s end, we will take them home.

6 Which visual elements will be covered? Primary Framing: emphasis will be on zeroing in on the object(s) to be photographed so as not to include lots of extra stuff in photo; we are trying to capture specific objects or people Timing: will apply most specifically to photo of family members; are people looking with eyes open? Angle: which angle will let us most clearly identify the object in photo? Secondary Lighting: not too light or too dark Contrast: put objects against different-colored background Scale: can we tell how big something is?

7 Framing Evaluate these photos. Too far away Cut off part of my head Closer and my head is still there!

8 Timing Evaluate these photos. Oops! Eyes closed and mouth open! Better! Eyes open and a smile!

9 Angle Evaluate these photos. Taken from above; hard to tell what it is! Looking straight at it; oh, it’s a teddy bear!

10 Lighting and Contrast Evaluate these photos. Which objects can you see better? Why?

11 Scale Evaluate these photos. Which one lets you know how big the teddy bear is?

12 Thinking and Making Good Choices When you want to take a photo, you have to think about what you are putting in your photo. If I wanted to take a picture of something to show purple, which would be the better choice? Really think about what you are putting in your photo. Is it going to give you a really good answer to your question? Are people going to be able to tell what your answer is by looking at your photo?

13 Books by Tana Hoban to Teach Photographic Elements Colors, lighting, Contrast Framing, angle, scale scale Framing, timing Colors, scale, angle Colors, angle

14 Assignment #1: Making Books to Tell About Ourselves with Photos and Words Brainstorm possible questions with kids that can be answered with photos, such as: –What’s your favorite food? -What’s your favorite toy? –What’s your favorite color? (Mandatory) –What’s something you like to do? –Who are some people in your family? A list of questions will be provided for kids to use as a check-off list as they take photos. Each kid will match the correct photo and question and “write” the response to the question, based on the photo. Each kid’s photos and written answers will be bound in individual books entitled “All About Me” by (child’s name).

15 All About Me by Mr. Rice Favorite food? M&Ms Favorite toy? Teddy bear Favorite color? Purple Good at? Writing People in your family? My three sisters, my brother, my brother-in-law & sister-in-law

16 Assignment #2: Making Books about Individual Colors Students will take individual photos of objects of different colors. A check-off list will be provided listing the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white, black, brown. Students will help to group photos of the same color and assemble into books. Students will help to “write” the name of each object pictured. Books will be titled by color and will start with the phrase “(Color name) is...” Also, those who indicated a particular color as their favorite will be pictured in that color’s book with the following caption: (Child’s name)’s favorite color.

17 Purple Purple is... grapesa hole punchscissors Mr. Rice’s favorite color a crayon That’s what purple is!

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